Should You Borrow From Western Equipment Finance?

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Western equipment finance is a company that centers on providing customized financing solutions that are unique to an industry.

In fact, this company’s primary goal is to offer new companies and established businesses a wide variety of equipment financing options.

So, read through to get all you need to know about Greenwave Finance.

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Western Equipment Finance

Western Equipment Finance is dedicated to providing customized financing solutions that are unique to your industry.

Western Equipment Finance Reviews

Western Equipment Finance is a subsidiary of Western State Bank that provides equipment financing nationwide. The company is located in North Dakota.

Western offers both new companies and established businesses a wide variety of equipment financing options.

While the speed and flexibility of the bank will appeal to many potential clients, some may find this financing to be less than ideal due to the strict credit requirements and unclear terms and fees.

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Application Process

Western’s website has an online application form that you may start using.

The online application is simple to use but also quite long; it is a true application, not merely a screening tool. Your federal tax ID and other business-related information will be entered.

After that, a series of options will allow you to choose your chosen financial conditions, such as:

  • Cost (of the equipment)
  • Contract type
  • Residual
  • Term (length)

You’ll then input information on the equipment and the vendor’s contact data. Finally, agree to the conditions and complete the CAPTCHA.

Although this obviously depends on having all the required paperwork in order, Western advertises 30-minute credit decisions and 24-hour financing.

Before submitting your application, I’d advise getting in touch with sales if you’re unsure of the terms and agreements you desire.

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Sales & Sales & Advertising Transparency

The content on Western’s website from the aughts is sparse and dispersed across several pages.

Additionally, there isn’t a lot of information on fees or requirements.

First Western Equipment Finance

For dealers, suppliers, and producers all around the country, First Western Equipment Finance offers equipment financing options.

To help companies of all sizes find an appealing interest rate and financing term that meets their unique financial needs, we’ve worked with numerous prominent brands in the industry to offer in-house leasing and finance programs.

First Western Equipment Finance specializes in equipment finance solutions for a range of specialist business equipment types, including geospatial & GIS, agricultural, power equipment, automotive, grass & landscaping, and more.

If the equipment bundles you provide cost $5,000 or more, get in touch with them for further details.

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Equipment Finance Solutions Designed for You

They specialize in equipment financing for a range of industries means we can meet a wide variety of financing needs for individual businesses as well as equipment manufacturers. No matter your industry, count on us for smart financing options and exceptional responsiveness.


What types of financing does First Western Equipment Finance offer?

First, Western Equipment Finance offers a large variety of financing options.

They offer EFAs (equipment finance agreements), purchase-option leases, and municipal leases.

They also offer flexible terms, such as seasonal and deferred payment options.

What are your credit requirements?

First, Western Equipment Finance has actual people that review your credit.

Information that they are looking for includes established time in business, personal and/or business credit score, comparable debt, and identifying information.

What is an equipment finance?

A loan used to buy office supplies like a copier or a restaurant oven is referred to as equipment finance.

When you take out an equipment loan, you’ll have to make regular payments over a predetermined period of time that include interest and principal.

What is the interest rate on equipment loans?

Interest rates for equipment loans vary but can typically range anywhere from 3.49% to 28%.

How hard is it to get an equipment loan?

Different lenders have different requirements for equipment financing.

According to small-business lender BlueVine, borrowers may typically qualify if they have been in operation for at least a year, generate $100,000 or more in yearly sales, and have a credit score between 550 and 600.


Western equipment finance For those who qualify, it is a good option due to its quick turnaround times, nationwide presence, and willingness to work with various industries and newer businesses.

To qualify, however, a company must have a minimum credit score of 700, which could be challenging for many.



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