Cornell University Student Job and Internship | 25 Part-Time Job Opportunity

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Cornell student jobs arm its students to the teeth to compete effortlessly in the labor market by exposing them to early industry experience.

Let us remember that Cornell University is no.22 on the list of the best global universities. You can now visualize why these ivy-league private university students are hot cake.

That’s right! They legit have their job listing platform for potential employers to come post vacancies for interested students. Cornell student jobs are mostly part-time jobs that allow a healthy education life as well.

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Cornell Student Jobs; Employability Record of Cornell University

Source: Cornell University Website

From the information in the image above, we can safely say that Cornell University students are welcomed heartily in various industries across America.

This of course shouldn’t come as a surprise when considering the amount of support the University offers its students.

Cornell student jobs and internships listing platform addressed a common need for college students to earn extra income while studying and to get an idea of work culture. This is what makes them ‘hot cake’ straight from the ‘oven!’

Cornell Student Jobs and Internship: Where To Find Them

Where can you find Cornell student jobs? No need to look far and wide. This is because the answer is literally under our noses. On the official website, you can also find the job listing resources.

Under “jobs> student employment”, you’ll also have access to materials with information on the nature of jobs available and eligibility criteria.

Finally, with patience and a sense of direction on what you’re looking for, navigating the job-listing page should be a walk-over for you.

Cornell Student Jobs on Campus Classification

Cornell student jobs fall into different categories. They include the following:

Cornell student jobs: Level 1

Entry-level positions are always the bedrock of most organizations’ hierarchy. This level demands possession of fundamental skills personally and through on-the-job training. There is no prior work experience or coursework required, it could be an advantage, but not necessary.

However, it is necessary to use basic organizational or technical knowledge, operate simple equipment, or complete routine tasks. It’s not complicated!

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Cornell student jobs: Level 2

Basic skills must be acquired through prior work experience, training, and/or completion of related coursework.

It’s a level higher than the entry-level position because it requires less review and supervision.

Cornell student jobs: Level 3

This level is relatively developed. It also requires significant work experience and completion of related upper-level coursework.

Some of the responsibilities at this level include data analysis. It can also include independent supervision or coordination of programs and projects. Some of these projects also involve complex equipment or data analysis.

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Cornell Student Jobs on Campus; What Is a Part-Time Job?

Based on the fact that we have previously mentioned that Cornell student jobs are mostly part-time, we’d like to throw more light on the nature of part-time jobs.

This brings us back to the question “what is a part-time job?”. Part-time work is defined as work done for less than the normal number of hours. In a wrap, what every college student needs!

It would be almost impossible to juggle a full-time study program and a full-time job, even if it were an octopus involved. Don’t you think so?

Working a part-time job in college is very beneficial because it allows you the needed time to work on other projects and activities. It also gives you a little cash to finesse on.

Cornell Student Jobs; 25 Part-Time Job Opportunity

Briefly, we’re going to list some available part-time roles to consider if you’re looking for Cornell student jobs. This listing is based on the most recent job listings on the Cornell student jobs site.

Cornell Student Jobs; Based on Departments

The following are Cornell students jobs according to departments:

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1. Student Academic Services Assistant

The student assists the instructional staff. In addition, you’ll also proctor exams, grade exams with a key, and distribute handouts. However, you’ll need to have excellent communication.

2. Student Administrative Assistant

Assist with administrative functions. You’ll also need good communication and organizational skills for this job. It is necessary to be able to work with a variety of publics.

3. Student Art/Entertainment Assistant

Student Art/Entertainment Assistant job requires excellent organizational skills and a willingness to pay attention to detail.

However, it is possible that you’ll need to have a mechanical aptitude for audiovisual equipment.

4. Student Athletic Service Assistant

In charge of general supervision and/or activities at specific athletic events. If you want this post, then you’ll need to have basic first aid knowledge, including CPR.

5. Student Computer Assistant

Obviously, they maintain and operate computer equipment. Some of the requirements include the capability to write and test simple computer programs. This is because, at the job, you might train and support Staff and/or students in the use of software and hardware.

6. Student Food/Hospitality Assistant

Assist with food preparation, set-up, service, and cleanup in dining facilities. You’ll also need good public relations skills. However, you must be at least 18 years old to sell alcoholic beverages.

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7. Student Labor/Facilities Assistant

This role also requires performing routine duties in the designated area(s) and/or perform maintenance on specific equipment.

However, the main requirement for this job is experience/familiarity with basic hand tools and simple machinery.

8. Student Library Assistant

This is one of the best library Cornell student jobs. Assist staff with routine library operations on a daily basis. So your duties include library searches, general office work, and data entry.

In addition, you will also assist patrons, book repairs, and maintaining statistics are all possible duties.

9. Student Services/Community Assistant

Students should be provided with supportive services. So, Student Services/Community Assistant assists in the execution of activities associated with a specific program or department.

You’ll also have the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences while adhering to university regulations/policies.

10. Student Research/Field/Lab Assistant

In a research setting, carry out routine tasks. So, you’ll assist staff in the laboratory or on the job.

You’ll also distribute supplies to laboratories, clean glassware, keep inventory, perform assays, and set up and run experiments.

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11. Mann Library’s Public Service Desk

This is one of the best library Cornell student jobs on campus. Students who work at one of Mann Library’s Public Service Desks are in charge of the circulation of materials and equipment, the upkeep of the stacks, printing services, and the support of Mann Library’s conference rooms and classrooms.

Students interested in applying for this position should have strong attention to detail. You’ll also need to have the ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks, strong technical abilities, and excellent customer service skills.

12. Collection Development & Digital Collections

Students in the Division of Collection Development & Digital Collections collaborate to preserve and expand Mann’s collections.

Students who work on digital collections assist in the creation of scans and optical character recognition (OCR) of books, journals, documents, and faculty papers, as well as metadata and uploading to online repositories.

13. Web production

The successful candidate will create and maintain software such as web applications, APIs, and microservices that will run on both private and public cloud infrastructure.

14. Fitness Monitor

By circulating and proactively monitoring for safety concerns, you can ensure that the environment is safe for participants.

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15. Group Fitness Instructor

Instructors must be at ease in front of a group and be able to dynamically teach proper form and alignment for movements and exercises.

16. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers provide fitness consultations to clients, create exercise programs, and educate clients on exercise recommendations. They also lead clients through workout sessions.

Shifts in fitness centers may also be required, as well as assisting members with their workouts, answering questions about exercise, and/or delivering instructional special event programs.

You can earn up to $40 an hour working as a personal trainer!

17. Gift Processing Assistant

This unit oversees everything pertaining to memberships, including the provision of best-in-class frontline customer service and the processing of gifts received.

18. Data Science Developer

The successful candidate will assist with a wide range of data science activities. These include the application of machine learning and statistical methods.

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19. Media and Archive Manager

Media management, technical resolutions, and archival duties are all part of the job. However, this position is a cross-road between post-production and archive management.

Therefore, it requires someone with extensive knowledge of post-production workflows. Other desirable qualities are impeccable attention to detail and a knack for resolving technical issues that lead to system efficiencies.

20. Research Associate: Applied Quantitative Ecologist

This position will be responsible for developing methods for using birds as indicators of ecosystem health, which will then be used to benchmark and track the progress of biodiversity conservation initiatives.

21. Research Associate: Data Scientist

The Data Scientist will be in charge of researching and developing quantitative analyses that will be used to generate and apply S&T data products.

22. Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

The senior director develops and directs strategic planning and execution of integrated branding, marketing, and communications to amplify the Lab’s mission of understanding and protecting birds and the natural world as well.

23. Software Engineer

The hired Software Engineer will create tools to increase bird and nature engagement through various Lab platforms such as Bird Academy, FeederWatch, and NestWatch, as well as integrate with other Lab projects such as eBird, Merlin, and All About Birds.

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24. Systems Administrator III

The Systems Administrator will oversee several central Lab IT services as well as support research, administrative, and outreach initiatives.

25. Systems Engineer

The successful candidate will design and deploy horizontally scalable, highly available, standardized service and application platforms. Also, to design infrastructure and DevOps processes to accelerate development, test, and production deployments.


Can students work remotely?

Students can work remotely or in person in Fall 2021/Spring 2022 if their employer approves.

If I am working in a Cornell-owned building or facility, will face coverings be provided?

Yes. Cornell will provide face coverings to employees working on-site in accordance with New York state emergency regulations. So, contact your supervisor to obtain a face mask for use at work.

Do I need to complete the Daily Check before arriving to work?

Each day before arriving on campus or using campus facilities, all faculty, staff, and students who have been approved to resume on-campus work or research through the university’s reactivation process must complete the Daily Check.

Can foreign national students work?

International students’ employment eligibility is determined by their visa status and treaty agreements. So, most F1 and J1 visa students are permitted to work on campus for up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session.

Am I guaranteed a job?

Cornell does not place students in jobs, and no job is guaranteed at Cornell. Therefore, it is your responsibility to conduct a job search, apply for jobs, interview, and be hired.

When can you work?

Part-time positions are available throughout the academic year, the summer, and during the spring and winter breaks. Some jobs are only temporary, while others may last a semester or the entire academic year.


If you have an admission or are already attending Cornell University, then you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to gain relevant industry experience.

In addition, Cornell student jobs offer on-the-job training and an opportunity to develop an impressive resume. Just saying!

Further, there are different jobs available based on different levels of experience. This is also expected to create a level playing ground for all students.

However, some of these jobs are specific to a particular department. That is to say, only students from that particular department are considered.

Finally, you can head over to the university’s website to gather more information about job openings and their requirements.

Good luck and do let us know which job listed here appeals to you most by commenting below.



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