Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path for Graduates? | 2022

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Yes, consumer non-durables is no doubt a good career path. Choosing a good career may seem difficult and challenging but landing a job in this industry can be heartwarming and very easy because of the vast job and career opportunities

Most of the best food and fashion companies in the world can be found in consumer non-durables, from Nike and Christian Dior to Nestle and Procter & Gamble.

So if you are considering taking a career in this industry, look no further.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at the various job opportunities and benefits of pursuing a role in this industry. Let’s find out!

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What is Consumer Non-Durables?

Non-durables are consumer goods that are either consumed for one use. Or used up over a short period of time.

Think of the toothpaste in your bathroom. You’ve probably bought many of those for like uncountable times!

These products are designed to be that way. They’re unlike consumer durables that last longer. For instance, you can count how many times you’ve bought a TV in your entire lifetime!

Now, wouldn’t it be fun to work in one of those Consumer non-durables? Let’s say, Crest 3D White or Procter & Gamble!? Well, that’s if it’s a good career path for you. And we’ll get to that later.

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Examples Of Consumer Non-Durables

Consumer non-durables are bought for immediate or almost immediate consumption. They have a life span ranging from minutes to three years.

The following are examples of consumer non-durables:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Cosmetics
  • Petroleum products
  • Footwear
  • Paper products

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Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path?

Yes, the consumer non-durables are a good career part for many professionals. There are growth opportunities, numerous employment benefits, job varieties, and many more.

Having said that, let’s explain these factors that make the consumer non-durables a good career path for graduates;

Growth Opportunities

Many consumer non-durable companies train their staff. This means they offer professional development opportunities for workers.

For example, many professionals learned IT basics on the job. Also, some received finance and accounting skills on the job.

So, even as a freshman out of college, there’s a job for you.

Employment Benefits

One of the perks that make consumer non-durables a good career path for most professionals are employment benefits.

Consumer non-durable companies offer many employee benefits. Some of these benefits cover health, wellness, and financial stability.

For instance, top food companies in the USA offer Insurance, Health & Wellness packages to their employers.

Travel Opportunities

If you love to work and travel, then this could be good for you. Many consumer non-durable companies have facilities abroad.

Think of Pepsico, Tyson Foods, and Nestle. These are the top largest food and beverage companies with lots of international branches.

If you have the dream of experiencing other cultures and helping communities, working at any of these companies will make that dream come true.

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Job Variety

Variety is a spice of life. And that’s true of consumer non-durable jobs. Consumer non-durables are made up of exciting career fields and industries. Therefore, working in any of those fields could be a good career part for you.

In addition, with variety comes diverse job opportunities. Hence, you can find a job that suits your qualification.

Graduates in the basic industry can work in the following area;

  • Accounting
  • Production Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Human Resources

Productive Environment

Another reason why consumer non-durables is a good career path for many graduates is its productive culture.

Workers in this field are highly productive. Employers make this better by rewarding hard work. For example, some employees reported bonuses at Nestle on

Now, this does not mean you should always expect a raise or bonus before doing your job. However, incentives make people perform better. And many companies in non-durables know that.

In addition, these companies understand the culture of diversity. Also, they champion community development. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to work in such an environment?

Networking Opportunities

Many professionals consider consumer non-durables a good career path because it offers them the platform to meet new people.

This is because there are many professionals and industries in non-durables. As a result, they can connect with many industry experts.

This also brings new jobs and collaborative opportunities.

Entry Level Opportunities

Consumer non-durable is also a good career part for young professionals at entry-level positions.

So, whether you’re a new job seeker or professional entering this market, there are many entry-level opportunities available.

With these jobs, you can set your foot in the water first. Then, develop valuable skillsets for advanced roles.

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What are the Benefits of Consumer Non-Durables?

If you still want to know if consumer non-durables is a good career path for you, below are the benefits of working in this field:

  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Paid Vacation
  • Stock Purchase Plans
  • Wellness Initiatives

What are the Job Prospects for Consumer Non-Durables?

Consumer non-durables job prospects should further convince you if it’s a good career path. On this note, we can say that the job prospects for most industries in consumer non-durables are quite high.

For instance, the overall employment of food and beverage serving and related workers is projected to grow 17 % from 2020 to 2030. This is much faster than the average for all occupations according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Further, the BLS says that about 1,032,100 openings for food and beverage serving and related workers are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

In addition, the U.S. cosmetic industry has a market size of $49bn. Also, this includes industry employment of 55,981 in 2022 (Source).

Little wonder the employment of skincare specialists is projected to grow 29% from 2020 to 2030.

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How Much Can You Make From Consumer Non-Durables?

You can make big money or little, depending on what end of the ladder you are. In addition, your payment will be affected by the specific industry you work in.

For example, those in Food and Beverage make an estimated total pay of $55,083 per year according to glassdoor.

Companies like Nestle pay an average salary of $81,056 a year. However, salaries at Nestles range from an average of $52,397 to $128,931 a year (Source).

Next, we’ll show you the 7 highly paid consumer non-durables jobs in the United States.

7 Highly Paid Consumer Non-Durables Career Paths for Graduates

1. Food Manufacturing

The food manufacturing industry offers varieties of exciting job opportunities. Many of these jobs are in animal slaughtering and meat product production. However, opportunities abound in other areas.

You can get into livestock, fruit, vegetables, grains, or dairy. Also, as a graduate, you could work in quality control or quality assurance.

The food manufacturing industry is many-sided so you can find a good career path. The following are some of the jobs that pay over $50 in food manufacturing according to

  • Director of catering: $61,905
  • Executive Chef: $65,716
  • Culinary manager: $68,630
  • Food safety specialist: $71,975
  • Regional Restaurant Manager: $73,434

Further, food manufacturing is a vital part of the US agricultural sector. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that agriculture and its related industries provide 10.3% of U.S. employment.

Source: USDA

2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Where would the world be without the pharmaceutical industry? For instance, when COVID threw the world into chaos, drug makers rose to work. All eyes turned to them for a cure.

The point is, that we all need medication and other pharmaceutical products. In fact, these products are always in high demand.

As a result, pharmaceuticals are one of the high-paying jobs in consumer non-durables. As of May 2021, there are 154k people employed in the Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing industry (Source).

Further, the IBIS says there are 55,782 people employed in the Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry in the US as of 2022.

According to glassdoor estimates, pharmaceutical workers earn $93,786 per year in the United States.

ZipRecruiter also puts out a similar average salary of $92,227 per year for pharmaceutical workers in the U.S.

Average Salary for Pharmaceutical Workers

2. Shoes and Wears

Who can do without footwear? No one! Not even babies with tender legs that can’t walk. Everyone needs something to wear!

Little wonder the Global Footwear Market is worth $352 billion in sales (Source).

Companies like NIKE and Dior keep rising in popularity.

Data shows that as of May 31, 2021, Nike employed approximately 73,300 workers worldwide.

In addition, NIKE has won various Glassdoor awards for best places to work, Top CEOs, and Best places to interview.

Similarly, Christian Dior has an employee size of between 5001 to 10000. According to Zippia, the average Shoe Designer salary is $82,477 per year, or $39.65 per hour, in the United States.

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4. Paper Manufacturing

Paper-related end products are still in high demand. Some of these products are paper towels, tissues, napkins, bathroom tissue, printer paper, journal paper, writing books, textbooks, and newspapers.

Here’s a little thing to worry about though. The number of people employed in the Paper Mills industry in the US declined -by 3% on average over the five years between 2017 and 2022.

However, there are 48,572 people employed in the Paper Mills industry in the US as of 2022 (Source).

In addition, the market is expected to grow in the coming years to reach a value of 370 billion U.S. dollars by 2028. This will in turn register a CAGR of 0.74% from 2021. Products in this market include wrapping paper and packaging, newsprint, printing, and writing paper (Source).

The average salary for paper workers in the paper manufacturing consumer non-durable industry is around $56,535 per year.

5. Oil and Gas

The oil and gas and petrochemical industries stand out as the most profitable and highest paying among the best paying non-durable sectors.

The oil and gas industry is classified as non-durable because it manufactures and sells finished products. These products include gasoline, that is intended for immediate use.

Besides high-paying jobs, the industry has the largest workforce. Rystad Energy projected that the US oil and gas employment is set to expand by 12.5% in 2021. This will be a rise from around 863,000 to 971,000 total jobs by the end of 2022.

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6. Agricultural Equipments Production Companies

Farm equipment is the instrument used on the farm to aid farm work. Such equipment includes a mower, backhoe, harrow, cultivator, tractor, and combine harvester.

There are 82,102 people employed in the Tractors & Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing industry in the US according to IBIS.

Also, the average Farm Worker makes $26,720 in the United States according to Further, the average hourly pay for a Farm Worker is $12.85.

However, the average entry-level Farm Worker’s salary is $22,000 in 2022.

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7. Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry is one of the promising consumer non-durable industries. The main product categories of the cosmetic market are skincare, hair care, make-up, perfumes, toiletries, deodorants, and oral cosmetics.

There are 55,981 people employed in the Cosmetic & Beauty Products Manufacturing industry in the US as of 2022 according to IBIS. Top Earners in this industry make $108,500 on average according to

Furthermore, the 75th percentile makes $70,000 while average earners make $57,987 per year.
The lowest earners are those in the 25th Percentile ($35,000).


What is consumer non-durables industry?

The consumer non-durables industry is where consumer goods that are either consumed for one use or used up over a short period of time are produced.

What companies are in the consumer non-durables field

Best Companies in the United States in Consumer Non-Durables Field


See more

What is demand for durable and non-durable goods?

Durable goods are designed to last for a short period of time. They’re unlike consumer durables that last longer. So durable goods are frequently bought.

Is a non-durable good?

A non-durable is good. Nondurable goods can be used within minutes or less than 3 years.


Consumer non-durables is a diverse industry. It offers tons of opportunities that you can turn into a fulfilling awesome career path.

You can work in food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, shoes and wear, and many more.

Trust with the information you’ve gained so far, we’ve been able to answer all of your questions as regards choosing a career path in this industry, it’s now left for you to make your choice.


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