10 Best Caramel Candy Brands | 2023 Review


Looking for the best Caramel Candy Brands?

Tasting sour candy can be the worst. Candies are intended to be sweet and tasty, but some brands have bizarre tastes that make you gag.

Sweet candy, on the other hand, can catapult your taste senses to cloud nine. Look no further if you’re seeking the best caramel candy brands to give you the euphoria of ecstasy. Join us to find the 10 top candy brands to pick from.

Here is a list of the best and where to find them.

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The way caramel candies melt with the sweet soft, and chewy effects makes them the best and one of the special ones from childhood.

  1. Tom and Jenny’s
  2. Goetze
  3. Werther
  4. Nip
  5. Cocomels
  6. Tara’s
  7. Sweet Jules Gifts
  8. Dolce Lusso Artisan Confections
  9. Candy Envy
  10. Zocalisa Fine Chocolates
  11. Echo Chocolate
  12. Shotwell
  13. Brach
  14. Keto Wise
  15. Sweet Mona’s
  16. Elbow Chocolates
  17. Sanders
  18. Banyan Tree Chocolate
  19. Kwoka Caramel
  20. CoCoTutti

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Best Caramel Candy Brands

The best caramel candies are often sweet, chewy, and creamy. It is inexpensive, widely available, and has few allergens. In addition to the caramel flavor, caramel candies come in various tastes. Some are Vanilla, chocolate, sea salt, and other flavors.

Because various people have varying flavor preferences, this might influence the suggestion. So it would be best if you explored several flavors to find the one that works best for you. However, Here are some of my favorite brands

#1. Tara’s All Natural Handcrafted Caramel Candy

This caramel candy brand is highly recommended and one of my favorites. It’s kettle cooked and won’t stick to your teeth.

The best part is that it is meticulously packed in a jar, with each sweet wrapped separately. It has the handmade taste of sea salt caramel candy and is highly recommended for various home applications of caramel candies, including cooking.

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Features of Tara’s Caramel Candy

  • It has a naturally rich caramel candy flavor
  • it is soft, creamy, and chewy with a bit of a buttery texture
  • It is gluten-free
  • It has old-fashioned quality with new flavors
  • it has nine different flavors, including sugar-free, pecan, snickerdoodle, and so on

Price: $95.00 ( you can check out the price here)

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#2. Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea salt Caramel Candy

In addition to the caramel flavor, this caramel candy has a sweet, salty flavor. It comes in a glass jar, just like Tara’s caramel candy.

The candy is available in the famous chocolate flavor. The Sanders brand is thrilling because it has been in business since 1875 and has mastered the art of caramel candy production.

Features of Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Candy

  • It comes in a chocolate flavor
  • It is kettle cooked
  • It is packaged to protect the chocolate from melting.

Price: $78.49

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#3. Blue House Soft and Chewy Handcrafted Gourmet Caramel Candy

The Blue house caramel candy has an overall rating of about 9.3 stars across all platforms. It has a natural caramel candy taste. It is often chewy, soft, and delicious.

The way the candy melts in your mouth makes it worth it. It comes in a gift box of about 20 candy wraps. This is a good option for a gift to a friend or colleague.

Features of Blue House Soft and Chewy Handcrafted Gourmet Caramel Candy

  • It s handcrafted
  • it is made from the decadent creamy sweetness
  • it is gluten-free
  • it is kettle cooked

Price: $19.97

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#4. Shotwell Bourbon & Maple Pecan Caramel Candy

The Shotwell Caramel Candy took candy making to another level with the bourbon and maple pecan flavor.

The Caramel candy is carefully infused with maple syrup in addition to the taste of fresh roasted pecan and sea salt. The warm creaminess of these candies makes it a pleasant experience.

Features of Shotwell Bourbon & Maple Pecan Caramel Candy

It comes in different bag sizes, including

  • 4 candy piece pack
  • 10 piece pack
  • 16 candy piece pack and the
  • 64 candy piece pack

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#5. Dolce Lusso Black Licorice Caramel

Have you ever wondered what a coffee-flavored candy will taste like? This candy allows you to take a small mouthful of heaven made of chocolate, coffee, and caramel.

The candy is infused with just the proper amount of expresso, accentuating the flavor of the chocolate delight.

The significant part is that it comes in various flavors such as pecan, sea salt, and several others.

#6. Werther’s Original Chewy Caramel Candy

This is ones are irresistible and super chewy with a natural caramel taste. It is appropriately prepared with butter and cream, making it one of a kind. It comes in different varieties, including hard, soft, and chewy.

Also, it has sugar-free and caramel popcorn. You can never go wrong with Werther’s candy. It has different options and flavors to fit your appetite.

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#7. Tom And Jenny Classic Caramel Candy

This candy is keto friendly and gluten-free. It is made from a smooth blend of natural plant-derived maltitol and non-GMO xylitol. The company claims that its caramel candies reduce acidity and chances of cavities and tooth decay.

To crown it all, the company guarantees a 100% refund if you don’t like their candies. This product is available on amazon. You can buy by clicking the button below.

#8. Sweet Jules Gift

Talk of handmade and fresh. These caramel candies are soft, buttery, and creamy, with sea salt sprinkled on the top.

The sea salt acts as an enhancer making the candy more decadent. It comes in 3 sizes including large(32), medium(16) and small(8).

It comes with excellent packaging that can make a great gift idea. If you have not tasted french candy, this is your chance to have a bite of this delicious french goodness.

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#9. Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels Organic Vegan Candy

They are soft, chewy, vegan caramels with diverse flavors.
Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels come in three 3.5-ounce packets and five flavors: Vanilla, Espresso, Sea Salt, Original, and Coconut Sugar.

This one comes in a variety of sizes and packing options. Depending on your needs, you may get a 3-ounce pack of one, a pack of three, a pack of six, or a 3.5-ounce pack of one, a pack of three, and a pack of six.

#10. Goetze’s Caramel Creams

They are created with nourishing genuine milk and are the freshest candies directly out of the factory. It has a thick and creamy texture. Goetze’s Caramel candies are available in one-pound, two-pound, and five-pound sizes.

In terms of quality, Goetze has been preparing them for over 125 years using a traditional recipe.

These chocolates are made in a nut-free facility for those concerned about allergies. However, they use wheat flour, skim milk, and artificial flavoring.

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Factors to Consider When Picking a Candy

There are some essential factors to consider when picking out good caramel candy. This is important because most caramel sweets on the market are milk-based and contain artificial flavors.

If you have food allergies, it is advisable to choose organic or vegan caramel candy.

Furthermore, the packaging is necessary because it can significantly affect the shelf-life of these candies. Some of the factors include

  1. Allergen
  2. Nutritionals contents
  3. Flavor
  4. Packaging
  5. Price and Quantity

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Some Other Uses of Caramel Candy

Caramel is frequently utilized in various applications since it is a favorite among those who enjoy creamy sauces. Whatever method you utilize, caramel candy, you’re sure to like the result of its flavor. Here are some alternative uses for caramel candy.

  • Caramel flavor for other candies
  • Cooking Caramel sauce
  • Making creamy sauces


You can depend on caramel candy to enhance your satisfaction whether you purchase the caramel or create it yourself.

When you put caramel candy in your mouth, it tastes rich and delicious. It is initially sticky and becomes much stickier when constantly eaten in the mouth. Even when flavoring in other sweets, it remains warm and toasty.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Caramel Candy Brands

Q1. Where Can I Buy a Nice Caramel Candy?

To get nice caramel candy, You can get a very nice Caramel Candy from a retail store or online. You can find the best of them on Amazon and Walmart online stores.

Q2. What’s the Best Caramel Candy Flavor?

Actually, You can’t conclude on the best caramel Candy flavor. However, chocolate, vanilla, and sea salt caramel candies can never go wrong.

Q3. What is the Best Caramel Brand?

Tara Caramel Candy is the best caramel candy brand that does an exceptional job with all its flavors.


Where Can I Buy a Nice Caramel Candy?

You can get a very nice Caramel Candy from a retail store or online. You can find the best of them on Amazon and Walmart online stores.

What's the Best Caramel Candy Flavor?

You can’t conclude on the best caramel Candy flavor. However, chocolate, vanilla, and sea salt caramel candies can never go wrong.

What is the Best Caramel Brand?

Tara Caramel Candy is the best caramel candy brand that does an exceptional job with all its flavors.


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