25 Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour Without a College Degree | 2023 (Updated)

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A college degree is recommended but not necessary for a worthy paycheck in some cases. However, If $30 per hour doesn’t sound too bad, then you’d be interested to know that there are jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree.

As unreal as this may sound, it is happening right under your nose. Luckily, we will shine a bright light on all the intricacies of this excellent possibility.

Did you know? In the business world, having a high EQ is of more advantage to an individual. At the same time, IQ is more relevant in obtaining a college degree. I know I’m threading through deep waters with the possibility of a storm. But, at the end of this article, you would hold no contrary opinion.

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Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour Without A Degree: Let’s Do The Maths

When you say $30 out loud, it doesn’t seem that impressive. But when you do the calculation, you’d change your stance.

Let’s try some maths then; Average working hours= 40/week. This means an average of 160 hours per month. See how easy maths can be? However, we are not done. 160 hours times $30 equals a whopping $4,800. When you multiply this by 12 months in a year, you’d be rounding up the annual salary to $57,600. Impressive!

This proves to us that jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree, have to be a life hack because what?!

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College Degrees; Best Alternatives

Don’t get it twisted, the college is not the only available institution for higher education certification. This means that there are various other institutions that are approved to give certificates upon the completion of training.

The internet has also presented the opportunity to learn new skills and even get certified. Some jobs pay $30 an hour without a degree but may require a license or certificate of training.

It takes close to no time to run these certification programs. With some completed within 1-2 months. While more complex training could go on for as long as a year. You must learn to do your research to help you learn faster.

Some Of The Best Training Programmes To Consider

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website design
  • Data Analytics
  • Coding
  • Cinematography/Videography.

Personal Development For Better Employability

With or without a college degree, there is a need for a person to work on themselves in a way that makes them more employable and builds confidence.

Whilst a college degree may qualify a person to work in a particular industry, personal development will make them stand out among their peers. Personal action is not limited to any specific industry. Instead, it applies to all sectors.

For an employer to consider engaging someone to work in an organization, he/she must be convinced that the individual will be of value to the organization. Indeed, you may lack a college degree or training certification. However, it would be best if you had something going for you.

We are here to walk you through the process of working on yourself for yourself. Here are some tips:

  • Set a personal goal
  • Consider taking some courses online
  • Assess your passion/talent
  • Learn and practice new skills
  • Find yourself a mentor and learn from them
  • Try out internship
  • Volunteer in organizations related to your passion/talents
  • Network like never before
  • Consider entrepreneurship.

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25 Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour Without A College Degree

Let us now look at the jobs around you that pay $30 an hour without a degree. We will list these jobs and discuss them briefly based on their requirements.

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Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour With A Training Certification

1. Medical and health services managers

They may organize an entire facility, a specific clinical area or unit, or a medical routine for a group of physicians.

2. Construction managers

Overlooks the tower of building projects, from the planning phases to the budgeting. This requires some form of certification.

3. Speech-language pathologists

They assist patients who have a hard time speaking, which is usually a result of hearing loss, physical conditions, or language barriers.

4. Technical writers

There are numerous freelance websites where you can find various writing jobs for businesses. However, companies hire writers based on their abilities.

So, to be a good freelance writer, you should have strong writing and communication skills. Understand how to use computers and laptops.

5. Mid-wives

These are people tasked with caring for pregnant women in the hospital. It is necessary to undergo training before practicing because it is a sensitive job it involves advising expecting mothers and caring for them throughout their pregnancy.

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6. Makeup Artist

The demand for makeup artists not only in fashion but in all entertainment sectors is on steady progression. To be a professional makeup artist, some training is required. And to practice, a license is necessary.

7. Commercial Pilot

Many people have dreamt of becoming a pilot. It would interest you that you don’t need a college degree to achieve that dream. It, however, requires strict training to obtain licensing from the FAA.

Any aspirant is also required to pass the class one medical test. Although the pilot training is costly, it is worth it. This is because the more you accumulate flight time, the bigger your paycheck.

Not to mention the benefit you get to enjoy on the job. As well as the opportunity to travel to different locations.

8. Hairstylist

This career path is a creative one that depends on your ability to duplicate or create a hairstyle uniquely. This usually requires the individual to possess a license obtained upon training completion.

The prospects of this career lie in the promise of increasing your service charge as your work profile continues to grow.

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Part-time Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour Without A Degree

9. Dog Walker

High school diploma or equivalent.

My dog lovers, can you instead be here for a bit? I have something for you. Just imagine walking o in the park on the weekend and getting 30 bucks for it. Yup, that’s right! Who nee a college eree? Not me!

10. House/Office Cleaner

High school diploma or equivalent.

This job doesn’t require any degree. Instead, it demands experience in cleaning and the use of cleaning tools. It can be a perfect way to get good money on the side.

11. Postal service clerk

High school diploma or equivalent.

These guys receive and sort letters and packages, inspect mail for valid postage, place mail in shelves and bags, cash orders, sell postage, rent post office boxes, and provide other services to post office customers.

12.  Railroad conductor

High school diploma or equivalent.

Do you like trains? Do you enjoy traveling? If so, a railroad job might be just for you.

“You know what they say? A train is only as strong as its weakest link!” Though this job may seem irrelevant its importance couldn’t be more emphasized.

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13. Gaming manager

High school diploma or equivalent.

A gaming manager supervises casino workers and procedures, employs casino employees, greets guests, and handles customer feedback and complaints.

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14. Carpenter

High school diploma or equivalent.

Did I hear someone say college? Birch, please! Brittle by brittle, you’d have enough money to start hiring before you know it. However, the tools needed are pretty expensive.

Anyone who doesn’t think money grows on trees. Hasn’t bought any lumber lately.

15. Freelance Photographer

High school diploma or equivalent.

This requires creativity and some tools to go with it. But as far as degrees are concerned not necessary at all.

Online Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour Without A Degree

16. Transcriptionist

Audio-to-text transcription is an online job that can put some good money in your pocket. All you need are both ears. And basic knowledge of how a computer system works.

17. Software Developer

A software developer is someone who develops apps and web apps. One must do a coding course to know how to do this job.

This job requires knowledge of essential coin tools like Python, C++, etc.

18. Digital Marketer

Responsible for marketing a brand online. A digital marketer ensures that the target audience has no problem finding the website.

Optimizing website design and range for search engines (SEO) and/or sponsored online advertising (SEM) are two ways a digital marketer helps drive relevant traffic to their website.

19. Data Analyst

Developing and sustaining data techniques and databases; this incorporates fixing coding errors and other data-related problems. Mining data from primary and secondary sources, then reorganizing said data in a structure that either humans or machines can effortlessly read.

20. Website Designer

Thi job involves creating/maintaining a website on a domain. There are technicalities involved in building a website from scratch. But do not fret. Some tools can help you start your journey.

Zero-experience Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour Without A Degree

21. Dispatcher

High school diploma or equivalent.

This person’s job is to receive messages and systematize the movement of people or vehicles, especially in emergency services.

22. Truck Driver

High school diploma or equivalent.

Upon completing 6-8 weeks of training and acquiring a commercial driver’s license, you can easily make up to $30-40 an hour. Toil your way to becoming a trainer, and you can earn more than $60-70 an hour. 

Keeping a clean driving record is mandated. Truck Drivers must adhere to all traffic laws, ensure cargo is secure for transport, and keep all trucks and equipment in good working condition.

23. Massage Therapist

High school diploma or equivalent.

They literarily put the rest in stress. A license is usually required to practice, but we assure you that once you have the license you’re good to go.

24. Personal Trainer

High school diploma or equivalent.

This career will presumably require a qualification to teach appropriate physical fitness techniques to clients. A strong background in nutrition, exercise science, and other related fields will be an excellent benefit.

25. Baby Sitter

High school diploma or equivalent.

If you are a natural children’s lover, you’d have no problem. Just go with the flow; the goal is to stay safe and keep the kids safe until their parents get home. Simple!

Where Them Jobs At?

You can find jobs paying $30 an hour without a degree. But where? Mostly online. There ain’t no better place where you can access a wide range of information.

There are job listing platforms such as Indeed. You can also stay active on relevant platforms such as LinkedIn to access new opportunities when they arise.

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We recognize the relevance of a college degree. However, due to the constant increase in the cost of obtaining a college degree, the job market has been saturated with reasonably-paying jobs that don’t necessarily require a college degree.

Instead, most jobs may require a training certification, which is generally lower in cost and takes a shorter time to complete than a college degree. In truth, college doesn’t guarantee a successful career, and not attending college doesn’t mean the absence of a successful career. You have to know what you’re in.

“You can lead a boy to college but you can’t make him think.”

– Elbert Hubbard.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour Without a Degree

Is $30 a Good Salary?

Well, yes! Considering the average hourly wage in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage of United States citizens as of December 2020 is $29.81.

How Much is $30 Equals at the End of the Year?

Guess! Ha Ha! it sums up to $57,600.

Where Can I Find $30 Jobs?

Think LinkedIn, Indeed, and Facebook groups.

Can I Build a Career Without a College Degree?

College could be overrated. Focus on getting the right skills and rest your pretty head.

What are Some Courses that I Can Run Online?

Virtually anything you can learn in a physical classroom.

Can a Student Work a Full-Time Job?

Yes, not something I would do. But to even think of it, you must be hardworking. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is $30 a good salary?

Well, yes! Considering the average hourly wage in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage of United States citizens as of December 2020 is $29.81.

How much is $30 equals at the end of the year?

Guess! Ha Ha! it sums up to $57,600.

Where can I find $30 jobs?

Think LinkedIn, Indeed, and Facebook groups.

Can I build a career without a college degree?

College could be overrated. Focus on getting the right skills and rest your pretty head.

What are some courses that I can run online?

Virtually anything you can learn in a physical classroom.

Can a student work a full-time job?

Yes, not something I would do. But to even think of it, you must be hardworking. Good luck!



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