10 Best Cheap Vodkas to Drink On a Budget in 2022

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With several vodka brands out there, consumers desire to settle for cheap but quality vodka brands, whether or not it is in a plastic or glass bottle or of Russian ancestry or not.

If you are one of those looking forward to identifying cheap vodka brands on a budget in 2022, this is your go-to article. Stay with us!

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What is Vodka?

Vodka is a colorless distilled spirit with European roots because it was initially produced in countries like Sweden, Poland, and Russia.

Vodka’s ingredients are mostly water and fermented cereal grains (including rye, wheat, barley, rice, and maize).

It can also be manufactured by distilling other foods like potatoes, quinoa, grapes, apples, and even milk.

Which is the World’s Best-Selling Vodka?

When it comes to the best-selling vodka in the world, Smirnoff takes the lead. Smirnoff vodka also comes in a range of tastes, is budget-friendly, and has a pleasant taste.

What You Should Look Out for When Buying Vodka

While you know and enjoy your vodka, there are certain things to look out for when purchasing these alcoholic beverages.

These factors are the primary reasons you can end up with a rich taste at the end of the day.

It would be best if you considered the following factors when next you find yourself before an array of these spirits in a supermarket or liquor store:


Contrary to some opinions, vodka isn’t plain. In fact, it has a lot of flavors for those who love to please their taste buds.

Therefore, look out for the taste of the brand you intend to settle for, invariably the flavor that best appeals to you.


The composition of any vodka determines the flavor and its character. It is unarguably true that it also contributes to the taste of the liquor.

Certain ingredients add spice to the finished vodka. Now you know why consumers can be picky with their vodka flavors, all thanks to the compositions.

Hence, you should consider the ingredients in that vodka before taking it to the counter.


Although all vodkas may appear the same, the production process differs drastically across manufacturers.

Vodka is distilled three times to remove pollutants before smoothed with carbon or charcoal.

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Cheap Vodka Brands

While there are vodka brands that can create a hole in your pockets, there are some that fall within your budget.

So, no worries, with a small-sized budget, you can find cheap but fine quality vodka brands that meet your taste.

The following are some of the cheap vodka brands you can consider:

1. Svedka Vodka

Svedka is a Swedish vodka that falls within the low-cost vodka brands and is very popular in the vodka community.

Most people favor this brand because it s always balanced, smooth, and fresh.

Svedka is distilled four times, using pure spring water to achieve the greatest degree of purity and flavor.

Svedka produces superb conventional vodka, without a doubt, but the company is most known for its fun and inventive flavored vodkas, which are fantastic cocktail mixers.

In addition, various fruit flavors, such as mango, pineapple, and blue raspberry, may give otherwise ordinary vodka cocktails a unique twist.

2. Reyka

Rekya has a touch of mineral-water taste and smooth wheat overtones with a steely, slate-like finish.

In addition, it gives a swift, flawless kick. It is an ideal quality and budget-friendly vodka.

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3. Skyy

Smooth and trustworthy, Skyy Vodka is the perfect thing for a home bar because it is a low budget as well.

In addition, it is a versatile and adaptable basis for any cocktail you want to prepare because of its light and neutral flavor.

Furthermore, this vodka has a pleasant pepper flavor that enhances an otherwise ordinary taste.

4. Zubrowka

Zubrowka is another excellent vodka. Reviews imply that Zubrowka is delicate, sweet, and slightly suggestive of a pine forest.

After five centuries of distillation, this unique whiskey was named after the bison (“zubr” in Polish) who graze on the grass that permeates the bottle.

In contrast to other similar vodkas, the herbaceous flavor isn’t overwhelming.

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5. Crop Earth Harvest Organic

Crop earth harvest organic vodka is one of the great vodka brands and comes from a blend of organic Midwestern maize and cucumbers.

It has a mild vegetal taste, a creamy texture, and a herbaceous finish that goes well with a splash of tonic on the rocks.

Cheap Russian Vodka Brands

It is unarguably true that there are tons of vodka brands in the liquor market. You can also find these liquor of Russian ancestry.

We’ve got you covered if you are keen on identifying cheap Russian brands from the vodka pool. Let’s consider some of them:

6. Smirnoff

Smirnoff is one of the most popular cheap Russian vodka brands.
Distilling fine spirits is the lifelong history of the Smirnoff brand since stepping into the vodka industry in 1864 with P.A. Smirnov as the founder.

Currently, the production and bottling of this premium alcoholic beverage take place in the US.

Smirnoff Moscow Mule, a delightful blend of Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer, and lime wedges, was also introduced in 1941.

Smirnoff brand is also famous for producing a variety of cocktails, including bloody Marys, screwdrivers, and everything in between.

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7. Beluga Noble

Beluga Noble is another Russian vodka and falls within the category of cheap vodka brands.

This Russian vodka is triple-filtered using birch charcoal, silver, and quartz after being distilled using Siberian artesian well water.

After a month of rest, it is then put into bottles.

Cheap Vodka Brands Plastic Bottle

While it is easier to find vodka in glass bottles unlike, those in plastic bottles, what matters is the fact that you can still enjoy cheap vodka brands even in a plastic bottle.

There are several vodka brands you can find in plastic bottles. Let’s consider some of them:

8. Pinnacle Vodka

Despite being of the low-budget vodkas, Pinnacle regularly receives awards and accolades from the vodka industry.

It is one of the cheap vodka brands you can find in a plastic bottle.

This alcoholic beverage is also smooth with a slightly sweet flavor.

Pinnacle, like other companies, provides a variety of vodkas with distinctive flavors.

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9. Finlandia Vodka

Finland is home to Finlandia vodka. According to the brand, Finlandia vodka is distilled with glacial spring water for purity and smoothness.

In addition, suomi, a kind of barley that grows exclusively in the Finnish climate, is used in the production of Finlandia.

Although it has a stronger burn and a more robust flavor, it makes an excellent mixed cocktail.

10. Sobieski Vodka

Sobieski vodka is a high-quality Polish vodka named after a legendary Polish king. This vodka is a part of the Polish culture since 1864.

This fine spirit reflects almost 150 years of crafting and is an alcoholic beverage people can consume straight or on the rocks.

One of the best inexpensive vodkas available and is also not overly dry.

Despite being one of the low-budget vodkas, Pinnacle is smooth, has a somewhat sweet tinge, and constantly receives accolades from the vodka industry.

In addition, this brand offers a wide variety of unique flavored vodkas.


Which vodka is smoothest?

Belvedere vodka is the smoothest. It nearly feels silky on the tongue and has a quality taste to match.

What is the best vodka to drink straight?

Grey Goose stands out as the best vodka to drink straight. It is a silky vodka that is great for mixing or sipping plain.  It also contains lemony undertones and traces of vanilla.

What vodka is less likely to give you a hangover?

Light-colored vodka is preferable for drinking since it contains fewer congeners than dark-colored liquors, has fewer impurities, and is less likely to cause hangovers.

Is vodka good for losing weight?

Vodka is a popular choice for dieters, especially those who follow a low-carb diet like the Paleo or Atkins diet, as it has zero carbs and is one of the lowest-calorie alcoholic beverages.

What is the healthiest alcohol?

Red wine is the healthiest alcohol. Antioxidants in red wine help save your cells from oxidative stress, and polyphenols can also improve the health of your heart.


Spotting a pocket-friendly vodka brand isn’t as difficult as you think. With this information, you can easily identify these brands and settle for your choice spirit.

We hope you found this article useful. Kindly reach us through the comment section for feedback.



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