How Much Does Disney Make A Day In 2023?

How Much Does Disney Make
How Much Does Disney Make

How much money does Disney make a day? Disney makes money from more than one source; read this article for details on its earnings and activities.

Disney is the correct definition of innovation and excitement. This media conglomerate has changed the narratives of amusement and entertainment for all age groups, especially children. Talking about this media giant that causes millions of children across the globe to smile.

You might ask whether you are a diehard lover of Disney or just curious about their earnings. How much money does Disney make a day? How do they generate their revenue? What do they do to make money? This article will answer these questions and more. Read on to learn about Disney’s earnings and activities. 

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How did Disney Start?

Walt Disney collaborated with Ub Iwerks in 1923 and started a studio named “laugh-o-gran,” where they started producing short animation comedies. Their short series, Alice’s Wonderland, made a hit in the market, leading to some other series like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey mouse, which became one of their most famous characters.

After the laugh-o-gram failed, Walt created another studio, the Disney Brother Cartoon Studio, with his brother Roy in Hollywood, California, in the same year. The massive “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered in 1937. Since then, the company has gone on to produce several groundbreaking films.  

Since then, the company, known as Walt Disney, has advanced from making animated movies to producing movies for adults with human characters. It has also launched theme parks across the globe, starting in 1955, while acquiring several companies. Walt Disney has grown from a little studio in Hollywood, California, to a huge media conglomerate that has greatly impacted the entertainment industry.

How much does Disney make a day?

With total assets of $203.609 billion, Walt Disney is one of the largest media companies. In answering this, you need to know their annual revenue. In 2021, the company recorded a total income of US$67.418 billion. 

The Walt Disney Company generated about 22 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter of 2022. That’s a lot for a quarter of the year, so how much money does Disney make a day? From these statistics, Walt Disney makes an average of  US$242 million daily.

The two means through which Disney makes money are :

  • Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products
  • Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

The Disney Company’s Parks, Experiences, and Products division includes theme parks and resorts in California, Hawaii, Florida, Hong Kong, Paris, and Shanghai. A cruise line and a holiday club are also available. This division is the company’s second-largest income source. 

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Walt Disney Parks and Products generated 16.55 billion US dollars in 2021. On average, Disney makes about 45 million US dollars a day from this segment of its business.

Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution

The company’s media and entertainment divisions are the most profitable in terms of revenue. In 2021, the Walt Disney Company will have a revenue of 67.4 billion dollars. The media and entertainment division produced 50.9 billion dollars of this total revenue.

Disney makes an average of 139 million dollars a day from its media and entertainment division. That’s a lot.

How does Disney make money?

In addition to asking this question, it is important to know how Disney makes money. The Walt Disney Company is divided into two distinct business segments. The first segment consists of two divisions, and this is the division that generates income directly. In contrast, the second division comprises four groups concerned with creating content. 

The first segment consists of the following:

  • Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products
  • Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution

The second segment consists of the following:

  • Disney Studios 
  • Disney General Entertainment
  • ESPN and Sports 
  • Disney International Content and Operations

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Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

One of the avenues by which Disney makes money is through its themed parks. In 1955, Walt Disney conceived the idea for an amusement park. No one in the world could have imagined such a large-scale entertainment park at the time. Walt Disney expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of simultaneous entertainment options for him and his kids. Disney was the first to tie a theme park to a well-known film.

Every business pioneer is in a strong position to dominate the larger market. The pioneer’s brand value keeps rising unless new competitors develop a better business idea. On the other hand, Disney was never short of new ways to expand the entertainment industry. As a result, Disney has enjoyed enormous profits from the industry.

Disney makes money through several means from its themed parks across the world. They make money from its parks through the following:

  • Selling of park admission tickets
  • Selling food and beverages as no outside food is permitted on the premises of the Disney parks.
  • Selling merchandise related to the theme park and famous Disney movies in gift shops. DVDs of Disney movies are also sold in the gift shop.
  • Vacation stay in the resorts.
  • Royalties from licensing intellectual property like brand names and brand character.

Disney parks are fantastic places to visit for a vacation because they house all of the iconic animated characters from Disney films and animation. One factor that accounts for Disney’s large income from its themed parks is its position as a pioneer, coupled with its innovative ideas and expansion. 

Another factor is the large-scale operation of its parks and resort. While we cannot estimate its daily earnings from its parks, a report indicates that approximately 150 million people visit the parks each year. This proves the huge amount of money they make from their parks yearly.

Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution

Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution are charged with operations, sales, advertising, and global distribution. It also manages the Company’s streaming services. 

The company makes money from these streaming services by charging a subscription fee to users. The direct-to-customer streaming services are:




Disney Studios 

The company studio is in charge of theatrical and filmed entertainment, including Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Disney theatrical group, and others.

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Disney General Entertainment Content

Disney General Entertainment consists of the company’s television channels and production companies. Under this group, we have the ABC television network and Disney television studios, among others.

ESPN and Sports

ESPN and Sports are responsible for the cable networks, ESPN+, and ABC’s live sports programming, as well as sports news and original sports-related content.

Disney International Content and Operations

The International Content and Operations Group monitors local and regional content channeled into the global market through production and operations for its streaming services.

How much does it cost to operate Disney World?

Now you know the answer to that, so how much of that money does the company run effectively? It costs about 3.2 million dollars a day to operate one of the Disney parks, the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom receives 1.2 billion dollars in annual revenue. 

With over 93,000 employees, the company pays over a million dollars in salary daily for parks and resorts. The utility also costs about $1 million daily, while a tax of about 10 million dollars is paid monthly.

In as much as the company makes a lot of money, it also spends a lot on effective operations of the different segments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Disney pay tax?

Absolutely yes! For the first quarter of 2020, it paid over 500 million dollars in tax.

How much does a Disney cast member earn?

On average, a cast member in Walt Disney earns $12 per hour 

Can you easily get a job at Disney?

You can get a job at Disney with the right skills and a well-tailored resume. They also have intern opportunities for college students.

How much is Disneyland rented out for a day?

It costs about $50,000 to rent one attraction for four hours. Adventure Land and Downtown Disney can also be rented with starting price of around $250,000.

Which of Disney’s parks generates the most revenue?

The magic kingdom in Florida is Disney’s most profitable park.

Will you get free tickets to Disney parks as an employee?

Double yes! However, you can only come with three people for each free visit. The number of free visits will depend on the hours you work.


Disney started as a small cartoon company almost 100 years ago. However, it has since expanded and grown into a global media conglomerate.

It has created a system that accommodates every age group and needs, from children’s animation to live characters for adults to sports to diverse streaming services. It’s no surprise that it has consistently generated so much revenue.


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