30 After-School Program Jobs That Pay Well in 2023 (Updated)

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Do you often wonder about aspire or regular after-school program jobs? While the salary scale may be the reason behind the interest by some, you will be surprised to find out that most people are there for the joy of working directly with children.

After-school program jobs are beneficial to both kids and those holding the positions. The essence of this learning concept is to aid kids in achieving great learning results at school, after school, and at home.

Figures show that about 10.2 million kids and young adults are engaged in after-school programs, which implies that the demand for these programs is high.

Hence, the demand for school program jobs as well. This article is your handbook for acquiring relevant information on after-school program jobs that pay well.

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Are After School Programs Worth It?

Definitely! The after-school program focuses on kids and young adults.

It covers various critical areas, from academic support to coaching, good youth development, arts, sporting activities and recreation, and much more.

After-school programs are vital for the general development of children. Simply put, the program has the interest of kids above every other need.

Benefits of After-School Programs

There are great benefits in enrolling kids in after-school programs.

I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the benefits your child or ward can reap by being a part of after-school programs with his peers.

The following are the benefits of enrolling kids in after-school programs:

Sense of Belonging

After-school programs run in different districts and areas allow children to make new friends and bond in a new environment.

Most importantly, it gives them a sense of belonging, something to look forward to, and connects easily with kids their age.

Improves Social Skills

It is undeniable that this platform gives children the avenue to improve their social skills. After-school programs promote team spirit.

Hence, kids in after school programs will find it easier to interact with other kids than those who are not part of such programs.

In addition, supervisors help these kids in cultivating a healthy social life in the long run.

Fun Learning

It is no doubt that kids understand better when learning is merged with fun. Invariably, after school programs provide hands on group learning experience laced with fun at the same time.

Moreso, the areas of interest they can pursue is presented in a playful environment helps in making their learning easier than ordinary.

Academic Learning

If your child finds it difficult to complete his assignment at home, you can count on these programs for support.

It might interest you that some of these centers assist kids in getting their homework done.

Therefore, the program takes this task off your hands. However, ensure that your child does his homework himself while receiving help.

Boosts Confidence

Guess what? After-school programs have proven over time to boost the self-esteem of kids. Yeah, that’s right.

Do After-School Program Jobs Pay Well?

Absolutely! Aspire, and other after-school program jobs pay well. The salary ranges from $10.00 – to $44.00 for hourly payments.

On the other hand, the monthly payment can range from $37,800 to as high as $95,741.

So you see, securing these jobs will equally come with a fat paycheck at the end of the day. Therefore, the payment plan shouldn’t be a cause of worry for you.

After School Program Jobs, Brooklyn

There is a variety of after-school program jobs in Brooklyn. You will be surprised to find out that several after-school program jobs in Brooklyn might interest you.

The following are jobs that fall within this category – after-school program jobs in Brooklyn:

1. Program Manager

This is one of the positions within the after-school program jobs in Brooklyn. These people oversee daily operations, programming and activities, and administrative functions for after-school programs.

Program managers work with school districts to provide academic support and enrichment activities through government-subsidized after-school programming or for-profit after-school programs run by private leisure centers.

They can also aid in various areas, such as art, music, science, languages, academic help, sports, and recreation, which depend on the needs of the children in the region.

Average Annual Salary: $65,600 – $83,000 

2. After School Teachers

These teachers ensure students’ social, emotional, and academic growth in various areas such as athletics, arts, academic enrichment, and leadership.

They assist children in developing creative thinking, linguistic communication, independent exploration, self-confidence, self-awareness, and a problem-solving attitude to conflict through their education.

Average Annual Salary: $44 per hour

3. Education Specialist

One of the popular after-school program jobs in Brooklyn, these specialists develop and implement lesson ideas for participants that are appropriate for their age group. They equally encourage struggling individuals by offering different meanings of the topic.

In addition, they assist staff with class ideas and academic activities and provide constructive comments. Education specialists also learn about academic standards with the help of the Program Director, Assistant Director, and school personnel.

Average Annual Salary: $54,800 – $69,400

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4. Day Camp Counselor

These counselors help with summer day camp, winter and spring break camps, and school year programs to create relationships, instill confidence, and provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

Average Annual Salary: $15.21 – $19.01 per hour

NYC After School Program Jobs

There are numerous after-school program jobs in NYC (New York City). Hence, you will find these after-school program jobs if you reside in NYC.

5. Site Coordinators

This is a management position in a firm and is one of the after-school program jobs in NYC (New York City). A site coordinator develops and coordinates events for corporate bodies, such as schools.

They also organize academic activities such as lessons and in-school events.

Site organizers evaluate and hire vendors, generate public awareness, and plan for event costs.

Average Annual Salary: $23.72 per hour

6. After School Arts Instructors

This is equally one of the after-school program jobs with good pay in NYC. An after-school art instructor plans lessons, material lists, and class proposals and keeps attendance. He also ensures daily classroom management and teaching, as well as organizing class schedules.

In addition, they make sure the students are safe. They equally follow the policies and procedures outlined in the program’s staff handbook.

They also keep track of the paperwork required by the After School Arts Program Administrator.

Average Annual Salary: $31.67

7. Survey Interview Specialist 

As a survey interview specialist, you’ll go door to door after school (sometimes on weekends) to persuade kids to participate in surveys.

However, you will need to seek the consent of participants and their parents and persuade them to take it using your device. You may have to leave flyers at the doorstep if no one is home.

You will also be given a list of youth to see daily.

Average Annual Salary: $44 per hour

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8. After School-Group Leader

This position is among the popular after-school program jobs in NYC. These leaders help with activities that will help youths succeed. They also maintain an environment in the community that encourages youth development outcomes.

Assist in designing, developing, and implementing character and leadership development, education and career development, health and life skills, the arts, sports, fitness, and recreation services and activities.

While in the care of the program, they supervise the After School Program children in all areas of the club at all times to ensure their health and safety

Average Annual Salary: $20,400 – $25.800

After School Program Jobs, Philadelphia

If you reside in Philadelphia and also scouting for after-school program jobs there, we have your back. The following are the after-school program jobs for Philadelphia residents:

9. Youth Initiatives Coordinator

This is one of the many after-school program jobs in Philadelphia. This coordinator is in charge of class tickets, enrollment, and rosters, as well as helping with admissions. He is also in charge of all class logistics, class preparation, and continuing material management.

In addition, they help students, educators, and teaching assistants with onsite assistance throughout the day.

Average Annual Salary: $42,300 – $53,500

10. Community Support Specialist

This specialist provides a variety of support (integrated, holistic, and community) to both the child and parents, as well as acting as a liaison to other wellness team members internally and externally.

In addition, they make themselves available in the evenings and over the weekends to suit the needs of their clients.

Average Annual Salary: $20.24 per hour

11. Travel Concierge Specialist

This is one of the many aspiring after-school program jobs you can secure in Philadelphia. Travel concierge specialists respond to phone, email, and chat queries for travel and leisure.

He improves the client’s experience by understanding and suggesting more booking experiences, such as entertainment, events, eating, personal shopping, and other requests.

Average Annual Salary: $37,800 – $47,800 

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12. Travel Customer Service Representative

They are responsible for researching, planning, and executing one-of-a-kind vacation experiences by booking domestic and international flights, vehicles, and/or hotel accommodations. 

Average Annual Salary:  $15.50 per hour

Elementary After-School Program Jobs

If you are one of those seeking elementary after-school program jobs, look no further. You can easily find elementary after-school program jobs around you. The following elementary after-school program jobs are up for grabs:

13. Early Childhood Quality Improvement Specialist

This is among the best elementary after-school program jobs you can find. This specialist works with program leaders to develop and implement an individual Quality Improvement Plan based on data (QIP).

As part of their duties, they attend online meetings; as well as onsite meetings when necessary. In addition, they travel to program sites to help them maintain their QIP in their specified region (s).

Average Annual Salary: $82,000

14. Behavior Analyst

This is one of the vital elementary after-school program jobs. Behavioral analysts assess, create, monitor, and evaluate learner-specific treatment plans.

They monitor and adapt skill acquisition and behavior plans to the child’s progress.

With a range of team members and stakeholders, they interact effectively and efficiently in person, remotely, and in writing.

Average Annual Salary: $60,00 – 75,000

15. Data Coordinator

They Create and apply best practices for version control of project materials. In addition, they establish and put in place best practices for researchers who collaborate across sites.

Using best practices, they organize and manage all project data products, statistical code, documentation, metadata, and other deliverables (such as funding applications, project manuscripts, and conference presentations).

Average Annual Salary: $45,000 – $53,000 

16. School Support Manager

They help kids achieve academic and social success by creating, implementing, tracking and evaluating every behavioral support program.

They also manage and lead the three-tiered intervention program for middle school students.

In addition, they carry out individual student plan actions and gather data on the success of each intervention.

Average Annual Salary: $63,500 – $80,300

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After School Program Jobs, Boston

Like in other states, there are several after-school program jobs in Boston. The following are after-school program jobs in Boston:

17. Expanded Learning Programs (After School) Regional Manager

They are in charge of monitoring compliance and reporting in their respective regions. They also give localized implementation aid in coaching, check-ins, personal development and orientation, and external collaboration.

In addition, they oversee appropriate funding, assure regional conformity, and coordinate with county and state education authorities.

Average Annual Salary: $61,800 – $78,000

18. Transition Specialist

They follow the organization’s standards for orientation, evaluation,  and registration. They are also responsible for administering assessments.

Additionally, they enroll students online in distance learning programs.

Average Annual Salary: $12.50 per hour

19. Supervisor of Student Life Programs

They ensure students’ safety, health, and welfare and promote a good, safe, and orderly climate by performing management functions and providing direction to students.

In addition, they equip personnel with direction to meet the goals of the Student Life Program.

They equally ensure the financial management of funds allocated under this office.

Average Annual Salary: $61,799 – $95,741

20. High School Electives Teacher

High school electives teachers create and teach classes that are challenging and backward-planned.

They also prepare standards-based unit and daily study guides, as well as make and use assessments that are linked to daily objectives.

Furthermore, they use data to alter short- and long-term goals to meet the requirements of pupils.

Average Annual Salary: $52,250 – $89,000 

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After-School Program Jobs for Teenagers

As a teenager, there are tons of after-school program jobs for teenagers. The following are some of the jobs in this category:

21. Camp Counselor

These teen counselors help campers with crafts, teach them fun activities, and accompany them to sporting events.

They also help around the camp with cooking and cleaning. While some positions need counselors to stay on-site overnight, others only require them to stay during the day.

Average Annual Salary: $13.00 – $15.00

22. Tutor

Tutoring is one of the most popular after-school program professions that appeal to teenagers.

Tutoring other kids can help you earn money if you have an excellent academic record. They also aid other teenagers in better comprehending things and offer them guidance, support, and encouragement.

Average Annual Salary: $19.51 per hour 

23. Babysitting

This is one of the most common adolescent ambitions after school program jobs. These teenagers are in charge of ensuring the safety of the children in their care while they are playing.

They also prepare food, ensure that the children complete their homework, and participate in other activities as directed by their parents.

In addition, they keep these children active and entertained by engaging them in instructive and enjoyable activities.

Average Annual Salary: $10.00 – $15.00 per hour

24. Kernel Assistant

This is another after-school program job where a group of teenagers helps clean and prepare their kennels.

They are also responsible for cleaning their bedding and toys and hosing them down once or twice a day to remove feces and food particles.

They must also take the kennel canines out for walks and provide enrichment for them.

Average Annual Salary: $10.00 per hour

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Summer After School Program Jobs

If you’ve been wondering what summer after-school program jobs are for you, the answer is here. You are sure to find the following summer after-school program jobs:

25. Middle School Youth Development Specialist

These specialists assist middle school students and their families (including leading an advisory caseload).

They also assist with academic alongside Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) interventions as a Response to Intervention case manager.

Average Annual Salary: $76,800 – $97,200

26. Research Associate

They keep in touch with program employees positively and professionally. Also, they conduct interviews and focus groups while observing the program.

In addition, they use descriptive statistics to examine the situation. Furthermore, they input data, combine, merges, and maintains the database.

Average Annual Salary: $52,100 – $65,900

27. Assistant Director Camp and Youth

They supervise the camp and staff recruitment and hiring process, such as sourcing for applicants, attending recruitment events, conducting interviews, assessing candidates, and onboarding.

They team up with the human resources department to create and distribute offer letters, process new hire paperwork, and close out employee information.

Average Annual Salary: $40,000 – $45,000

28. Program Specialist

He aids with playground activity planning, organizing, and leadership. He also motivates program participants and staff to create a friendly atmosphere.

In addition, he ensures that program participants and staff follow all policies and procedures.

Average Annual Salary: $21 – $24 per hour

29. Student Support Specialist

They support elementary school summer learning program activities for a specific timeframe.

They also record and track student attendance and interact with families concerning absences and inappropriate behavior.

Additionally, they monitor and implement the incentive structure for the summer program.

Average Annual Salary: $25 per hour

30. High School Summer School Family Liaison

They maintain daily attendance data for the program. They also inquire about absences with parents/guardians.

Moreso, they create and maintain a parent/guardian resource center in a 21st-century after-school program.

In addition, they help parents/guardians and children comprehend the policies, laws, and/or activities of the school and program.

Average Annual Salary: $30 per hour


While securing after-school program jobs can come with an excellent salary, it molds kids into fine community members.

With this expo, you can search for and settle for the jobs that suit you in various categories.

We hope this article provided enough insight into aspiring and other after-school program jobs. Kindly reach us in the comment section or @ makedailyprofit.com for feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions on Aspire After School Program Jobs

What Do You Call Someone Who Works at a School Program?

They are referred to as care attendants.

What Makes an Afterschool Program Successful?

The most excellent method for an effective afterschool program is to use a youth development framework instead of a deficit-based or risk-behavior approach.

What Percentage of Students Have After-School Activities in the US?

The percentage of students with after-school activities is about  78 percent to 87 percent.

What is the Goal of an After-School Program?

These programs safeguard the children, encourage them to learn, and provide relief to working parents.

They also assist children in learning, growing, and realizing their full potential by giving them fresh learning opportunities to achieve tremendous success in school and life.

Are Youth Programs Effective?

The answer to this question is yes! Youth programs are very effective as they improve young people’s sense of self, future expectations, self-control, and personality.

Why Should I Join an After-School Club?

The benefit of joining an after-school club is far-reaching. It allows you to improve academically, discover your areas of interest, and more.


What do you call someone who works at an after school program?

They are referred to as care attendants.

What makes an afterschool program successful?

The most excellent method for an effective afterschool program is to use a youth development framework instead of a deficit-based or risk-behavior approach.

What percentage of students have after school activities in the US?

The percentage of students with after-school activities is about  78 percent to 87 percent.

What is the goal of an after school program?

These programs safeguard the children, encourage them to learn, and provide relief to working parents.

They also assist children in learning, growing, and realizing their full potential by giving them fresh learning opportunities to achieve tremendous success in school and life.

Are youth programs effective?

The answer to this question is yes! Youth programs are very effective as they improve young people’s sense of self, future expectations, self-control, and personality.

Why should I join an after school club?

The benefit of joining an after-school club is far-reaching. It allows you to improve academically, discover your areas of interest, and more.



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