Is Office Equipment Supplies Services A Good Career Path for Graduates

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Certainly, Yes office equipment supplies services is a good career path.

Office equipment supplies services consist of desks, film, binding, computers, and printers among others.

Businesses essentially use these supplies in their daily operation. Hence, it is expected that there’ll be a consistent need for those that offer these supplies.

In addition, the office equipment supplies services offer various career opportunities. For instance, you can find jobs in sales, ICT, maintenance as well as administration.

However, to decide if office equipment supplies services is a good career path for you, let’s explore more in this article.

What are Office Equipment Supplies Services?

Office equipment supplies services are companies that provide supplies commonly used in offices and by individuals.

Some companies supply office equipment supplies for written communications and record keeping.

In addition, you can use other office equipment for the storage of supplies and data.

Further, some office equipment supplies can be used for housekeeping and cleaning duties.

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Examples Of Office Equipment Supplies Services

Office equipment is consumer durable goods that last longer in offices. Office supplies, on the other hand, are easily consumed. The following are typical examples of office supplies and equipment:

  • Telephone systems
  • Photocopiers and Printers
  • Computer software
  • Internet connection
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Stationeries

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Is Office Equipment Supplies Services A Good Career Path?

Certainly, yes! Office equipment supplies services is a good career path. This is because offices are here to stay. They aren’t going away anytime soon. So there are different jobs for those in office equipment supplies services.

Businesses essentially use computers, printers, and other administrative supplies. As a result, there’ll always be a need for office equipment supplies services.

Also, people setting up home offices need equipment and supplies to run smoothly.

In other words, there’ll always be a need for people who install, maintain, and supply equipment for organizations and individuals.

So, if you’re considering a career path in office equipment supplies services, then define your career goal and spice up your resume with skills, experience, and education.

By the way, keep reading to get more insights!

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Is Office Equipment Supplies Services a Good Career Path: What are the Benefits of Working in Office Equipment Supplies Services?

There are different benefits of working in office equipment and supplies services, depending on what job in the industry you choose.

1. Diverse Job Opportunities

There are several jobs you can get in the office equipment supplies industry. For instance, you can be an operation manager. By this, you’ll be in charge of the operation of equipment, installation, and maintenance.

In addition, you can choose an administrative duty. With this, you’ll be able to help keep the office running smoothly.

2. First-Hand Experience with New Technology

Technology is always advancing. And most office equipment supplies services jobs are technology jobs. You’ll learn new things in this field.

Further, you get to step out of your comfort zone. With that, you will surely be successful in your chosen career.

So, if you work in the office equipment supplies services, then you’ll have access to technology solutions that increase office efficiency and profitability.

For example, research shows that there is an increasing consumer preference for IoT-based office supplies such as chairs, desks, and smart projectors. This in turn offers new opportunities for companies in the administrative purpose equipment industry.

This is good news for those who enjoy working with technology.

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3. Organized Work Environment

Working in the office equipment industry will make being organized easy for you. This is because you’ll develop the organizational skills required for this career path.

This is true whether you’re working as a software technician or doing administrative tasks. You have to know what needs to be done, when, and where. getting it right the first time will become your watchword.

4. Working With People

Most jobs in office equipment supply services require working with the public. For example, you might be in constant communication with a client company, especially if you work in maintenance.

In other words, you respond to requests and complaints and also figure out solutions to their issues.

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What are the Job Prospects for Office Equipment Supplies Services?

Data from Fortune Business Insight states that the global office supplies market is projected to rise from USD 130.5 billion in 2021 to USD 149.4 billion by 2028 at a CAGR rate of 1.9%

This projected rise in CAGR is attributed to the industry’s market growth and demand, returning to pre-pandemic levels (Source).

However, some of the challenges this industry is facing include the high cost of raw materials supplies and the worldwide adoption of advanced technology-based ERP digital platforms such as Xero Accounting and Quickbooks.

These platforms help with organizational communication and bookkeeping. However, research shows that they will decline the consumer demand for pens, pencils, and other traditional stationeries.

Nevertheless, one of the segments of office equipment supplies services projected to grow is the desk segment. This comes with the major companies’ introduction of innovative technology-driving desk stationeries (Source).

In addition, the rising demand for economically designed chairs among worldwide remote workers is said to further support the desk stationeries segment growth.

Further, the filling and binding stationeries segment is also expected to grow. This growth is said to come from the regular use of papers, files, and folders by students.

Therefore, growing education and literacy awareness among the worldwide middle & lower-income population is driving growth in the filling and binding stationeries segment.

In summary, we can say that the job prospects for office equipment services career are positive. However, it is not without its challenges.

For example, where it is projected that technology is replacing some supplies, we can also see that there’s still a worldwide growing demand for those supplies.

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How Much Can You Make From Office Equipment Supplies Services?

The average base salary for office equipment and supplies stores is $58k per year. However, your salary can differ by your position and job role.

For instance, a general manager makes an average salary of $63,984 while Copier Technician makes an average of $40,799 per year according to Payscale.

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7 Highly Paid Office Equipment Supplies Services Career Paths for Graduates

1. Information Technology Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $95,000

Most pieces of office equipment are either computers or connected to computers. So, every office needs information technology to keep pieces of equipment running smoothly.

Beyond that, every organization also wants its acquired equipment safe and functional. This is where an Information technology specialist comes in.

One of the good perks of working as an IT Specialist is that you’ll enjoy lots of job advancement opportunities.

We all know that ICT applies to almost every industry. And this makes it not just a good career path, but a flexible one too.

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2. Security Systems Sales Representatives

Every proactive office and office building owner has a security system. So a security systems sales representative finds potential buyers. Then convince them to buy it.

If you want to succeed in this career, then you’ll need to win the hearts of your customers. Also, you’ll tailor the products, price, and plan to meet their needs.

3. Space Planner

Average Salary: 68,000

You might be wondering why space planner? Well, space planners are certainly not directly related to office pieces of equipment and supplies.

However, space planners help businesses decide where each piece of equipment should be. They also help in deciding the required amount of space.

4. Buyers

Average salary: $54,000

Buyers do exactly what it sounds like: they get pieces of equipment and supplies needed in a manufacturing setting.

Buyers also help sort through what to purchase and how often in a big organization.

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5. Central Office Equipment Installer

Average salary: $64,000

The name says what it does: equipment installers oversee the installation, setting up, and testing of equipment to make sure it works properly.

If you want to be an equipment installer, then you should have lots of experience working and installing equipment.

6. Data Center Technician

Average salary: $51,000 per year,

A data center technician maintains, and repairs servers. Your job role ranges from keeping servers from overheating to replacing worn-out parts.

Also, data technicians help keep data clean and up to date.

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7. Copier Technician

If you’ve ever worked in an office, then you’ve probably met copier technicians a couple of times. They are experts in printers and copiers.

The basic duties of copier technicians are to ensure that the copiers and printers in an office perform properly.

Some of their basic roles include repairs, cleaning, and, maintenance. However, you’ll need to have experience in office equipment.

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Is Office Equipment a Good Career Part: Best Important Office Equipment and Supplies

Organizational Supplies

Organizational supplies are the supplies that help an organization stay organized. They help you prioritize your work more efficiently.

Some examples of organizational supplies are desk organizers, binders, paperclips, highlights and markers, staplers, and staples.

Paper supplies

Though the use of paper products has been hugely affected by email, they’re still much in use in office settings.

For example, papers are still being used for printing out meeting agendas, drafting ideas, and making notes.

Read more about the paper manufacturing industry

Meeting and presentation supplies

Meeting and presentation supplies include projectors, paper, a handbill, or any other written or visual material used during a presentation.

They help to boost the quality of office visual presentations.

Technology Supplies

Technology supplies are those materials designed to improve work performance. Examples of technology supplies are computers, printers and copiers, and scanners. Others include batteries and chargers, toner and ink, mousepad, modems, flash drives, and keyboards.

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How to Qualify for a Career Path in office Equipment Supplies Services

Many jobs in office equipment supplies services are jobs without a college degree. However, an associate degree can really boost your chances.

Further, there are some jobs in this field that are fit for graduates. Examples of office equipment services careers for graduates are:

  • Business administration
  • Information Technology
  • Secretarial and Administrative
  • Computer Science



What is an office equipment in business studies?

Office Equipment is electronic products such as desktop computers, laptop computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, projectors, and telephones.

What are the importance of office equipments?

Office equipment directly boosts your work output and quality of performance. They help you function more efficiently and productively.

What office machines can you operate?

Desktop computers, laptop computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, projectors, and telephones.

What equipment is needed in an office?

Computers, printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, projectors, staplers, and telephones.

What are the disadvantages of office equipment?

  • High cost of Installation
  • Under-Utilisation of Machines
  • Cost of Operation
  • Cost of Break-down
  • Monotony
  • Workers’ Hostility

What is office equipment accounting?

The recording of office equipment as a tangible asset that is held for administrative purposes of any enterprise.


No doubt, office equipment, and supply services is a good career path that anyone should choose.

Just like every other career path, you’ll need to set your career goals. Then, gain the required skills and qualifications. Afterward, you can update your portfolio. Further, be flexible and ready to embrace new technology.

Finally, have a positive outlook on life and you’ll have a rewarding career of your choice.

We hope this article answered your questions and help you make a good decision on your career path in equipment and supplies services.



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