Freight Broker Salary in the US | How Much Do Freight Brokers Make in 2022?

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Ever imagined yourself being a freight broker? Well, aside being your passion, have you ever thought about how much they earn as an average salary whether at entry level, in different states and in other categories?

Guess your answer to the above question is ‘yes’ We all need our passion to be able to fuel our need. And yeah, we want a job that pays great, too.

Well, in this context, consider this career path to be a go-go because they (freight brokers) earn quite a lot. So, you can consider kick-starting in this field already.

However, you will be amazed to discover that the salaries of these brokers are determined by a number of factors; factors such as location and experience.

If you are reading this, it means you can’t get over your curiosity to know how much a freight broker receives as a salary in the US in 2022. You are in luck; dive in.

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Freight Broker: What it Means?

Also known as a freight delivery broker, a freight broker acts as a middle man who connects shippers and carriers.

In fact, this broker enables contact between the shipper and the carrier rather than assuming custody of the freight.

These brokers are responsible for matching or linking freight carriers with customers, book orders, and lots more.

What Does a Freight Broker Do?

Do you still wonder why shippers love to engage freight brokers? Well, the answer is not far-fetched.

It is based on the huge role they play in ensuring the smooth passage of shipment between the shipper and the carrier.

The responsibilities of freight brokers are vast in the shipping process. Freight brokers create a sales pipeline, as well as generate leads and entice new prospects.

They choose and identify reliable and safe freight carriers. In addition, they deliver shipping quotes to consumers; as well as place orders with carriers.

What is the Average Salary of a Freight Broker?

The average salary of a freight broker in the United States is $65,126 annually. Yeah, that’s the average freight brokers get to make annually in the US.

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Factors Affecting the Salary of a Freight Broker in the USA

Like most fields, certain factors are responsible for determining how much a freight broker makes at the end of a period.

These factors are the reasons why two freight brokers can walk home with different salaries.

The following are factors that affect the salary of a freight broker:


The location where a freight broker works affect his salary. Over time, we have come to realize that employees in different states or areas earn according to the specified amount in that area.

Therefore, don’t expect a freight broker in California to receive the same salaries as those with jobs in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Simply put, a freight broker in a metropolitan area will earn differently from one in a suburb.


The amount of experience a broker has will go a long way in defining how much he gets to go home with at the end of the day.

In other words, a freight broker acquires knowledge over the years, which can influence how many figures will be in his paycheck.

Work experience for this broker is mainly reflected in the following categories:

  • Entry level
  • Senior level

That said, it means that the salary of an entry level freight broker is less than that of a senior level freight broker.


Being a successful freight broker requires certain skills. These skills can set you apart from other brokers and keep you afloat in the competition.

The essential skills for freight brokers are the ability to create contact and to offer effective services.

A crucial characteristic that distinguishes a high-earning freight broker from a low-earning freight broker is the number of contacts in their database.

Also important, their ability to provide reliable shipping solutions at reasonable pricing gives them a good opportunity to build long-term business relationships with their customers.

How Much Does a Freight Broker Make in the US?

Before divulging how much a freight broker earns in the US, you must realize that they earn according to different categories.

These categories give an easy breakdown of the salary of a freight broker in the United States These categories are:

  • Hourly
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

In summary, these brokers earn on an hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

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How Much Does a Freight Broker Make in a Year?

According to indeed, a freight broker makes an average salary of $79,726 annually in the United States. This is the average total salary you can accrue in a year working as a freight broker.

Monthly Salary of a Freight Broker

Curious about the monthly payment of this broker? Well, the monthly salary of this broker in the US is $4,611.

So this is how much you get to make on a monthly basis as a freight broker.

How Much Does a Freight Broker Make Weekly?

On a weekly basis, freight brokers make an average salary of $1,192.

How Much Does a Freight Broker Make Per Hour?

This is a crucial part of an employee’s salary people are always on the lookout for. The average hourly salary of a freight broker is $27.98.

Salary of a Freight Broker Based on Location in the US

The table below hold the answers you seek – salaries of a freight broker based on location in the United States.

StateAverage Annual Salary
New Hampshire$50,220
New Jersey$56,470
New Mexico$49,740
New York$45,310
North Carolina$45,060
North Dakota$41,100
Rhode Island$47,170
South Carolina$44,170
South Dakota$52,230
West Virginia$37,750

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Freight Broker Salary Florida

As a freight broker meaning to move to Florida or an intending one, it is not out of place to be inquisitive about the salaries you stand to earn working there.

The average salary of a freight broker in Florida is $62,623 annually. In addition, you get to earn $26.90 by the hour, $1,146 weekly, and a monthly salary of $4,434.

Freight Broker Salary California

You can walk home with a monthly salary of $4,992 in California as a freight broker. You must be wondering how much you can earn hourly, weekly, and most importantly yearly.

Take a chill pill, you don’t have to wait for long. Working in California as a freight broker will give you an earning power of $30.29 hourly and $1,290 weekly.

At the end of the year, you’ll earn an average salary of $70,502.

Freight Broker Salary in Georgia

In Georgia, you can earn as much as $1,171 weekly. You can equally receive the sum of $27.50 hourly, $4,533 monthly, and $64,022 yearly as salary.

Remember, your salary can increase with commissions.

Freight Broker Salary Texas

As a freight broker in Texas, you can get as much as $65,057 as a salary annually.

Additionally, you will earn $27.95 hourly, and $1,190 on a weekly basis, and monthly.

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What are the Highest-Paying States in the United States for Freight BrokerJobs?

From the table above, the following are the highest paying states in the United States for freight brokers:

StateAnnual Average Salary

What are the Top Ten Cities With the Highest Salary for a Freight Broker Jobs?

You might also be keen on knowing the top ten cities with the highest salaries of freight brokers. The following are the top ten cities with the highest salary for freight brokers:

LocationAnnual Salary (average)Monthly Salary (average)
Little Rock, AR$88,367$7,363
Wichita, KS$87,654$7,304
Las Vegas, NV$69,468$5,789
Tampa, FL$68,185$5,682
Chicago, IL$62,060$5,172
Cincinnati, OH$58,448$4,871
Santa Clara, CA$54,192$4516
Houston, TX$56,710$4,725
Indianapolis, IN$56,257$4,688
Nashville, TN$48,779$4,065

Salary for a Freight Broker in the US Based on Level

As earlier stated, freight brokers earn according to their levels, which are entry level and senior level.

In order words, there is a salary differentiation between employees with the same job position but occupying different levels.

Conclusively, senior level freight brokers receive higher salaries than those in entry level positions.

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How Much Do Freight Brokers Make Based on Entry Level?

According to, freight broker salaries for entry level positions range from $38,400 to $46,370.

However, the average salary for entry level freight broker is $38,400.

Freight BrokersSalary Based at the Senior Level?

A senior level freight broker earns an average salary of $52,720. In addition, it can go as high as $55,750.

Remember, this salary can increase when you factor in bonuses and compensation.

Salaries of Freight Brokers in the Top Industries in the US

The salary of freight brokers in the United States differs in top industries as well. You will discover that the salary range in one company is totally different from others.

Schneider Freight Broker Salary

According to glassdoor, freight brokers earn $40,792 and ranges from $38,960 to $44,502.

The salary of this broker can also go as high as $46,793.

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Crowley Freight Broker Salary

The salary of Crowley freight brokers ranges from $48,514-$52,584 according to glassdoor.

If you have been wondering how much Crowley freight brokers earn, now you know.

Are There Other Benefits of Being a Freight Broker Other Than the Salary?

Absolutely, yes! There are other benefits aside from the salaries as a freight broker. The following are other benefits of being a freight broker.


Freight brokers are usually not compensated according to their time. Rather, they get paid according to how much they can generate for the company.

Hence, you have more control of your time. In other words, you can take some time off if the need arises.

No restriction

You can work as a freight broker from any part of the country or globe as the case may be.

In other words, you have limitless opportunities in running your business operations.


You will be amazed to know that you don’t require formal training to become a freight broker. Simply put, you don’t need a degree to pursue a career in this field.

A high school diploma can get you this job with ease.

WFH (Work from home)

Another advantage you have as a freight broker is that you can work from home. All you need to make this happen are your gadgets (phone and PC).

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What are the Freight Broker Job Prospects?

The job prospects for freight brokers look positive. As a result of the increase in the logistics sector, statistics predict a 9% continuous growth yearly until 2024.

With the constant need for shippers to use trucks in delivering consignment, this field will continue to experience growth.


Are freight brokers in demand?

Yes! Freight brokers are in demand. In addition, pursuing a career also gives you job security and a modest income.

Is it hard to be a freight agent?

Becoming a freight broker can be difficult. Hence, you have to be mentally prepared for the hassle that comes with it.

Is becoming a freight broker worth it?

Absolutely! Becoming a freight broker is lucrative. You can as well earn as much as 7 figures with hard work and diligence.

Do freight brokers own trucks?

A freight broker can own trucks. However, he has to seek a brokerage license as a secondary source of income.

In addition, he has to ensure that the cargo is not double-brokered.

What do you do as a freight broker?

As a freight broker, you can aid in reducing costs, moving the freight faster, and eliminating traffic management.

What is double brokering?

Double-brokering is a dangerous activity in which a shipper gives their load to a broker with the expectation that it would be passed on to their carrier.


Now you know how much you can earn as a freight broker at entry and senior level positions.

Hence, it is totally up to you to decide if you want to make a career out of it or not as relating to the salary.

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