15 Best Skateboard Brands That’ll Save You From Wasting Money

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It’s almost impossible to walk down several blocks and parks without spotting a skater brandishing different skateboard brands that they may consider to be the best.

That’s how much people go crazy about skateboarding.

However, not all skateboarding boards on the market can be considered to be the top brands in the market, which sparks the curiosity of skaters.

Well, it’s okay to get confused about the best skateboard brands with the variety out there.

Hence, this article is just for you if you are keen on identifying the best skateboarding brands, as well as those that will save you from wasting money. Dive in!

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Skateboard Features to Consider

Before purchasing a skateboard, you need to consider certain factors. These factors would guide you in settling for the best on the market that fits into your budget.

The following factors would aid you in acquiring skateboards from the pool:

  • Deck: As the sole component that comes into touch with your body, the deck’s characteristics should be taken into account.
  • Trucks: It is mandatory for you to settle for trucks whose breadth corresponds to the width of your deck. This is vital as it will provide you with more stability on the board, particularly while doing hard tricks.
  • Wheels: This goes beyond creativity. It largely focuses on your skating level and riding style. Hence, it is advisable to pick a 60mm wheelset if you intend to avoid cracks and small road dirt. However, if you are a newbie, you can use rollers that are between 54mm and 55mm.

Best Skateboard Brands

There are several skateboarding brands for skaters. However, most users are keen on settling for the best skateboard brands on the market.

If you fall in this category, no worries; we’ve got you covered. The following are some of the best skateboard brands out there:

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1. KPC Complete Skateboard

The KPC Complete Skateboard is one of the best skateboard brands that wouldn’t drill a hole in your pockets.

This brand’s wheelset with premium ABEC-7 precise bearings and high-rebound wheels is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

In addition, the trucks and deck are two further aspects that help this board stand out from the crowd.

KPC skateboard also has a pair of heavy-duty aluminum trucks suitable for professional skating, as well as includes a high-quality deck with the optimal blend of flex and rigidity.

2. Plan B

Plan B, contrary to its name, is one of the top skateboarding brands on the globe.

Skaters are also fond of this brand as they can play with the outlook or customize it.

Their dedication to technical advancement sets them apart from the top skating companies.

Also, complete, fully prepared setups with trucks, wheels, a deck, and bearings are also available for purchase.

In addition, skaters can effortlessly navigate rails and bend thanks to the bottom coating on Plan B’s BLK ICE Line.

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3. Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

The cal 7 complete standard skateboard is one of the best skateboard brands that’ll save you from wasting money.

This brand has one of the biggest skateboard decks on the market.

With an 8-inch deck width, this skateboard has an adequate surface area for stepping while riding.

To achieve sufficient durability, Cal 7 presses together seven layers of strong maple wood.

Additionally, they are strong enough to accommodate more intense skating.

4. Yocaher

Yocaher is another unique skateboard brand you can find out there.

The primary goal of Yocaher is to design decks that are incredibly pleasant while yet being flexible and durable.

Yocaher offers a constant center of gravity across their decks in contrast to other longboards on the market.

In addition, their boards are extremely lightweight and have robust decks when compared to other configurations in the market.

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5. Quest

This brand is famous for creating stunning patterns on a deck constructed of artesian wood.

They are also rare among other longboard brands because of their unique designs.

In addition, what mostly makes this brand stand out is its unique customer service, with an emphasis on customer feedback.

Furthermore, purchasing a quest skateboard signifies that you are in for a genuine treat because they are quite entertaining to ride about no matter how far you have to go.

Best Skateboard Brands for Beginners

It is a fact that some skateboard brands are not ideal for newbies. Hence, beginners should be able to sift through the best skateboard brands for those specifically designed to meet their needs.

Let’s consider some of the best skateboard brands for beginners:

6. Santa Cruz Skateboard

Santa Cruz is the world’s oldest brand. This brand provides a variety of setups that appear identical but differ somewhat in the toughness of the bushings and wheels.

Although, the wheels are hard enough to pop a few tricks, yet soft enough for novices to learn on (95A/54mm).

However, because they will flatten, it isn’t advisable to use power slides on more challenging surfaces. In addition, the

This deck is built of birch, which is unfortunate since birch is less expensive and less spectacular.

Furthermore, it offers a moderate to low concave for additional stability and sufficient room to place your feet correctly.

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7. Element Complete

Element Skateboards dates back to 1992 and is one of the best skateboard brands out there.

With Johnny Scillereff as its founder, the goal was to establish a brand that encouraged skateboarding.

This brand is famous for its durability. In addition, it allows skaters to alter their deck to suit their taste and accomplish professional-level stunts.

8. Birdhouse Complete

Birdhouse is one of the best skateboard brands for beginners and is mostly famous for its durability.

This skateboarding brand also provides an avenue for skaters to make as many adjustments as they want to the trucks.

Skaters also prefer this brand since the trucks can withstand damage and turn smoothly.

Furthermore, it includes empty 100A wheels with a reasonable contact patch for more traction and sturdiness.

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9. CCS Complete Blank

The CCS bank is an excellent choice for beginners.

It is also a great street deck, especially for those looking to advance to more advanced tricks.

Also, the trucks are famous for holding up well. With this, skaters may practice 50-50 when they are ready with the trucks withstanding the strain.

In addition, the wheels can handle asphalt provided it isn’t too crusty and are also quick on concrete.

10. Metroller Skateboard

The Metroller skateboard is just user-friendly, it is one of the best skateboard brands for beginners.

This skateboard has a twin kicktail concave form that provides an ergonomic sensation to the user.

This component is also beneficial since it assists the rider in learning fundamental skating and doing tricks easily.

Metroller skateboards are inexpensive, as well as of good quality.

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11. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Krown Rookie complete skateboard is regarded as one of the best brands out there for skaters, including beginners.

This brand is also famous for its deck, which has a great balance of elasticity and rigidity.

Furthermore, Krown employs expert assembly for its skateboards, providing customers with exceptional rides and the ease of not having to put anything together.

12. RD Street Series Skateboard

The RD Street Series Skateboard has a dense body, making it one of the thickest boards.

Additionally, it has nine tough maple layers, making it sturdy enough for any rider.

So, it falls within the category of best skateboard bands which is suitable for beginners.

In order to keep riders stable when riding, it features a layer of wonderfully rough grip tape on the top.

The slow rate of wear on this layer makes it durable. Therefore, regardless of riding style, riders are certain that this choice will protect them from falling off.

13. Rimable

Rimable, as a skateboarding brand, stands out for creating some of the most beautiful designs on the market.

It is also among the best skateboard brands that cater to beginners.

Additionally, skaters can fly the deck incredibly high without harming it because of its strength and durability.

In addition, it is the ideal brand for individuals who take pleasure in picking up new stunts and riding techniques.

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14. Arbor Whiskey Recruit Complete

The arbor brand is among the best skateboard brands for beginners.

Simply put, they are excellent at finding the correct pieces that beginners need, which newbies in skating appreciate.

With 54mm 90A wheels for a comfortable ride, this brand is a street configuration.

Also, the softer wheels on this board handle cracks and stones well, and it is perfect for parks, transitions, and grittier asphalt.

In addition, the Ace trucks have a nice turn and can handle grinds and ollies, but they are somewhat turny, so keep that in mind.

Furthermore, at an affordable price, you get high-quality 7-ply maple wood and a very nice setup.

15. SCSK8

SCSK8 skateboarding brand is also an excellent choice for beginners.

In fact, their collection is particularly designed to meet the needs of newbie skateboarders.

For the smoothest rides, the decks also comprise seven-ply maple that is coated with premium grip tape.

Other than focusing on beginners, SCSK8 is also famous for its affordable price.


How hard is it to skateboard?

Despite being a terrific sport, skateboarding may be challenging to learn.

However, learning the fundamentals of skating is simple, but mastering tricks is challenging.

How much does a good skateboard cost?

According to skilled skateboarders, a good skateboard should cost between $60 and $150.

However, if you want a high-quality skateboard, this may start at around $170.

What age is appropriate for a skateboard?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children under the age of five should not skateboard. 

However, skateboarding is permitted for children aged 6 to 10, but only under the supervision of an adult.

Is skateboarding good exercise?

According to sports experts, skateboarding is actually a complete workout on its own.

That said, it strengthens muscles while also working the cardiovascular system.

Does skateboarding make you lose weight?

One of the key benefits of skateboarding for weight loss and significant calorie burning is that it is a superb aerobic activity.

Therefore, continuous skateboarding may really work your fat cells and get your heart rate up.


Skateboarding isn’t only a fun activity but is also a great way to exercise since it is an aerobic exercise.

Identifying the brands and their target audience would guide you in purchasing the skateboard ideal for your level of experience.

We hope this article met your expectations. Kindly reach us through the comment section for feedback or @ makedailyprofit.com for related articles.



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