Pharmacist Salary in Michigan | 2022

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It is very normal for you, as someone interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy, to be curious about what a pharmacist salary is in Michigan. We’ve all been there, trying to get a profession’s pay before diving into it.

In the same vein, walking in and out of the pharmacy to fill a prescription and pick up your medication in Michigan can leave you wondering about the figures that constitute the salary of a licensed pharmacist.

This is large because they play a vital role in a patient’s recovery process and managing a condition. They are also the link between the patients and the medication.

Therefore, it is totally normal to be inquisitive about what they earn in Michigan.

This article will walk you through the average salary of a licensed pharmacist in Michigan; as well as in other areas. Hence, if you are one of those keen on having an idea about their paycheck, this article is just for you.

What Does Pharmacy?

This is a branch of health science responsible for the discovering, producing, disposing of, the safe and effective application, and control of prescriptions and drugs.

However, pharmacy requires a complete understanding of drugs, their modes of action, side effects, interactions, mobility, and toxicity is required for pharmacy practice.

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What Does a Pharmacist Do?

Pharmacists carry out a lot of duties. They are responsible for filling prescriptions and following doctors’ instructions on the amount of medication to administer to patients.

These health care workers also check to ensure that a patient’s prescription does not interfere with the current medication they are taking.

In addition, they teach patients how to take a medication, when to take it, and any possible side effects.

Furthermore, pharmacists carry out vaccinations; as well as immunizations in most states.

They equally educate patients in broad health areas; namely, nutrition, stress management, and the right equipment to manage a health problem.

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What is the Average Pharmacist Salary in Michigan?

Like most fields of endeavor, people are curious to know how much pharmacists in Michigan earn in a month. If you are reading this, it probably means you are one of the curious cats.

For those wondering about the salary for pharmacist jobs in Michigan in 2022, we have you covered.

Firstly, you must understand that the average can come in different categories, such as hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

The salary of a pharmacist in Michigan in 2022 is as follows:

  • Yearly $130,978
  • Monthly $9,273
  • Weekly $2,396
  • Daily $614
  • Hourly $59.42

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Factors Affecting the Salary of a Pharmacist?

Certain factors influence the amount a pharmacist takes home at the end of the day. In other words, while a degree is needed, there are other determiners of his salary.

The following factors determine the salary of a pharmacist in Michigan:

Career Path

The career path a pharmacist settles for influences how much he does earn in Michigan or in whatever city he practices in. In other words, the area a pharmacist focuses on can affect how much he would earn.

Statistics show that the salary of pharmacists in outpatient care centers is the highest annual salary whereas those in home healthcare services get paid the least.

In addition, pharmacists working in retail pharmacies earn lesser than those working in non-retail pharmacies.

Conclusively, the practice setting or career path which can fall in the following category determines a pharmacist’s salary:

  • Outpatient care centers
  • Physician offices
  • Mail-order pharmacies
  • Mass merchants with pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets with pharmacies
  • Chain, independent, and long-term care pharmacies
  • Home healthcare services

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Years of experience

Experience is another major determining factor in the salary of a pharmacist. Therefore, the more he practices and gains experience, the more his salary increases.

For instance, a pharmacist with 10 years experience will definitely earn more than one with 2 years experience.

Hence, most employers tie salary to a pharmacist’s pay.


The state or area where the pharmacist is located also influences his take-home pay. In other words, the salary varies by state.

Therefore, what one pharmacist earns in Michigan will differ from what his colleague makes in Ohio.

How Much Does a Pharmacist Make a Year in Michigan?

The sum a pharmacist in receives in exchange for the professional services he offers come in different pay categories, which can be hourly, weekly, and monthly basis.

However, the average salary for a pharmacist in Michigan in 2022 is $130,978. So, this is the salary a pharmacist in Michigan receives in 2022 in case you’ve been wondering.

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How Much Does a Pharmacist Make a Month in Michigan?

The standard or average salary of a pharmacist in Michigan in 2022 is $9,273. Now, this is the amount pharmacists in Michigan go home with monthly.

Weekly Earnings of a Pharmacist in Michigan

While you are armed with the yearly and monthly salary of pharmacists in Michigan, you just might be a little curious to know how much they earn weekly.

Well, Michigan-based pharmacists earn $2,396 weekly.

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How Much Does a Pharmacist Make Per Hour in Michigan?

Since the monthly salary of pharmacists in Michigan differs from the yearly payment; so is the hourly payment different.

In Michigan, pharmacists receive the sum of $59.42 hourly.

Salary of Pharmacists Based on Location

Just as earlier mentioned, the area or location affects how much a pharmacist in Michigan earns. The table below also shows how much Pharmacists in Michigan earn based on the different areas.

Area NameEmploymentHourlyAnnualStarting SalaryExperienced Salary
Grand Rapids-Wyoming920$61.06127,000108,210163,010
Ann Arbor520$61.34127,590107,750161,510
Lansing-East Lansing290$59.38123,50089,970161,230
Battle Creek170$58.90122,520107,860148,250
Niles-Benton Harbor90$57.26119,10046,410164,070
Bay City70$56.86118,270105,870143,570

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What are the Top Ten Cities With the Highest Salary for Pharmacists in Michigan?

According to the table above, the top ten cities with the highest salary for pharmacists in Michigan are:

StateHourly PayAnnual SalaryStarting SalaryExperienced Salary
Niles-Benton Harbor$57.26$119,100$46,410$164,070
Grand Rapids-Wyoming$61.06$127,000$108,210$163,010
Ann Harbor$61.34$127,590$107,750$161,510
Lansing-East Lansing$59.38$123,500$89,970$161,230

Salary for a Pharmacist in Michigan Based on Level

It is a fact that employees in a certain field earn according to their levels. In other words, the level he occupies determines what his salary would be.

For instance, a senior level pharmacist will earn much more than an entry level pharmacist.

How Much Do Pharmacists Make Based on Entry Level?

The average amount a pharmacist makes in Michigan is less than what those in senior level earn.

Pharmacists in entry level positions in Michigan earn $53,316 annually.

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How Much Do Pharmacists Make at the Senior Level?

The salary pharmacists earn in Michigan is higher than $53,316, which is what those at entry level take home.

In addition, pharmacists in senior level positions in Michigan earn $131,410 annually.

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Licensed Pharmacist Salary Michigan

You may have been wondering about the salary of a licensed pharmacist in Michigan. The average annual salary for a licensed pharmacist in Michigan is $130,978. Now you know how much a licensed pharmacist earns in Michigan.

Retail Pharmacist Salary Michigan

Retail pharmacies in Michigan engage the most pharmacists; as well as a good pay scale. The average salary for a pharmacist in retail pharmacies is as follows:

  • Hourly$56.41
  • Annually$117,340

Rite Aid Pharmacist Salary, Michigan

This pharmaceutical company in Michigan pays its pharmacists an average salary of $71 per hour. This amount is way higher than what some pharmacists earn in Michigan.

Walgreens Pharmacist Salary, Michigan

Most people and customers are curious about the salary of its pharmacists. Walgreens pharmacists earn a decent salary. The average annual salary of a pharmacist in Michigan is $134,852.

Clinical Pharmacist Salary, Michigan

This pharmacist assists the division director with continuing education courses for pharmacy students, healthcare providers, and healthcare experts.

In hospitals/clinics, they also counsel doctors on drug intake and dosage control. In addition, they warn doctors about the dangers of certain drugs, their side effects, and the proper dosage for patients.

The average annual salary of a clinical pharmacist in Michigan in 2022 is $108,090.

Kroger Pharmacist Salary Michigan

You may have been wondering how much pharmacists in Kroger, Michigan earn. Well, the average salary of a pharmacy in Kroger, Michigan is $134,343 annually.

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Hospital Pharmacist Salary Michigan

Just like in other states, hospitals are the second highest employer of pharmacists in Michigan. In addition to this, hospitals pay the highest.

The average salary for a pharmacist working in hospitals in Michigan is $58.91 hourly, with $122,540 annually.

Salaries For Similar Professions in Michigan

A look into the salary of pharmacists might make you curious about the salaries of similar professions in Michigan. The following are the salaries o similar professions in Michigan.

JobAverage Salary
Director of Pharmacy$141,423 (Per year)
Pharmacy Manager$118,038 (Per year)
Pharmacy Specialist$42,697 (Per year)
Staff Pharmacist$54.90 (Per hour)
Pharmacist in charge$50.66 (Per hour)
Clinical Pharmacist$38.13 (Per hour)

Are There Benefits of being a Pharmacist Aside from the Salary

Yes! There are tons of benefits of being a pharmacist other than the salary. While the salary is a significant motivation to most people, there are benefits attached to working as a pharmacist.

  • Service: Working with patients to help them get better is likened to service to humanity.
  • Career opportunities: As a pharmacist, you will be open to various career options.
  • High demand: You’ll be extremely sought after due to the importance of your job role.

What are the Pharmacists’ Job Prospects?

Between 2020 and 2030, pharmacist employment is expected to fall by 2%. Irrespective of the decrease in employment of pharmacists, an average of 11,300 pharmacist openings are predicted over the next decade.

These openings come up in order to replace workers who switched careers; as well as retired.

In other words, although there is an expected decline of 2%, there will be good job openings.


Do pharmacists make more than dentists?

Statistics show that dentists earn more than pharmacists.

Is pharmacy harder than nursing?

Studying pharmacy is way more difficult than nursing as it requires more effort and a longer time. It also comes with challenging courses and the cost of education.

How much does pharmacy school cost?

The average cost of a pharmacy program ranges from $65,000 to about $200,000.

Who earns more between a nurse and a pharmacist?

Figures show that pharmacists earn more than nurses.

Why is pharmacy so stressful?

People associate stress with pharmacy due to the long hours and tight schedule. So, this is the reason why pharmacy is stressful.

Is pharmacy a good career?

Of course! Pharmacy is a great career. A pharmacist plays a supporting role in a patient’s treatment and recovery process through medicine.


While the salary of a pharmacist might not be what many may imagine, the role they play in healthcare is way more valuable.

Pharmacists work hand in hand with doctors in ensuring a smooth transition in their patients’ health; as well as delivering prescriptions.

That said, most people are of the opinion that their salary should equate their role in the health sector. In other words, their pay should be high.

Now you know how much they earn according to their locations and companies, you can be the judge of their pay rate.

We hope this article has the answers you seek. You can reach us through the comment section or @ for feedback or inquiries.



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