Is Hospital/Nursing Management A Good Career Path for Graduates? | 2022

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Being part of the hospital/nursing management may seem boring but it is definitely a good career path.

The hospital/nursing management is one career path that has nurses working strategically in the day-to-day running of the nurses and several departments.

In addition, there are tons of career opportunities abounding in this field, which you open you up to other opportunities in the healthcare environment.

Hence, it is vital to know if and why hospital/nursing management is a good career path; as well as the benefits, job prospects, and what have you? Join us as we unravel these and more!

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What is Hospital/Nursing Management?

Hospital/Nurse management is the process of identifying and achieving nursing care objectives through planning, organising, engaging, and managing the nursing managerial role.

Hospital/nursing management professional is in charge of overseeing a unit, department, or institution. Their tasks include personnel, patient care, and financial management.

Is Hospital/Nursing Management a Good Career Path?

Absolutely! Hospital/nursing management is a good career path. In the healthcare system, nursing administration is critical.

You may also have a significant influence on patient outcomes as a connection between patient care, nurses, physicians, and the hospital’s purpose.

In addition, nurses in managerial positions are mostly seen as decision makers. Although, they don’t provides hands on care to patients,their decisions influence the quality of care a patient receives.

The sort of decisions they make on a daily basis goes to show why hospital;/nursing management is a good career path.

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What are the Benefits of Hospital/Nursing Management?

There are tons of benefits you stand to gain from working in the hospital/nursing management field.

Such benefits are a contributing factor in the pool of candidates seeking to secure a job in this field.

The following are some of the benefits you stand to derive from working in hospital/nursing management:

Great pay

The salary of nurses in this field is mouth watering. As a professional working in hospital/nursing management, you are sure to walk home with a good.

Variety of opportunities

There are lots of career opportunities in this field. As such, there are several career options at your disposal.

This leaves you the choice of settling for a career path that is most suitable for you.

Less demanding

Careers in this field are less demanding. Hospital/nurse administrators’ jobs are often less physically demanding since they require more deskwork, meetings, and staffing management, among other things.

Better scheduling

Nurses in hospital/nursing management have a balanced schedule. These management staff usually work regular day shifts. On weekends and holidays, many healthcare institutions do not require these management nurses to report to work.

Steady growth

Due to its importance in ensuring the smooth running or operations of the nursing activities, this field experiences a steady growth.

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What Degree Do You Need to Pursue a Career in Hospital/Nursing Management?

You need to be up to date with the required degrees in this field. This would help you prepare adequately for a career in this field.

The following degrees are necessary for a career in hospital/nursing management:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN)
  • Master’s degree in Nursing (MSN)
  • A Degree in Nursing management

Required Skills for a Career in Hospital/Nursing Management

While you are aspiring to pursue a career in hospital/nursing management, it is vital to identify the relevant skills needed in this field.

Acquiring these skills will aid in jumpstarting your career in this field.

The required skills for a career in hospital/nursing management include:

  • Analytical skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Time management
  • Decision making skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Clinical expertise

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What are the Hospital/Nursing Management Job Prospects?

Healthcare management occupations have a favorable career outlook. As a result of its importance in healthcare delivery, the demand for professionals in this field is high.

When it comes o healthcare delivery, healthcare management is extremely vital, there will always a demand for excellent healthcare management.

Statistics predict a 32% increase in employment in health care administration through 2030, with around 139,600 positions.

How Much Can You Make From This Field?

One thing is certain in this field – the salary scale varies. It is a fact that the salary difference is based on the position or specialty.

In this field, you can earn as much as $245,280, which is the average salary of a Chief Nursing Officer.

In addition, you can earn as low as $83,472 as a nurse attorney and even lower depending on the job position.

Summarily, your eraning in this field is based on your specialty.

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7 Highly Paid Hospital/Nursing Management Career Paths For Graduates

It is important for you to identify the highest paying jobs in the hospital/nursing career paths for graduates.

This will aid you in settling for job opportunities with a high salary. No graduate will desire to settle for a career path with a meagre salary when he can earn more.

The following are some of the highly paid hospital/nursing management:

1. Chief Nursing Officer

A chief nursing officer is a skilled nurse who assists with financial administration, policy implementation, and connecting patients with the care they desire.

In other words, they supervise nursing activities across many departments or an entire service line.

A CNO is also responsible for organising and managing the hospital’s daily activities, as well as ensuring that everything runs properly. puts the average salary of a chief Nursing Officer at $246,620. This nursing officer also earns between $210,810 and $286,800.


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2. Director of Nursing

A director of nursing is a registered nurse who oversees the administrative operations of a health-care facility.

Nurses in this sector use their clinical knowledge, education, and administrative abilities to guarantee that a health care organisation runs well.

In summary, nursing directors are in charge of directing and managing a nursing unit.

Director of nursing in the United States earn an average salary of $158,244, according to Additionally, the salary of these nursing management staff range from $138,445 to $181,391 annually.


3. Nursing Supervisor

A nurse supervisor is also known as a nurse manager. A nursing supervisor is in charge of hiring and training new employees as well as supervising existing employees at a healthcare institution.

Nursing supervisors bridge the gap between hospital administration and clinical care by managing patient-care operations, assigning and monitoring staff nurses; as well as developing and implementing quality improvement programmes. puts the average salary of a nursing supervisor at $100,602. In addition, nursing supervisors earn from $88,241to $113,652.

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4. Nurse Administrator

Nurse administrators are in charge of supervising nurses and other members of the medical team. They are equally responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training nurses.

Furthermore create work schedules and complete performance evaluations. In a nutshell, a nurse administrator is a licenced registered nurse with an advanced degree who manages or supervises other nurses.

According to, nurse administrators make an average salary of $97,850. The annual salary of this nurse begins from $88,462 and can get as high as $108,850.


5. Nurse Consultant

A nurse consultant is a registered nurse (RN) who provides consulting services to enhance nursing and other health medical programmes and regulations

Nurse consultants are in charge of delivering healthcare consultations and technical assistance to patients.

These consultants settle for a particular field or speciality.

Nurse consultant earn an average salary of $85,830 in the United States, according to Also, they make from $66,000 to $123,000.

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6. Clinical Nurse Manager

A Clinical Nurse Manager is in charge of managing patient care delivery and standards, assuring safe, effective, person-centered care; as well as providing operational clinical, managerial, and professional leadership for Nurses working in Primary Care teams.

The primary responsibility of a clinical nurse manager is to supervise the nursing staff at a hospital, medical clinic, or other healthcare environments.

Clinical nurse managers in the United States earn an average salary of $85,051, according to In addition, they earn between $60,000and $115,000.


7.Nurse Attorney

Nurse attorneys employ their medical competence and legal knowledge to protect the well-being of patients at a medical institution and to represent their company in legal processes.

These attorneys have nursing and legal degrees and use a variety of skills to do their jobs successfully. puts the average salary of a nurse attorney at $83,472. Also, nurse attorneys make between $15,957 and $428,070.



What Does management mean?

Management is the organization and management of tasks in order to attain an objective.

Administrative activities include developing the organization’s strategy and coordinating employee efforts to achieve these objectives using existing resources.

What are the basic elements of management?

The basic elements of management are:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Leading
  • Controlling

What can you do with a nursing degree besides nursing?

You can pursue some of the following career paths with a nursing degree:

  • Researcher
  • Heath Coach
  • Nurse Educator
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Writer

What is the difference between nursing administration and nursing management?

Nurse administrators oversee certain divisions in accordance with workplace norms and regulations. Nurse managers, on the other hand, work on the unit and supervise the staff’s daily activities.

What are 5 major management functions for nurses?

The 5 major management functions for nurses are:

  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Scheduling
  • Directing
  • Delegation

What are the principles of nursing management?

The following are the 9 principles of nursing management:

  • Make a commitment to excellence
  • Create a service-oriented culture
  • Measure what is significant
  • Align your behavior with your aims and ideals
  • Recognize and reward achievement
  • Emphasis on employee satisfaction
  • Create and nurture leaders
  • Increase individual accountability
  • Communicate at every level


A career in hospital/nursing management is an ever green choice of career to settle for.

Npow you know that hospital/nursing management is a good career path, it is high time you brushed up your skills and obtain the necessary degrees.

We hope you found this article useful. Reach us through the comment section fro feedback.


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