How to Make Money on Bigo Live | Earn $6,000 Every Month

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If you want to know how to make money on Bigo live app, then this article is for you. Many people are using the Bigo live app for different reasons. While some just want to have fun, others want to grow their networks. And still, some want to make money.

Even so, you can make friends, grow your network, and make an income on Bigo live app at the same time. The good thing is that live streaming platforms like Bigo live app are on the upward movement.

In fact, it all began before the pandemic. And when lockdown eventually hit, people craved connection and new ways to make money online. Then, social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube provided us with live streaming opportunities. We burned bandwidth and content creators smiled to the bank.

Since then, live streaming has really gone up on Bigo live app with people making lots of money on it. So, with some skills and tricks, you too can learn how to make money on Bigo live app. If you’re game for it, let’s get you started with what Bigo live app is all about.

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What is Bigo Live App?

Bigo live app is a streaming video platform. It is owned by Singapore-based Bigo Technology. Bigo live app was launched in 2016 by David Li and Jason Hu.

You can download Bigo live app on your android or ios devices for free. You can make videos or live-stream your activities to friends and strangers.

The premium package for Bigo live app is $33 although the base app is free. However, the premium package gives you access to premium content and features.

If you want the premium package, you can pay via Paypal or Alipay. These two payment platforms are the most trusted on Bigo live app.

If you’re a live streamer, you’ll receive live comments from other users. In addition, you can search for nearby users.

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How Can You Make Money On Bigo Live App?

So you’re wondering how to make money on Bigo live app? Most people download Bigo live app and use it to watch live streaming. And meet new people. Yet others use Bigo live app to display their creativity and earn money.

If you want to know how to make money on Bigo live, first, you got to have a large following. But how do you get a large following on Bigo live? You need to make fun videos that people would love.

People love comedy and music. You can also serve them pop culture or grace their days with ‘how to’s. That way, your fans will gift you beans and diamonds. And guess what? It is those beans and diamonds that you convert to cash on Bigo live app!

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What Are Beans And Diamonds on Bigo Live App?


Beans are your virtual currency. They’re the gifts that you get from your fans and other Bigo users. You can call it Bigo money. Once you sign up on Bigo, you’ll need to audition. After your successful auditioning, you’ll qualify for Bigo payment.

Bigo pays you from a minimum of 3000 beans to a maximum of 2.2million beans. That is to say, you have to get at least 3000 beans to get paid from your first month. Also, you must broadcast at least 30 hours a month.

So you can do 1, 2 or 3 hours a day. It all depends on your schedule. By the way, Bigo calculates only three hours per day even if you spent more than that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t broadcast more than that.

Again, after your first three months, your 3k minimum stops. At this time, Bigo experts you must have made enough friends. And grow your fan base. Now, your minimum target will be 6000 beans. If you do anything less, you don’t get paid.

Similarly, you have to work hard when going for a higher target on Bigo. For instance, if your target is 10,000 beans, get 10,000 before the month ends. If you get like 9,999, Bigo will pay you for the 6,000 categories. In other words, you won’t get paid for 10,000 categories.

Therefore, you have to watch your live data closely. Make sure your live data is complete before the month ends. If you want to know what live data is, keep reading.


So what are diamonds on Bigo live? Diamonds are also virtual currencies but can be used to purchase gifts on Bigo. You can convert beans to diamonds and gift them to someone. However, you cannot convert diamonds to beans.

If you have 10 beans, it can give you 3 diamonds. And 100 beans will give you 30 diamonds. You can buy a virtual gift with Bigo diamonds but you cannot buy gifts with beans.

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What Is Live Data On Bigo?

If you want to know how to make money on Bigo live app, watch your live data. Live data keeps a record of how many beans you received in the month while you’re live. In other words, Bigo documents all the beans you got while you’re live-streaming. Also, Bigo documents the time you spend.

On the other hand, Bigo puts other beans you get from gambling and game live into your wallet. Bigo also stores beans from your profile pictures, posts, and walls in your wallet.

Still, want to know more on how to make money on Bigo live app?

It’s all in your live beans! You get beans from different sources. For instance, If 1 person likes your video 1000 times during a week, you’ll get 1000 beans. If 10 people share your video, you’ll get 100 beans.

You make $1 from 210 beans. That is to say, 7 beans will give you $2. All the beans you make are yours. Even if you gift out your beans to your friends, you still get paid for your live beans.

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Tips On How To Make Money On Bigo Live App

This is how to make money on Bigo live app:

  • Choose an attractive profile
  • Make High-Quality Videos
  • Promote Yourself
  • Offer Unique Content
  • Always Interact With Your Audience
  • Get Sponsors
  • Become An Affiliate Marketer

1. Choose an attractive profile

‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’ is a popular saying we cannot overemphasize here. If you want to increase your chances of earning on Bigo, use a profile picture that will attract your potential customers. Let your image speak for you.

2. Make High-Quality Videos

You have to create videos that many people will like. If you get many views, then you can get many beans.

In addition, you can get points when your video is liked and shared by other users. For instance, you can receive 50 points from each like or share.

So, if you want to increase your earnings on Bigo live, share your videos with friends. Also, encourage them to share with their friends too. If they like it, you can earn points. But that’s not all! If any of them purchase beans or diamonds, you’ll be able to get more beans and diamonds.

The following are niches you can choose focus on Bigo live

  • Teach people something you know
  • Stream your life if it’s interesting
  • Show video game walkthrough
  • Talk about current events
  • Be a live DJ if you’re good at it

3. Promote Yourself

Leverage other social media platforms. You can use Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram to promote yourself anytime you’re about to go live on Bigo. Don’t forget to share your Bigo links with your friends on other social media platforms.

4. Use a Schedule

You must plan your streaming schedule. So you won’t miss out on daily broadcasts. You can stream up to 4 hours a day. This will help you increase your popularity. In other words, consistency is key to your success on Bigo live app.

5. Offer Unique Contents

If you want to make money on Bigo live app, give your audience unique content. You got to be creative and authentic.

In addition, network and support others on Bigo. Remember the saying, we rise by raising others. That is to say, you can gift beans to other broadcasters to support them.

6. Always Interact With Your Audience

You exist for your audience. Therefore, you cannot afford to ignore them. Take time to respond to their questions and comments.

Also, you can send them invites to watch your video. Be kind and polite. Choose the right words when answering them.

7. Get Sponsors

You can get sponsors when your following has grown. So, you have to first become an expert in a niche. Then you can reach out to brands in that niche and see if they’ll sponsor you.

You can also start by using some of their products in your video.

8. Become An Affiliate Marketer

You can become an affiliate marketer once your following has grown. With a large following, you can make a killing talking about brands in your Bigo live videos.

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How to Make Money on Bigo Without Going Live

1. Complete Tasks on the Bigo Live App

You can make money on Bigo without going live. First, you can go to companies that stream live. They’ll give you tasks to complete. In return, you get beans.

Also, check out the task center on Bigo. The options here are check-in, watch live, and chat the LIVE. You can earn coins by watching any video and more.

The next way to make money on Bigo without going live is by doing activities. For instance, you can go for the PK prediction. If you’re able to complete your task in 30 days, you get some gifts.

With that, you can have lots of beans and many diamonds. Later you can change them to money. When you’re ready to change your beans to money, select exchange rewards.

2. Apply for Bigo Live Agency to Make Money from Bigo Live

You can work as a recruiter if you have enough KOLs/artists/celebrities on hand. In addition, if you have friends who are both talented and charismatic, then you can work as an agency on Bigo live. 

You can earn commissions from the hosts you bring to Bigo Live as a Bigo Live Agent. The more streamers (hosts/broadcasters) you bring, the more awards you can earn!

3. Join Referral Program to Earn Money from Bigo Live

Bigo Live occasionally runs a referral program or a “refer-a-friend” campaign. For example, you can earn USD2 for each valid download and signup if you join the Singapore “refer-a-friend” program.

However, different referral programs may exist in different countries. You can use the Bigo Live app to find additional events to participate in and earn money.

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How To Get Started On Bigo Live To Start making Money

1. Download Bigo live App

To get started, you have to visit the Play store to download the Bigo live app. After that install it on your phone.

2. Create Your Account

After installing the Bigo live app, select sign up to create a personal account. Then you can choose your channel name and image.

This image will also serve as your profile image on the Bigo live app. This is where you really have to sell yourself.

3. Choose Your channel name and image

Now, choose your channel name and profile image. Bigo offers you three live platforms; music, video, or video of subtitles.

You cannot create more than 10 channels on Bigo. However, you can choose between two channels.

You have the option of a business account. With that, you can upload 10 images from the “business card” segment of Bigo live. This will help you choose both free and paid channels.

4. Choose your channels

Next, you have to choose between twenty channels to operate. You can also go for the premium package. With that, you have access to all premium content and features on Bigo live app.

Bigo live app premium price is $33. You can pay through Paypal or Alipay.


How much can a person make a month on Bigo Live?

In a month, you can earn up to $500 or more if you’re at the top of the list. Bigo Live app is profitable and offers more earning opportunities.

How much does a top streamer in Bigo live make?

Monthly income ranges from $34,000 to $68,000.

Rico Tian (username RCT Khan) is the most popular streamer on Bigo, with approximately 3.58 million followers. Rico Tian earns anything from $34,000 to $68,000 per month by streaming his life on Bigo Live. This equates to a yearly salary of between $408,000 and $816,000.

Is it possible to make money on Bigo making vidoes?


If you can create videos, then you can also make money on Bigo Live and possibly become rich. The most popular Bigo streamer (Rico Tian) makes from $34,000 to $68,000 per month.

What is Bigo app all about?

Bigo live app TV is a streaming video platform. It is owned by Singapore-based Bigo Technology. Bigo live app was launched in 2016 by David Li and Jason Hu.

How much does BIGO live pay?

You make $1 from 210 beans. That is to say, 7 beans will give you $2. All the beans you make are yours. Even if you gift out your beans to your friends, you still get paid for your live beans.

Whats the most you can make on BIGO?

Depending on your followers and content, you might earn anywhere from $140 to $10,000 each month. BIGO is known for its user-friendly interface and a variety of other appealing features. It enables people to make money by utilizing their skills and capabilities.


Making money online using the Bigo Live app is one of the coolest and most popular ways to earn money online. To earn money you have to attract more fans and followers to your account, this way you get gifted with beans and diamonds which you can convert to cash.

Now that you know how to make money on Bigo, have some fun live streaming on the site while also earning some cash. Bigo live offers a variety of ways to earn money, so follow your passion and start live streaming immediately.



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