What Do Basic Industries Jobs Pay in 2023?

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Basic industries jobs are those jobs that need little or no post-secondary education. You can’t go wrong with these jobs because their pay is perfect. In fact, basic industries offer you lots of opportunities with mouth-watering pay.

However, You might get a little confused while deciding on a particular basic industry job that suits your passion and fuels your pocket. But hey! Do not let this overwhelm you.

Here, we have outlined some of the best paying jobs in basic industries. Interestingly, you will find out the pay for each job in the basic industry. With this, you can comfortably make your career choice. Read on!

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What are Basic Industries?

Basic industries are those industries that concentrate on producing goods and services for export rather than for local sales and distribution. They supply raw materials to other industries in order for them to make items.

In order words, they are those industries that carry out raw material discovery, development, and processing.

Iron and steel, metallurgical, wood, paper, milling, and chemicals are examples of basic industries.

Meanwhile, you should know that basic industries is not just the home of one industry. It is a compendium of many industries with various functions.

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Types of Basic Industries

To further comprehend the essence of basic industries, consider the many sorts of industries in this category.

The following are the most typical types of basic industries:

  • Mining industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Steel industry

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Why Are Basic Industries Important?

The basic industry is important to the smooth operation of an economy. This is because basic industrial business operations tend to encourage large levels of imports or exports.

As a result, with imports and exports, there is either an inflow of foreign money or an outflow of local money.

In fact, economies that export a large amount of raw material generated by their basic industry will create positive cash flow, leading to increased economic success.

When foreign capital is pumped into the economy, it has a beneficial economic influence on the overall economy, resulting in a higher quality of life for everybody.

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What are the Benefits of Basic Industries Jobs?

Jobs in basic industries come with a lot of benefits, and this varies amongst each job. Some benefits that can come with having a basic industry job are outlined as follows:

  • Great pay and perks
  • The chance to work in a booming economy
  • The assurance of working in a stable industry that provides key raw materials to other sectors

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What do Basic Industries Jobs Pay?

Basic industries jobs pay superbly. In fact, most of the jobs you see today and admire are jobs in basic industries. Their pay ranges from $50,160 to $118,013.

However, this pay varies. Certain factors can attribute to their pay, factors, such as skills, qualifications, and location.

So, while a petroleum engineer earns $118,013 yearly, a synthetic chemist earns $69,280 annually.

All you need to do is to scan through the jobs in basic industries, settle for which you are passionate about and choose that as a good career path.

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Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path?

Yes, the basic industries is a good career path as it provides you with many opportunities in many disciplines with varying skills and education levels.

A job in the basic industry will expose you to a variety of various professions, making your career path intriguing.

This career path is also broad, robust, and expanding. It has perks that will astound you.

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10 Best Highest Paying Jobs in Basic Industries 2023

We have outlined below the ten best paying jobs in basic industries. Here they are:

1# Petroleum Engineer $118,013

Petroleum engineer is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. They assist in the discovery of oil and gas for a country’s energy demands.

They also design and develop new ways for obtaining and extracting oil and gas from subsurface resources and older wells.

A career in this field won’t be bad after all. If you are passionate about the oil and gas industry, then you’ll have to consider this a good career path.

2# Agricultural Chemist – $57,633

The second on our list of best paying jobs in basic industries is the Agricultural Chemist.

These guys create new chemicals to boost agricultural productivity and yield, protect crops from pests, and safeguard the environment.

They also study the methods through which humans get food and fiber for themselves, as well as feed their animals.

As an Agricultural Chemist, you will be involved in safeguarding the country’s food supply (such as maize and dairy cows) and assisting farmers in maintaining growing crops.

3# Health and safety officer – $63,937

A look at this profession explains why it made it to the list of the highest paying jobs in basic industries. Let’s get through their roles.

Their role often includes formulating policies, preparing health and safety measures, and conducting risk assessments.

They are also responsible for contacting regulatory authorities to ensure that obligatory requirements are followed, investigating incidents on site and generating subsequent reports and suggestions, and carrying out site maintenance.

4# Synthetic chemists – $69,280

A synthetic chemist typically works in a laboratory. This guy can operate in a wide range of sectors, including food additives, medicines, and industrial solvents.

No wonder it is listed as one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. Synthetic chemists also apply chemical synthesis design, testing, and development to solve real challenges.

5# Mining and Geological Engineers – $90,179

The fifth on our list of best paying jobs in basic industries is the mining and geological engineers. Curious about who they really are?

Mining and geological engineers are engineers that provide technical reports for miners, engineers, and management.

They also develop mines to extract resources such as coal and metals for use in manufacturing and utilities in a safe and efficient manner.

6# Business Development Engineer – $110,534

A business development engineer does market research in order to find and obtain business development prospects.

They also use their expertise, abilities, and experience to assess the existing performance of the organization and identify opportunities to help it attain its full potential.

So, the next time you ask if basic industries jobs pay, this guy should answer you.

7# Metallurgists – $93,248

Metallurgists investigate metal characteristics and then use their results in practical applications such as metal manufacturing.

Copper, precious metals, iron, steel, zinc, and aluminum alloys are amongst the metals they operate with.

Passionate about metal discovery, then this is your go-to go career.

8# Pipefitter$50,160

A pipefitter is a skilled worker who constructs pipe systems for heating, hot water, and cooling.

They also create steam engines that power devices such as dishwashers and washing dryers. These people must be able to work with materials such as steel wool and a variety of electrical items.

If you are comfortable working with these materials, then you can forge ahead with this career path.

9# Truck driver – $77,955

Surprised that truck drivers made it to our list of best paying jobs in basic industries? Well, this career path is another profession in basic industries that pay really good.

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting finished goods and raw materials across land to and from manufacturing plants, retail and distribution centers, and other locations.

They are also responsible for inspecting vehicles for mechanical and safety issues, performing preventative maintenance, route planning as well as delivery schedule adherence.

10# Geologists – $67,624

This profession can really be technical. However, they come with great pay and are listed as one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. So, who is a geologist?

A geologist is someone who investigates the composition, structure, and other physical properties of the earth, such as rocks and minerals.

In the search for oil, gas, minerals, or subsurface water, they employ physics, mathematics, and geological expertise.


What are some basic industries?

Agriculture, oil and gas, mining, paper and pulp, steel, and chemical industries are all examples of basic industries.

What are basic and non-basic industries?

Nonbasic industries provide services within the community, whereas basic industries bring in money from outside sources.

A car factory is an example of a basic industry, while a local hospital is an example of a nonbasic industry.

Is Amazon a basic industry?

No, Amazon is a nonbasic industry.

Which one of the following is basic industry?

India’s basic industry is iron and steel. This industry offers raw materials to other industries.

What are basic materials?

Natural substances such as oil, stone, and gold are examples of basic materials. The basic materials industry is affected by supply and demand.

Is sugar industry a basic industry?

Yes, Sugar, toothpaste, paper, sewing machines, and fans are a few additional examples of basic industries.

This division of industries into basic and consumer industries is based on the primary role or function that these businesses perform.


Truly, there are various jobs in basic industries that pay well. Guess you have concluded on the basic industry job that suits your passion.

However, for suggestions and clarifications, do well to drop a comment in the comment section.



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