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Making money just by texting may seem ridiculous. But thanks to today’s world, you can make lots of money online in different ways. You can make money by sending texts, receiving texts, and flirting with strangers, the good thing about it is that it’s totally free.

The rate of payments varies, and it’s based on the platform and the time you put in. You can earn from $0.05 to $0.25 per text, depending on the route you take and the company you are working for. The payment might sound low, but it can add up!

So, if you are looking for a means to make extra cash online. This is a good deal for you, and it almost does not take any time. Keep reading this article, you will be amazed at the amount of get-paid apps that provides lots of opportunities to make money just by texting.

Can you make money just by texting?

Yes, you can make money just by texting. Many platforms pay people to text and it cost nothing to sign up.

Texting to get paid are of three types:

  • Marketing and customer support for companies.
  • Text and chat with lonely guys and girls.
  • Messengers to send and receive texts.

Meanwhile, the apps that will be listed in this article are legit but it is necessary to do your research before signing up.

Always remember not to reveal your details and credentials. Also, read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up. Look out for red flags which will be listed later on in this article.

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How to make money just by texting online

There are three basic ways in which you can make money just by texting. All you basically require is an Android phone, which most people have, and an internet connection. The methods are listed below.

  • Adult chat service (flirting/chatting with lonely men and women).
  • Customer/client support service (answering questions and giving advice)
  • Marketing, research, and, advertising (companies pay for receiving and sending text)

The payment methods also vary, depending on the platform you join and the route you take. Here is a list of payment methods:

  • Payment for every text you send or receive
  • Payment per minute of chat or calls
  • Bonuses from the Platform
  • payment by receiving credits on the platform
  • Client tips
  • Payment from every question answered.

Are there apps in which you can make money just by texting?

Yes, many apps pay people to text. Here are 15 best apps that allow you to make money just by texting. They are categorized in the following ways:

Get paid to text flirt

  1. Phrendly
  2. FlirtBucks
  3. Lip Service
  4. TexKings
  5. Text 121 chat

Get paid to text chat – marketing, research, and advertising

  1. McMoney
  2. Ispyplates
  3. 1Q
  4. IMGR
  5. KGB

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Get paid for text chatting – customer/client support service:

  1. JustAnswer
  2. Fiver
  4. Working solutions
  5. Hummr


This is a website with a mobile application. Where people make money by flirting with people. It allows you to exchange messages, and videos and also make calls.

This is built only for online use – there is no expectation of meeting offline. Your personal information is totally safe.

How to make money on phrendly?

The initiator of any conversation is the person who pays. If someone gets attracted to your profile, you will earn $0.35 on the condition you reply within 12 hours.

You are paid $10 per call on phrendly, where phrendly that’s 30% and the other 70% goes to you.

Other options include virtual gifts from your connections which ranges from $5 to $100.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must accept the terms and conditions on the site
  • Must not have a criminal record
  • You must add your photo
  • If the company finds out that you have not provided the right information, they will terminate your membership and withhold your payment.


This is a platform where women talk to lonely men and get paid. Women who join the platform are called hostesses and they are paid by the men they chat with.

It’s easy and free to join and there is always someone who is actively paying for chat services.

It also allows the hostesses to choose their clients and mode of conversation.


  • Must be up to 18 years of age
  • Must possess a government-issued identity proof
  • Own a personal computer or laptop with a good webcam
  • Must be of US, UK, or Australian nationality
  • Must be fluent in conversing in English
  • Typing speed of 40WPM

How can you make money on flirtBucks?

For someone who only chats through text can make about $12 daily. If you can video chat with your client, you can earn up to $60 in a day.

For text chat: In the first 3 months, the payment is 10 cents per minute. When you work up to 6 months, the payment increases to 12 cents per minute. Then for more than 6 months, it increases to 15 cents per minute.

For video chats: The payment for the first 3 months is 40 cents per minute. If you continue to work till the 6th month, it increases to 45 cents. The highest pay is 50 cents beyond 6 months.

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Lip service

It is an online marketplace that connects quality chatters to online chat agencies. It’s open to both genders.


  • You must have a high-quality mobile phone with a headset
  • You must have a great voice and personality
  • Must be a legal resident of the US or Canada
  • You must be 18+, and you may need to be over 21 to apply for some jobs.

How can you make money on lip service?

The rate of payments depends on the project and the client you are working with. But you can up to $18 per hour as an online chat operator.


On this platform, women are paid to be text chat moderators. Whether it is adult chat sessions or simple text chat sessions.


  • Able to engage in erotic conversations
  • Must be 18+
  • Must own a laptop or desktop
  • Willingness to work for at least 12 hours per week
  • You must work in a quiet environment

How can you make money on texkings

Texkings pay 0.6 – 12 euro cents per message. You can also get bonuses from the site. It is realistic to earn 100 – 500 euros every month. Payments are usually made weekly/monthly.

We should know that the pay also depends on the language with german getting the highest pay.

Text 121 chat

Text 121 chat is one of those platforms you can make money by just texting.

They may you for the following services: bi-lingual operators, operator jobs and adult phone.


  • Bilingual operators – Must speak other languages other than English.

                                  Must be a computer literate

  • Operator job – You must master the art of texting and call

                         You must be computer literate.

  • Adult phone – Must have a clear speaking voice and a good

                        Communication skill.

                        You must be up to the age of 18.

How can you earn money on text 121 chat?

Text 121 chat pays 3p or 5p per message, which would sum up to $74 or $123 for 200 messages.

This means you have to send a lot of messages to make a reasonable wage.


Mc money is an android app that literally pays you for doing nothing. The company pays people for receiving their messages. There is no need for any other task. So, it’s a 100% means of passive income.


  • You must be up to 18 years of age.
  • You must enter the mobile number of the device you are using.

How much can you earn from McMoney?

Depending on your country, you can expect $0.02 – $0.06 per SMS. The more messages you receive, the more you earn.

The minimum payout ranges from $1 – $6. You can earn money from referral bonuses too.

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It is a company that allows you to make money just by receiving texts. It also allows businesses to send marketing messages to users.


  • You must be up to 18 years of age.
  • You must enter the mobile number of the device you are using.

How much can I make from ispyplates

The company doesn’t reveal their pay rate but reviewers testified a may of $200 to $300 monthly.


1Q is the short name for 1 question. it is an app that pays you for answering questions. Basically, you earn from this app just by answering questions.


  • You must have access to a mobile phone.
  • It’s only available in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada
  • You must be up to 18 years of years.

How much can you make from 1Q

1Q pays $0.25 for every question you answer. The number of questions you will receive will mostly depend on your profile. To increase the number of questions you receive, you have to update your profile regularly especially if you get a new job or a promotion.


JustAnswer is a platform that enables individuals to connect with experts who could answer their questions. Those in need of answers to some questions pay those who answer them.


Applying to join the platform is just like applying for a regular job.. you must have your resume and indicate your expertise.

How much can you make on JustAnswer?

Users pay to ask questions on the platform. The payment ranges from $5 to $90. Some join as members and pay monthly to ask unlimited questions. Once you receive a positive rating from the user, you earn the commission.


It is a marketplace for freelancers. They provide opportunities for those searching for text job services.

They include text message translation, SMS Marketing, sending reminder texts to clients, sending motivational texts, selling advice, informing new products for existing customers, and many more.


Update your resume and begin to apply for jobs. It might date a day, a week, or maybe months before you get your first job.

How much can you earn on Fiverr?

Depending on the service you offer. You can expect to earn from $5 to $50 per gig.

Check this out: How to Make Money on TikTok is a platform that pays therapists and health coaches for helping clients. They chat with clients and provide solutions to their problems, also giving them mental support.


  • you must have at least 6 months of supervised experience as a coach, counselor, or therapist.
  • A degree in a psychology-related field or coaching certification.
  • Knowledge of coaching techniques
  • Fluency in google suite
  • Bilingual
  • Experience with triage and working within a team.

How much can you earn on

For health coaches, you can expect to earn $17 to $21 per hour. Emotional wellness coaches earn an average of $21 per hour on

Working solutions

This platform is similar to just answer. They employ people to communicate and provide answers to customers’ queries.


It demands applicants to be professional in their communication skills and also have some experience in online chatting.

How much can you earn on working solutions?

You can expect to earn between $7 to $30 per talk hour.


It is an app that connects people who need help with their projects and those who can offer solutions. You get paid to chat with people and solve their problems.

How can I get paid on Hummr?

Set your call and text rate on the app. You do not pay anything for replying to messages.

You can also share your referral link and earn some money. Other ways include watching ads, playing your favorite game, and completing a survey.


How can I make money just by texting?

You can make money just by texting in three basic ways: marketing and customer support, texting and chatting with lonely men and women, and, getting paid to receive and send messages.

What are the best apps to make money just by texting?

Working solutions

Is it safe to make money flirting online?

All platforms mentioned in the article are reputable and safe to use. Safety is your top priority when getting paid to text flirt. Never give out your personal information and read the terms and conditions of the platform you intend to join.

Can you earn a living from texting?

No, you can’t, but it will surely put some money into your pocket to pay some bills.

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If you spend a lot of time messaging friends and you still need extra cash. You can use this as a good opportunity.

As you have read, there are many opportunities to make money just by texting for different personalities. Some might enjoy flirting while some won’t. it’s best to choose one which suits your personality.

Keep in mind that you would likely not make a living off texting. However, it doesn’t take your time and will definitely put some cash in your pocket.



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