Is it Illegal to Sell a Used Mattress? | Where to Sell Your Used Mattress for Cash in 2022


Is it illegal to sell a used mattress?

Some states consider it illegal to sell used mattresses, while others have no laws for or against such a sale.

Perhaps you have a used mattress for sale and can’t find your way around you; not to worry, I got you covered. This article will be a guide toward selling your used mattress.

Also, we will notify you of various states and their stance towards the sale of used matrasses.

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Laws on Selling Used Mattress

The rules and regulations governing the sale and purchase of secondhand mattresses differ from state to state.
Legal factors to bear in mind when purchasing a secondhand mattress Include:

  • Cleaning: Some jurisdictions permit the selling of used mattresses as long as they are sterilized or disinfected in some way before the sale.
  • Labeling: Some states mandate labeling or prohibit the selling of secondhand mattresses (sometimes red or yellow)
  • Filling: In certain states, only specific pieces of a mattress can be reused or sold, such as the springs.
  • Tagging: Under federal law and in certain jurisdictions, a color-coded tag highlighting the condition of the used mattress is required. If the mattress is made from recyclable materials or has been properly sterilized (this does not apply to an individual selling a used mattress to another individual)

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States Where it is Illegal to Sell Used Mattresses

In answering the question, “is it illegal to sell a used mattress?” we said that some states consider it a prohibited act.

Below is a list that outlines some states and their laws toward the sale of used matrasses

  • In Indiana, it is illegal for a retailer to sell a used mattress, but the law has nothing against individuals selling to one another
  • It is illegal to sell a used mattress in Kansas
  • Maryland also prohibits the sale of used matrasses
  • Louisiana considers it unlawful for retailers to sell used mattresses
  • It is not unlawful in Montana, but the condition must be clearly labeled
  • In New Jersey, it is not illegal to sell a used mattress, but it must be sanitized before the sale
  • Also, New York permits the sale, but retailers need a special license
  • Tennessee has no law against it, but the condition must be clearly labeled
  • Texas permits such sales, but the mattress in question must be sanitized and clearly labeled 

If the above list does not include your state, contact your local department of health to confirm

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Where to Sell Your Used Mattress for Cash in 2022

Selling your mattress to someone you know is the greatest choice. It’s the simplest solution. Allow your friend to pick it up himself. This will save you from any unnecessary negotiations or other hassles.

However, this is virtually never a possibility. How probable is it that you know someone who requires a new mattress?

Fortunately for you, the globe is vast, so you can use the power of the Internet to discover potential consumers.

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#1. Amazon

You may post your bed on Amazon FBA (using an Amazon Seller account) and sell it for a significantly lesser price. The reason for this is that Amazon performs all of the lifting and shipping.

You just need to fill out the form, pack it, and mail it to them. However, Amazon has certain drawbacks. To begin, a large number of comments and reviews are required for your mattress sale to be successful.

If you sell on Amazon FBA, you’ll also need a good mattress cover to keep your mattress fresh while it’s in transit.

Some mattresses can cost up to $100 (again, with the more costly beds), but they are a lot less on Amazon.

The risk of selling on Amazon is that it may wind up costing you more than the sales revenue. It’s a lot of work for a one-time sale, so consider if it’s worthwhile.

If you’re interested in this option, make sure to read Amazon’s seller policies before advertising your bed, so you know what to anticipate.

To start the sale of a used mattress, you can click on Amazon.

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#2. Craigslist

If you’re a vendor, you may post advertising for free, and if you want to purchase, you can post ads for $20.

You will have no trouble because the user interface is straightforward and easy to use. You may publish images of your bed so that folks can decide whether they want additional information before contacting you.

There are additional methods Craigslist may assist you in selling secondhand mattresses: classified advertising sections in every city and nation with an audience seeking beds.

The value of Craigslist resides in the ease with which you may identify folks in your region who are in need of a mattress.

Moving a mattress is a difficult task. The more local the customer, the better for everyone concerned.

Log on to craigslist to see how they can help you sell your used mattress.

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#3. eBay

This is the most adaptable choice. You can sell almost anything on eBay, including your old mattress. You may easily sell mattresses of all sizes and thicknesses here.

If something goes wrong during delivery (for example, the mattress is destroyed), eBay’s buyer protection will safeguard you.

eBay features a simple interface with several choices for publishing your ad. You may use photographs and videos to demonstrate the condition of your old bed and sell it in various auctions or buy-now ads (which will cost you a small fee).

The one thing you should be aware of is that eBay might draw unsolicited purchasers with bad intentions.

You should carefully study their regulations before listing your mattress for sale because there are individuals out there seeking to swindle others with fraudulent transactions.

Click here to sell your used mattress on eBay.

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#4. Facebook Marketplace

This is another excellent method for selling your used mattress.

This Facebook app allows you to publish photographs of your bed and select a price for it. The value of the Facebook Marketplace, like that of Craigslist, is in its ability to contact local buyers.

The user interface isn’t as user-friendly as Craigslist’s, but it’s straightforward enough that you’ll be able to sell your mattress without difficulty.

Although Facebook Marketplace is free to use, you may increase the number of people who see your used mattress by using their ad network.

Apart from the above listed, there are other places where you can put out your used mattress for sale, like offerUp (app) and LetGo (app).

How to Sell Your Used Mattress

Since we have answered the question, “Is it illegal to sell a used mattress?” And we already know the various platforms to sell your used mattress; the next step is how to sell your used mattresses.

In selling a used mattress, there are four major steps or grounds to cover.

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Step 1: Check the law

It’s critical to verify local rules before figuring out how to sell an old mattress for excellent money.

Individuals are not permitted to sell secondhand mattresses in several places in the United States, as I have extensively written about.

However, in most places, reselling old mattresses is legal, but only if specific conditions are met. Refer back to the subheading “States where it is Illegal to sell used Mattresses.”

Step 2: Set a Price

Trying to sell an old mattress can be difficult:

What would be the “correct” price?

And there are a few factors that might influence the answer.

To begin with, as a general guideline, the price of a used mattress should be approximately 20-30% of its original price. So, after a few years of use, a $1,000 mattress would cost roughly $200-300.

However, they are only estimates because there are other factors that may increase or decrease the price.

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Step 3: Clean the Mattress

Most states permit the sale of used mattresses, but the prerequisite is that the mattress must be clean. After you have chosen the price range to auction your mattress, go ahead to make it spick and span.

Moreover, apart from pleasing the law, the neatness of your used mattress also increases your bargaining power.

Step 4: Choose a Selling Platform

The greatest locations to sell an old mattress are frequently community-based forums and websites.

Such sites can assist mattress sellers in locating local consumers, making delivery considerably easier.
We’ve compiled a comprehensive summary of the many platforms from which to pick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Selling of Used Mattress

Is it illegal to sell a used mattress?

It is illegal in some states, whereas some other states have no laws against it.

Where can I sell my used mattress?

There are many platforms where you can resell your used mattress, such as eBay, Facebook Market place and many more. Refer to the above article for more details.

Are second hand mattresses gross?

They are not gross; just ensure the mattress is properly cleaned and disinfected.

How do you disinfect a mattress?

To sterilize a memory foam mattress, combine 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1 cup water in a spray bottle and softly sprinkle it over the mattress.

Take extra caution not to wet the surface. Allow 30 minutes for the vinegar mixture to rest.

What is a used mattress worth?

As a general guideline, the price of a used mattress should be approximately 20-30% of its original price.

So, after a few years of use, a $1,000 mattress would cost roughly $200-300.


Selling a used mattress is really advisable because there might be one guy out there who needs it and can’t afford the new one. Instead of allowing that mattress to rot, I think it is the best option you place it for sale.

But at all times, ensure to abide strictly by your state’s sale policy.



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