Pharmacist Salary in Arizona | How Much Do Pharmacists Make in Arizona?

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It is no news that a pharmacist is a critical part of the pharmaceutical chain and thus, many desire to know the average salary of this healthcare worker in Arizona. In order words, people are really keen on how much pharmacists make in Arizona.

This curiosity can be a result of the vital role they play in a patient’s recovery process.

However, you will be amazed to realize that the salary of a pharmacist in Arizona is dependent on a couple of factors.

Now sit still and journey with us to unearth how much pharmacists in Arizona receive by the hour, on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

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Who is a Pharmacist?

Pharmacists are medical professionals that assist patients in getting the most out of their medications.

In addition, other medical professionals depend on pharmacists to select and provide pharmaceuticals that give patients the best results and quality of life.

While pharmacy is concerned with the development, manufacture, safe and practical application, and control of prescriptions, pharmacists are the instruments in carrying out these responsibilities.

What Does a Pharmacist Do?

Pharmacists carry out a host of responsibilities geared towards helping patients and people get the most out of their drugs.

The basic responsibility of a pharmacist involves overseeing the distribution of drugs to those who are suffering from a variety of physical and mental disorders.

The responsibilities of a pharmacist also include filling and dispensing prescriptions; as well as keeping in touch with medical providers.

In addition, they educate patients on medication, such as how to take them and the possible side effects.

Furthermore, double-check that a patient’s prescription does not clash with any medications they are already on.

What is the Average Salary of a Pharmacist in Arizona?

People in Arizona will always be curious about the average salary of a pharmacist. Reading this also means you are no different from them.

So, here you go. A pharmacist in Arizona earns an average salary in different categories, which are:

  • $128,630 Per year
  • $9,107 per month
  • $2,353 per week
  • $58.35 per hour

That’s the average a pharmacist earns in Arizona on an hourly, monthly, and yearly basis.

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Factors Affecting the Salary of a Pharmacist in Arizona?

It is the norm for employers to base the salary range of their employees according to the levels they currently occupy.

The following factors influence the salary of pharmacists:

Years of experience

The salary of a pharmacist varies according to how much experience he has. Hence, the more experience a pharmacist has, the more he earns.

Career path/Practice setting

A pharmacist’s practice setting or career path cab determine how much he receives as his salary in Arizona or any other state.

According to data, pharmacists who work in outpatient treatment clinics earn the most money per year, while those who work in home healthcare earn the least.

In addition, pharmacists working in retail pharmacies earn less than those working in non-retail pharmacies.

  • Outpatient care centers – $147,130
  • Physician offices – $129,340
  • Mail-order pharmacies – $128,990
  • Mass merchants with pharmacies (big-box, chain pharmacies) – $128,378
  • Hospitals – $128,120
  • Supermarkets with pharmacies – $124,120
  • Chain, independent, and long-term care pharmacies: $122,840
  • Home healthcare services: $122,320

The career paths above also illustrates that a pharmacist earns based on the area of focus.


This is another major determining factor of a pharmacist’s salary. The location he practices in can influence his salary.

Whether it is a state or city,pharmacists will end up earning according to the amount specified for that area.

For instance, the salary of a pharmacist in Goodyear is entirely different from that of a pharmacist in Avondale.

How Much Do Pharmacists Make a Year in Arizona?

The average salary for pharmacists in Arizona is $128,630. That’s how much they get to walk home with at the end of the year.

Monthly Salary of Pharmacists in Arizona?

It is also important to know how much pharmacists earn monthly in Arizona. The monthly salary for pharmacists in Arizona is $9,107.

How Much Do Pharmacists Make Weekly in Arizona?

You don’t have to sweat to figure out how much pharmacists make in Arizona. Here you go. The weekly pay for a pharmacist in Arizona is $2,353.

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How Much Do PharmacistsMake per Hour in Arizona?

A pharmacist in Arizona makes as much as $58.35 hourly. Now you know how much you stand to earn hourly as a pharmacist in Arizona.

Salary of Pharmacists in Arizona Based on Location

Since you are interested in learning about the salary of pharmacists in Arizona, it is equally important to identify the salary according to the different areas in Arizona.

The table below reveals how much these pharmacists earn according to their location in Arizona:

CitiesHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
Apache Junction$51.70$107,547
Bullhead City$55.30$115,018
Camp Verde$50.80$105,712
Casa Grande$63.60$132,257
Chino Valley$51.10$106,268
El Mirage$53.20$110,736
Fountain Hills$53.70$111,661
Lake Havasu City$18.00$37,480
Oro Valley$58.20$121,120
Paradise Valley$54.40$113,253
Prescott Valley$32.10$66,816
Queen Creek$56.90$118,423
Show Low$61.40$127,659
Sierra Vista$55.60$115,594

What are the Top Te Cities With the Highest Salary for Pharmacists in Arizona?

While you may be familiar with the salary of a pharmacist in Arizona, some cities are regarded as the highest-paying cities in Arizona.

The following are the ten top cities with the highest salary for these pharmacists in Arizona:

CitiesAnnual SalaryHourly Salary
Fort Defiance$112,874$54.30

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Salary for a Pharmacist in Arizona Based on Level

It is the norm for employers to base the salary range of their employees according to the levels they currently occupy.

Pharmacists in the US at large receive are paid salaries based on their level. No two employees at different levels earn the same salary.

For instance, a pharmacy at a senior level earns differently from an entry level pharmacist. Simply put, the salary of a senior level pharmacist is higher than that of an entry level pharmacist.

How Much Do Pharmacists Make Based on Entry Level in Arizona?

The salary of an entry level pharmacist in Arizona ranges from $49,290 to $115,124 annually.

How Much Do Pharmacists Make at the Senior Level in Arizona?

While an entry level pharmacist’s salary ranges from $49,290 to $115,124, a senior level pharmacist in Arizona earns an average salary between $142,418 and $162,800.

However, these salary figures can fluctuate as a result of bonuses and compensation.

Salary for Pharmacists in Arizona Based on Field

Being in a profession is one thing, practicing in a particular field is another, which can also determine how much you get paid.

You will realize that pharmacists practicing in different fields end up with different salaries.

Clinical pharmacist salary in Arizona

In Arizona, a clinical pharmacist earns an average of $134,278 annually. In addition, the salary of this pharmacist ranges from $126,475 and $142,791.

However, the location or city equally determines how much he will walk home with at the end of the month.

Retail Pharmacist Salary in Arizona

This sector employs the most pharmacists in Arizona summing up to 3.500. The average annual salary of a retail pharmacist in Arizona is $119,780 with an hourly pay of $57.58.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in Arizona

You must have been wondering about the salary of a hospital pharmacist in Arizona. The salary of a hospital pharmacist in Arizona is modest.

A hospital pharmacist in Arizona receives an average salary of $125,090 annually. He also earns $60.14 hourly.

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Grocery Store Pharmacist Salary in Arizona

A grocery store pharmacist in Arizona earns $58.17 per hour and $121,000 annually.

Salaries of Pharmacists in the Top Industries in the US

As a pharmacist, an intending one, and or an inquisitive mind, you may also be itching to know how much pharmacists earn in the top industries in the United States.

CVS Pharmacist Salary in Arizona

You may have been wondering about the average salary of a CVS pharmacist in Arizona. The average salary of a CVS pharmacist in Arizona is $88,703, according to ziprecruiter.

In addition, this pharmacist earns an average salary of $7,392 monthly and $42.65 hourly.

Walmart Pharmacist Salary in Arizona

You must have been wondering for a long time how much pharmacists in Walmart earn. You are in luck.

A pharmacist in Walmart earns an average of $70.00 per hour. In addition, the salary ranges from $66.00 to $76.00 per hour.

Costco Pharmacist Salary in Arizona

Costco pharmacists in Arizona earn an average salary of $154,700 yearly. In addition, the salary ranges from $128,759 to $162,101, according to Glassdoor.

Walgreen Pharmacist Salary in Arizona

Pharmacists in Walgreen, Arizona make an average of $51.14 per hour. Now you know how much these pharmacists in Walgreen make by the hour.

How much do similar professions get paid in Arizona?

Now you know how much pharmacists get paid in Arizona, you might also want to know how much those in similar professions earn.

The following are similar professions and how much they earn.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Practice Pharmacist$113,556$9,463$2,184$54.59
Prior Authorization Pharmacist$112,245$9,354$2,159$53.96
Hospital Pharmacist$121,339$10,112$2,333$58.34
Pharmacist in Charge$115,241$9,603$2,216$55.40
Source: ziprecruiter

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Are there other Benefits of Being a Pharmacist aside from the Salary?

Other than the salary of a pharmacist, his job opens him up to other benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • Independent practice: Pharmacists have the liberty to either work with an employer or pursue private practice. In addition, you can choose your own work hours and also create employment in your neighborhood.
  • Health insurance: These healthcare workers have health coverage as one of the perks of their job.
  • Retirement plan: Pharmacists don’t have to worry about their retirement plans. Hence, other than their salary, their retirement plans are already covered.
  • Flexible hours: A pharmacist has work flexibility. Hence, he has ample time for himself and other activities.
  • Travel pharmacist career: As a pharmacist that loves the idea of traveling, you can consider being a travel pharmacist. This career path allows you to tour; as well as do what you love with your license.
  • Paid vacation: You will be amazed to realize that pharmacists go on paid vacations. Surprised, huh? That’s right. They don’t just embark on vacations but they go on paid vacations.
  • Professional development assistance: Like some other professions, a pharmacist can also receive aid for professional development.
  • High demand: You’ll be in high demand because of the significance of your profession.

What are Pharmacist’s Job Prospects?

Pharmacist employment is anticipated to decline by 2% between 2020 and 2030. Regardless of the drop in pharmacy employment, an average of 11,300 pharmacist openings are expected over the next ten years.

These available positions aim at replacing workers who have either changed careers or retired.

To put it another way, even though the economy is predicted to contract by 2%, there will be plenty of job opportunities.


Is it hard becoming a pharmacist?

Becoming a pharmacist is tough. Statistics show that about 10% of students who get enrolled in pharmacy school do not pull through to make it to graduation.

How many pharmacy schools are in Arizona?

The state of Arizona currently has ACPE-accredited colleges that offer the PharmD.

How much does a CVS pharmacist make in Arizona?

A CVS pharmacist earns an average of $88,703 annually.

Is pharmacy a good career?

Of course! Pharmacy is a great career you can settle for. Other than the salary and flexible work hours, pharmacists contribute immensely to the health sector,

Do pharmacists make more than dentists?

Not at all. Dentists earn way more than pharmacists in the United States.

What states are pharmacists in demand?

The following are the 3 states with the highest demand for pharmacists.

  • Louisiana 
  • Oklahoma
  • Mississippi


Now you know how much these pharmacists earn in Arizona, it is left for you to decide if the pay is worth it when compared to the role they play in the health sector.

Hence, if you intend to pursue a career in pharmacy in Arizona, the salary scale will further guide you in making your decision.

Hope this article shed light on the salaries of pharmacists in Arizona. Reach us through the comment section for feedback or @



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