25 High Paying Jobs in Tucson | 2022

High Paying Jobs in Tucson

If you reside in Tucson and ever wondered if there are high paying jobs in Tucson, Arizona that require driving skills or high school diploma, then your quest is as good as ours.

Well, you need to know that Tucson, Arizona, is one of the greatest locations in the United States to live, drawing a diverse population of students, working-age professionals, and retirees.

In the light of this, there are truly high paying jobs in Tucson and yes you are sure to live your dream life in such a great city as Tucson.

However, if you are unsure of the best job that suits you? How to land the best paying job in Tuscon? You are sure on the right path, cos we are set to walk you through this path.

What Are The Requirements Needed To Get A High Paying Job In Tucson?

Candidates looking for jobs in Tucson should first polish their resumes and practice their interviewing abilities.

In fact, the state of Arizona provides a variety of assistance to fresh graduates and professionals seeking jobs.

However, you have to know that to land any of these roles, you need to acquire certain skills and qualifications.

To illustrate, some of these skills include:

  • Soft skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Managerial skills
  • Time management
  • Team lead…

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Do Jobs In Tucson Pay Well?

Definitely, jobs in Tucson pay good. Well, according to ziprecruiter, the average annual pay for the average jobs’ category in Tucson is $71,243 a year. 

So, you can find it fascinating living and working in Tuscon cos you get to live your dream life.

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High Paying Jobs in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona is a fast-growing city with lots of job opportunities.

To illustrate, we have outlined some high paying jobs in Tucson, Arizona, they include:

1. Postsecondary Health Specialties Teachers

Average annual salary: $135,050

Postsecondary Health Specialties Teachers teach courses in medical specialities.

For instance, these fields include: dentistry, laboratory science, medicine, pharmacy, public health, treatment, and animal health.

However, on the job, you will: Create course materials such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts.

2. Medical and Health Services Managers

Medical and Health Services Managers is considered one of the high paying jobs in Tucson because their average annual salary is $121,360.

They are also called healthcare executives or healthcare administrators because they plan, direct, and coordinate medical as well as health services.

Also, they may manage an entire facility, a specific clinical area or department, or a medical practice for a group of physicians.

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3. Financial Managers

Average annual salary: $102,170

A Financial Manager is an important decision-maker in a company.

They do, however, employ data analysis to assist top management on profit-maximizing strategies.

As a result, this improves overall firm profitability over time by making wise investment selections.

In other words, financial manager spend money in order to improve their return on investment.

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4. Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers have an average annual salary of $94,710. Hence, they are considered one of the high paying Jobs in Tucson.

However, they are responsible for the development, design, building, testing, and inspection of mechanical equipment and systems such as machines, tools, and engines.

Furthermore, because mechanical engineering is such a broad field, they work in a variety of businesses creating a large range of goods.

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5. General and Operations Managers

The responsibilities of general and operations managers include developing policies, overseeing daily operations, and planning the utilization of materials and human resources.

They are, in reality, too broad and wide in character to be classed in any one functional area of management or administration.

In addition, their average annual pay is $95,710.

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Open High Paying Jobs In Tucson

The open high paying jobs in Tucson include the following:

6. Customer Care Representative

Customer service representatives help customers with complaints and inquiries, provide product and service information, collect orders, and process returns.

Furthermore, by assisting consumers in understanding the goods and answering concerns regarding their reservations, they are sometimes perceived as having a sales function.

In addition, their average annual pay according to ziprecruiter is $58,646.

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7. Retail Sales Associate

A Retail Sales Associate, often known as a Sales Associate, assists consumers in finding goods and purchasing things at a store.

Additionally, their responsibilities include ensuring that the store is adequately stocked with items, aiding customers as needed, and handling transactions such as sales and returns.

Also, you should know that their average annual pay in Tucson is $49,672 according to indeed.

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High Paying Jobs In Tucson That Require Driving Skills

The high paying jobs in Tucson that require driving skills are outlined as follows:

8. Owner-Operators

Salary: $247,850

These drivers are far more than your typical paid employee. Even if they just have one truck, they are business owners running a trucking firm.

In other words, an owner-operator is responsible for all aspects of a trucking company’s operations.

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9.  Ice Road Drivers

Salary: 65,455 per year

These drivers work in the wilderness.

Furthermore, they assume high risks as they travel through hilly area and dangerous road conditions to carry goods to isolated communities and mining sites.

Meanwhile, to become an ice road trucker, you must have several years of experience and a track record of operating safely with a wide range of equipment.

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10.  Specialty Vehicle Haulers

Salary: 82,099 per year

Specialty vehicle haulers transport high-value or specialty vehicles, such as race cars, luxury cars, and other costly items—typically in an enclosed trailer.

Furthermore, they must be extra careful to prevent destroying these high-value goods.

In fact, even when parked, these drivers must take extra steps to ensure that another driver’s carelessness does not destroy the load.

That said, they must abide by rules procedures to prevent theft.

11. Team Drivers

Salary: $95,960

Team drivers represent the height of fast, long-distance goods delivery.

So, a team is often made up of two drivers in the same truck who work in shifts to keep their cargo moving up to twenty-two hours a day.

However, the same trip can be completed in as little as three days by a team.

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12. Private Fleet

Salary: $95,999-$110,000

Some big retailers and manufacturers have a fleet of drivers on hand to transport goods from delivery locations or factories to stores or customers.

However, in comparison to the rest of the transportation sector, they have extremely low turnover.

In fact, its drivers receive higher-than-average income, shorter work weeks, and industry-leading benefit packages.

Furthermore, some private fleets need years of experience as well as a clean driving record.

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High Paying Jobs In Tucson, Arizona With High School Diploma

The high paying jobs in Tucson, Arizona that require high school diploma include the following:

13. Machinists

  • Annual mean salary: $47,950
  • Employment: 830

A machinist is someone who works with and maintains lathes and milling machines.

Also, they inspect designs or samples to ensure that they are accurate.

For example, they use proper machine settings to acquire exact measurements for cutting/shaping activities.

14. Brokerage Clerks

  • Annual mean salary: $48,520
  •  Employment: 30

Brokerage clerks are responsible for creating orders for stock purchases or sells, calculating transfer taxes, and confirming stock transactions.

Also, they accept and deliver securities, track stock price changes, calculate capital, distribute dividends, and retain daily transaction and ownership records.

15. Dental Laboratory Technicians

  • Annual mean salary: $48,880
  • Employment: 80

Dental laboratory technicians make and repair permanent and removable dental implants, as well as tools under the direction of dentists.

They do, therefore, produce wax models from tooth imprints, build metal and non-metal dental replacements, and polish dental equipment before final implantation.

16. First-Line Supervisors of Gambling Services Workers

  • Annual mean salary: $49,270
  • Employment: 90

First-line supervisors of gambling services workers directly monitor and organize workers’ activity in given gaming zones.

Also, they move among tables, supervise operations, and ensure that each shift’s stations and games are covered.

In other words, they have the ability to verify and pay up wins.

17. Electricians

  • Annual mean salary: $49,460
  • Employment: 1,210

Electrical components and systems are checked, tested, repaired, installed, and modified by electricians.

They often work as contractors in homes, companies, and on building projects.

Furthermore, electricians often finish an electrician program at a trade school or technical college.

18. Home Appliance Repairers

  • Annual mean salary: $50,200
  • Employment: 70

Appliance repair technicians fix damaged or malfunctioning household appliances, as well as install and maintain working ones.

Furthermore, depending on the size of the appliance and the type of work necessary, they work both on-site and in repair shops.

  • Annual mean salary: $50,430
  •  Employment: 250

Motor vehicle repairers repair and restore damaged car body components and interior finishes.

They, for example, repaint body surfaces and repair or replace car glass.

They are, however, hired by vehicle dealerships, auto body businesses, and automobile inspection centers.

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20. Insulation Workers, Mechanical

  • Annual mean salary: $51,070
  • Employment: 40

Mechanical insulators protect machinery, pipelines, or pipes in a variety of structures.

They often operate both indoors and outdoors, sometimes in freezing weather.

They do, however, spend the most of their workweek standing, bending, or kneeling in restricted places.

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High Paying Jobs In Tucson Without A Degree

The high paying jobs in Tucson that do not require a degree include the following:

21. Lodging Managers

  • Annual mean salary: $67,810
  • Employment: 70

Lodging managers ensure that customers on vacation or business travel have a good stay at a hotel, motel, or other sort of lodging organization.

In addition, lodging managers ensure that the facility is operated effectively and economically.

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22. First-Line Supervisors Of Non-Retail Sales Workers

  • Annual mean salary: $92,320
  • Employment: 243,920

First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers directly supervise as well as organize the actions of non-retail sales staff.

In addition to managerial tasks, they conduct budgeting, accounting, and personnel work.

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23. Food Service Managers

  • Annual mean salary: $63,970
  • Employment: 210,680

Food service managers are in charge of running restaurants or other businesses that prepare and serve food as well as beverages on a daily basis.

They also supervise employees to ensure that consumers are happy with their eating experience and manage the firm to ensure that it works smoothly.

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24. Sales Representatives of Services, Except Advertising, Insurance, Financial Services, and Travel

  • Annual mean salary: $71,110
  • Employment: 1,026,39

In general, they sell services to individuals or corporations.

They also discuss possibilities or handle client difficulties.

For example, they exclude Advertising Sales Agents, Insurance Sales Agents, Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents, Travel Agents, Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, and Telemarketers.

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25. Court Reporters and Simultaneous Captioners

  • Annual mean salary: $65,240
  • Employment: 12,300

Court reporters create word-for-word translations of trials, depositions, as well as other legal cases.

While, simultaneous captioners provide similar translations for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing for television or presentations in other settings, such as press conferences and business meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions About The High Paying Jobs In Tuscon.

What is the highest paying job in Tucson?

List Of Highest Paying Jobs In Tucson:

  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • Physicians and Surgeons, All Other
  • Family and General Practitioners
  • Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary

What is a good salary in Tucson?

Anything above $37,000 is considered a good salary in Tucson, Arizona.
This is because the median income in Tucson is $37,000, which implies that if you make more than that, you earn more than half of the individuals in Tucson. Tucson’s average pay is $42,517. In Tucson, a respectable hourly income is $17.79.

What jobs make good money in Arizona?

The Best Paying jobs in Arizona

  • Part-Time Ramp Service Employee United Continental Holdings Inc.
  • New Collections Specialist- $1500 Sign On Bonus (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Representative of Sales
  • Stylist for Hair
  • Presenter on the Podium
  • Kitchen / Commissary Buyer
  • Housekeeper / Maid – up to $22+ per hour + COMPANY VEHICLES

What is the minimum salary in Arizona?

The minimum salary in Arizona is $12.80 per hour.

However, the Tucson ordinance involves more than simply a salary raise for minimum-wage workers. The code also imposes a slew of other business obligations unrelated to the minimum wage, all of which have a significant impact on the employer-employee relationship.

What is the main industry in Tucson?

The aerospace and defense industry is a significant contribution to Tucson’s economy. 
Well, Tucson is considered one of the top five cities in the United States for these industries.

In fact, defense and space-related production, research and development, industrial technology, assembly, distribution, and storage are all part of the aerospace sector.

What is Tucson known for?

Tucson is famous for its beautiful Sonoran Desert, delicious Southwestern food, and some of the cleanest air in any large city on the planet.
Tucson is also known for its numerous hobbyist communities, which include anything from photography and astronomy societies to vintage automobile collectors and rodeo lovers.


Indeed, you can find high paying jobs in Tucson. Although, living in Tucson can be fascinating because you can get both high and low paying jobs.

However, with the right skills and qualification, you can bag the highest paying job in Tucson.


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