Quality Engineer Salary in the US | How Much Do A Quality Engineer Make in 2022?

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A quality engineer earns an annual salary of $76,462. Of course, with additional skills and qualifications, you can earn more than this.

A look at this profession reveals that, like structural engineers, they are keen on ensuring quality in the process; as well as the final product.

The manufacturing and distribution of a product to the final consumer is incomplete if it fails to meet or satisfy the needs of the target market.

This is where quality engineers come in. They ensure quality measures are undertaken to ensure the end result meets the standard.

Join us as we unravel the identity of this engineer, how much he earns based on location; as well as factors that affect his salary in the United States. Stay with us!

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Quality Engineer: What it means

A quality engineer is a professional who works to ensure that manufactured goods are of high quality.

This engineer is responsible for monitoring the process’s quality and playing a vital role in resolving problems as they arise.

They do this through testing processes, monitoring quality standards, developing documentation, creating quality tests, and specifying the criteria that a test result must fulfill.

In summary, quality engineers operate as part of a larger team of specialists to guarantee that the finished products are safe, dependable, and satisfy customer requirements while making the production process as effective and cost-efficient as possible.

What is the Role of a Quality Engineer?

Quality engineer are at the front line in ensuring quality in the production process and ensuring consumers satisfaction while at it.

Therefore, they are responsible for performing vital duties. Some of these duties of a quality engineers:

  • Creating quality metrics for all industrial processes
  • Auditing systems based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • Monitoring the entire manufacturing process and reporting on flaws

What is the Average Salary of a Quality Engineer?

The average salary of a quality engineer in the United States is usually of interest. Of course, people will naturally want to know how much this quality officer earns at the end of the day.

However, you should that this engineer earns in different payment categories. These payment categories are hourly, weekly, and yearly.

On this note, quality engineers earn an annual salary of $76,462. On the other hand, annual the salary for this quality engineer ranges from $59,000 to $98,000.

Quality engineers receive an average monthly of $6,372. The monthly earning of this engineer falls between $4,917 and $8,167.

In addition, a typical quality engineer receives an hourly average pay of $37, which also ranges from $28 to $47.

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Factors Affecting the Salary of a Quality Engineer in the US

Before deciding if a quality engineer’s compensation is high or low, you should be aware that various factors determine how much he earns.

These factors explain why employees in the same field and sometimes the same qualifications end up with different salary.

This is the only reason why most people do a quick search for organizations that offer the highest salary for the employment position they desire.

The following are the major factors that affect the salary of a quality engineer in the United States:

  • Years of experience
  • Location
  • Level of education
  • Company size
  • Additional skills

How Much Does a Quality Engineer Make in the US in 2022?

The salary of a quality engineer in the United States varies other than the factors that affect his salary. It laregely depends on the percentile oe level.

Hence, these engineers get to earn according to the level they occupy in the organization.

Their salary usually ranges from the 10th percentile to the 90th percentile, according to zippia.

The table below displays the salaries of quality engineers in the different payment categories and percentiles:

PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$103,000$8,583$50
75th Percentile$91,000$7,583$44
25th Percentile$69,000$5,750$33
10th Percentile$61,000$5,083$29
Source: zippia.com

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How Much Does a Quality Engineer Make a Year?

The annual salary of a quality engineer in the United States is one piece of imporatnat information you should have at your fingertips.

Quality engineers earn an average annual salary of $76,462, as shown in the table above. The yearly salary of this engineer begins with $59,000 and can climb as high as $98,000.

Remember, a quality engineer’s salary will fall within the range of his level or percentile. Therefore, as shown in the table above, a quality engineer can either earn below or above the average salary.

What is the Monthly Salary of a Quality Engineer?

What if I told you that quality engineers in the United States earn a decent income on a monthly basis.

On the average, these engineers earn $6,372 mothly. The monthly salary of this quality officer falls between $4,917 and $8,167.

Although the monthly salary of a quality engineer laregely depends on his level, he is prone to earning more with bonuses and promotions.

How Much Does a Quality Engineer Make in an Hour?

The hourly pay of a quality engineer is just as essential as the other income categories (monthly and yearly).

The hourly rate of a quality engineer in the United States is the first indicator of a well-paying position.

Quality engineers earn $37 by the hour. In addition, the hourly pay ranges from $28 to $47.

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Salary of Quality Engineer in the US Based on Location

As you are aware, the location has a significant impact on the salary for any job or position in the United States.

In other words, location is a crucial factor in determining the income for a profession or employment position.

As a result, it should come as no surprise if two quality engineers in two distinct locations get paid differently.

To illustrate, the table below shows the average compensation of quality engineers in the United States by state:

StateAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
District of Columbia$74,233$35.69
New Hampshire$85,834$41.27
New Jersey$87,184$41.92
New Mexico$89,011$42.79
New York$79,689$38.31
North Carolina$71,847$34.54
North Dakota$62,965$30.27
Rhode Island$81,622$39.24
South Carolina$70,198$33.75
South Dakota$63,288$30.43
West Virginia$73,686$35.43
Source: zippia.com

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What are the Highest-Paying States in the United States for Quality Engineer Jobs?

According to the data in the table above, certain states pay structural engineers more than others.

You should be aware that some states pay crime scene cleaners more than others.

These top-paying states are of particular interest to quality engineers in the United States.

Now that you know the average income for these quality officers in the engineering field, you need look into the states that pay the highest.

StateAvg. SalaryHourly Salary
New Mexico$89,011$42.79
Source: zippia.com

What are the Top Ten Cities with the Highest Salary for Quality Engineer Jobs?

Some cities, like states, pay the highest for structural engineers in the United States. You should also be able to identify the best-paying cities in the US.

The following are the ten highest-paying cities in the US for quality engineers:

CityAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
San Francisco, CA$95,163$45.75
Boston, MA$93,390$44.90
Seattle, WA$91,727$44.10
Hillsboro, OR$85,722$41.21
McLean, VA$81,259$39.07
New York, NY$79,864$38.40
Phoenix, AZ$78,638$37.81
Troy, MI$76,182$36.63
Minneapolis, MN$75,975$36.53
Chicago, IL$73,298$35.24
Source: zippia.com

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Salary for Quality Engineers in the US Based on Level

It is no doubt tha the earning power of a quality engineer is based on his level or percentile. The percentile explains the salary distinction between employees.

These earning levels are mainly divided into two – entry-level and senior-level.

Quality engineers who find themselves in both levels already lnow the salary range to expect at the end of the day.

How Much Do Quality Engineers Make Based on Entry Level?

It has already been established that an entry-level quality engineer earns a lesser salary than what their counterparts at the senior-level earn.

A quality engineer just starting his career or at the entry-level in a company is expected to earn a lesser salary than those who are already climbing the salary ladder.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for an entry-level quality engineer to earn below the average salary at the different salary categories.

These engineers earn between $59,000 and $76,462 annually while they stand to receive from $4,917 to $6,372.

In addition, the hourly salary for a quality engineer at entry-level ranges from $28 to $37.

How Much Do Quality Engineers Make Based at the Senior Level?

Senior-level quality engineers earn more salaries than those at entry-level – no doubt.

A senior-level quality engineer’s salary ranges from $87,000 to $98,000 annually. On a monthly basis, this engineer walaks home with figures that fall between $7,250 and $8,167.

In addition, the hourly rate for a quality engineer ranges from $42 to $47.

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Salary of a Quality Engineer in the US Based on Field

Most people wonder if quality engineers have different fields or practice. The answer is yes. Quality engineers are free to diversify and put their skills to use.

As expected, different specialties imply difference in salaries. Therefore, the salary of a quality engineer in one area or field will differ from what he can earn in another field.

Software Quality Engineer Salary

Software quality engineering is the implementation of quality engineering methods to the software development lifecycle.

Software quality engineers are in charge of verifying the functioning and usability of software products. In addition, their primary responsibility is software testing.

These engineers work directly with software products, evaluating all of the software’s features to ensure the product functions properly.

According to payscale.com, the average annual salary of a software quality engineer in the United States is $84,101.

The yearly salary of this software qulity engineer also ranges from $65,843 to $116,241 annually.

Manufacturing Quality Engineer Salary

A manufacturing quality engineer is responsible for planning and developing quality control systems to fulfill a company’s standard processes and products.

Their tasks include developing strategies to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of existing programs and systems, determining the needs of manufacturing facilities and their staff, and updating existing systems.

Thhe average annual salary of a manufacturing quality engineer is $77,461, according to zippia.com. The salary for this engineer falls between $56,000and $105,000 annually.

The table below contains the salary information of a manufacturing quality engineer according the payment category and level:

PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$105,000$8,750$50
75th Percentile$91,000$7,583$44
25th Percentile$65,000$5,417$31
10th Percentile$56,000$4,667$27
Source: Zippia.com

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Salaries of Quality Engineers in the Top Industries in the US

Do you aspire to end up as a quality engineer? Then look at the top industries and their earnings.

The salary of a quality engineer in the United States differs by top firms or industries, as you might assume.

Find the top industries or employers for quality engineers in the United States, according to zippia:

RankCompanyAverage Quality Engineer Salary
6First Republic Bank$106,910
7Options Clearing$106,696
8Barclays Capital$106,652
11Epic Games$103,385
13Costco Wholesale$103,157
17Juniper Networks$102,111
20American Eagle Outfitters$101,369
Source: zippia.com

Salary of Similar Professions in the United States

Going a step further to learn about the salary information of professionals in related field has its perks.

Like other before you, you may crave a different career path similar to quaility engineering. This knowledge will come in handy at that point.

So, the salary information is necessary for you, as it may prepare you for a future career switch. You may consider any of the following:

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
Product Development Engineer$84,261$7,022$40.51
Process Engineer$81,843$6,820$39.35
Project Engineer$81,816$6,818$39.33
Production Engineer$87,940$7,328$42.28
Quality Coordinator$59,609$4,967$28.66

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Are There Other Benefits of Being a Quality Engineer Aside from the Salary?

Of course! Other than the compensation, quality engineers are entitled to other benefits.

You will agree that these benefits have a way of motivating these engineers and ensuring productivity in the long run.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Health and life insurance
  • Holiday pay
  • Retirement benefits

What are the Job Prospects For Quality Engineer

The job prospects for quality engineeers in the United States shows that has excellent long-term prospects, implying that quality engineering is going nowhere.

Statistics predicts that the industrial engineering field will experience a 10% growth between 2016 and 2026.

This prediction represents a slightly faster rate of growth than the average for all careers over the same decade.


What skills does a quality engineer need?

The following skills are a must-have for quality engineers:

  • Numerical skills
  • Good mastery of the Computer
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

Is quality engineering stressful?

In comparison to other professional jobs, which can be exhausting and lead to stress and burnout, being a quality engineer is not stressful. 

In fact, quality engineers almost never work overtime.

Why are engineers paid so much?

The high salaries of engineers reflect the technical skills required for the roles they perform, which are in high demand.

Why is quality engineering important?

By incorporating customer feedback into new or improved products or services, quality engineering helps improve communication between engineering and manufacturing teams in an organization.

What is the difference between QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control)?

QA is procedural and mainly focuses on quality standards. QC is product-oriented, with the goal of identifying quality issues in manufactured products that may impact customer satisfaction.

Another way to think about this difference is actions vs. outcomes.


Now you know the brain behind the quality products that meet your expectations.

Quality engineers are essential in the manufacturing and production process and will remain so.

We hope this article met your expectation as quality engineers would fight to ensure. Click on makedailyprofit.com for more related articles.



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