25 High Paying Jobs in Dallas Texas With No Experience 2022

High Paying Jobs in Dallas Texas With No Experience

What would be the high-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas with no experience in 2022? In this tough economy, it’s a valid question that many job searchers find difficult to answer. Others enquire as to whether there are high-paying jobs in Texas with no experience for artists or Jobs hiring now without experience or degree.

Nevertheless, many people in this state work in well-paying employment. The good news is that some of these positions are obtainable without a degree. However, initially locating them might be difficult.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for work or you’re just interested in who makes the most money, we’re here to pique your interest.

We have listed the top 25 high-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas with no experience for you, including some that don’t require a degree and also jobs hiring now.

Do Jobs in Dallas, Texas Pay Well?

Certainly, jobs in Dallas, Texas pay very well. You can make an average annual pay of about $75,038 and as a top earner, you can make around $98,826 per year. So, living in Dallas, Texas can be promising and rewarding.

In fact, as a loan officer, you can make up to $185,378 per year, and for job hiring now without experience you can make up to $16 an hour as an Inventory Associate.

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High Paying Jobs in Dallas, Texas with No Experience

1. Loan Officers

Salary: $185,378 per year (Indeed)

Loan officers are in charge of credit loans, checking the conditions and judging if a person is a fit borrower.

This employment pays well and is in high demand everywhere, offering you a lot of security and the opportunity to live anywhere you like.

A loan officer, on the other hand, is one of the high-paying jobs in Dallas that require no previous experience.

2. Dental Hygienists

Salary: $67,999 – $89,040 yearly (Salary)

Although dental hygienists may not appear to earn much, it is an excellent way to make money in the medical field.

They help patients in keeping their teeth clean and assisting with dental operations according to dentists’ directions.

Despite the fact that this employment needs a few years of specialized training, the hourly wage is well worth the effort. These are high-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas that require no previous experience.

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3. School Psychologists

Salary: $80,425 per year (Talent)

They use their skills to study society. School psychologists, on the other hand, are among the high-paying jobs that require no previous experience.

They may also work with politicians and other city workers to improve the functionality and productivity of society’s systems. This is one of the high-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas with no experience.

4. Accountants

Salary: 65,700 USD per year (Salaryexplorer)

Accountants can work in either personal or corporate finance, and both provide excellent salaries.

If you have a degree and want to make more money, working as an accountant is one of the best methods to gain high-paying jobs in Dallas Texas with no experience.

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5. Chemists Jobs in Dallas, Texas

Salary: $61,033 per year (Indeed)

Chemists are regularly involved in fields such as R&D and verification.

They use their chemistry knowledge to develop new chemical substances.

It is their responsibility to guarantee that a product’s composition fits the compound’s standards. Chemists, on the other hand, are among the high-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas that require no experience.

6. Geographers

Geographers study the planet in a number of ways and have a wide range of skills.

Higher degrees, on the other hand, are required to command high annual pay. This is one of the high-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas for those with no experience.

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7. Nuclear Medical Technologists

Radioactive medicine technologists deal directly with nuclear materials to treat a wide range of ailments.

Since they work with radioactive materials, these employees require major special training, and their pay reflects this.

8. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent’s job involves assisting customers in the buying and selling of real estate, often within a certain area.

However, calculating your average salary may be tricky due to the nature of the work and how most real estate salespeople are rewarded.

A real estate agent, on the other hand, These are high-paying job in Dallas, Texas with no experience.

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9. Makeup Artist Jobs in Dallas, Texas

Salary: $39,000 per year (Indeed)

If you have a talent for cosmetics and want to make it your full-time profession, this is a fantastic chance.

Makeup artists can be nearly totally self-taught, yet the most accomplished makeup artists earn extremely high wages.

10. Set and Exhibit Designers

Set and exhibit designers work with media companies, museums, and even entertainment businesses to produce visually pleasing sets that meet the goals of a project.

However, due to the fast pace of many projects, the job might be uneven and require long hours at times.

Best Paying Jobs in Dallas, Texas Without a Degree

11. Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots vary from passenger pilots in various aspects, including the lack of a degree requirement. It is one of the best jobs available without a college degree.

You can, however, operate as a commercial pilot while pursuing the degree and certificates needed to become a passenger pilot. These can be considered one of the best-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas without a degree.

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12. Subway And Streetcar Operators

A subway or streetcar operator is another best-paying job without a college degree.

These positions often need some skills and training to ensure that you can correctly handle the vehicles, but you can generally qualify for them in under a few months.

13. Landscape Designer

Landscape designers use plans and stones to change the earth’s structure in order to create beautiful places.

They actually work with real estate brokers, but you’ll most likely be dealing with homeowners and companies directly. These can also be considered one of the best-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas without a degree.

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14. Theater Lighting Technicians

Theater lighting technician varies based on where you work, what you do, and whether you work for yourself or for a company. Whatever the situation may be, they are always fairly paid.

Lighting specialists earn among the highest average salaries in theater technology, marketing teams, photographers, and other professions.

Jobs Hiring Now Without Experience in Dallas, Texas

15. Patient Care Assist – Apprentice

Salary: $28.6K – $36.2K a year

You will be responsible for learning particular patient care skills such as basic hygiene care, non-sterile treatments, vital sign taking, and aiding with a range of motion exercises. Also learns about cleanliness, infection control, safety, and the use of supplies. Click here to apply.

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16. Receptionist PRN Jobs in Dallas Texas

Controls a panel telephone switchboard, processing incoming, outgoing, and interoffice calls. As a result, they meet and accept guests and guide them as needed. Click here to visit the company site to apply.

17. Research Technician, Children’s Research Institute

Salary: $33.9K – $42.9K a year

You will do normal scientific and medical research in fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, or other scientific topics. Also, gathers and/or runs different laboratory gear and equipment. Click here to apply.

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18. Warehouse Operator

Salary: $18 – $19 an hour

  • Categories, records, and organizes items arriving at the warehouse; arrange materials for order assembly
  • Fills out worksheets or tickets for clients based on production schedules, order forms, and requests.
  • Locates and collects items for transportation and distribution to manufacturing employees, assembly lines, or shipping sites.
  • Puts together, constructs, wraps, sorts, and transports client orders
  • Transports products using a hand truck, cart, doilies, forklift, order picker, and walkie-talkie.
  • Keep your workplace clean and safe.

Click here to visit the company’s site.

19. Part-Time Merchandiser

Salary: $20 an hour – Part-time

A Merchandiser is in charge of stocking shop shelves and cold boxes/coolers with fresh items, constructing displays to bring attention to the products, and giving great service to all retail customers. Click here to apply.

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20. CAO Development Program

Salary: $64.2K – $81.2K a year

You will be a member of a cross-functional team (CAO Organization) that will support the company through Accounting, Cash Management, Finance Risk Management, Finance Technology, Global Business Services, Payroll, Travel & Expense, Treasury, and other functions.

Click here to visit the company website.

21. Inventory Associate

Salary: $16 an hour

The MWS Inventory Associate has past work experience in a warehouse or manufacturing setting and is responsible for guiding warehouse inventory counters in manufacturing and warehouse inventories across several areas. Click here to visit the company’s website.

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High Paying Jobs in Dallas, Texas No Experience For Artists

22. Art Teacher

Salary: $35k – $74k per year (Glassdoor)

Each student’s interest in and the ability for creative expression in visual terms must be developed by the art teacher, who will use artistic expression methods that are suitable to school norms.

23. XR Tech Artist

Salary: $111,000 – $249,000

  • Assist in developing and understanding the project’s art style’s visual objective and turning it into simple, top-notch artwork.
  • Produce 3D art that is effective for VR and AR
  • Be able to communicate with programmers to make sure the technical approach taken by the art achieves the desired outcome.
  • Serve as a channel for direct and critical feedback at all levels of the chain.

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24. Production Artist Jobs in Dallas, Texas

Salary: $46k-$85k (Salary)

Production artists now work largely with design teams to create print, packaging, advertising, point-of-purchase, and digital graphics.

25. Resident Tattoo Artist

Salary: $23k-$250k per year (ZipRecruiter)

You are smart, trustworthy, and hardworking. A resident tattoo artist has the capacity to reliably deliver top-notch ephemeral tattoos.

You may also create detailed, linework-focused tattoos, which are challenging to do. And,  also stick to safe tattooing techniques and are keen on avoiding cross-infection.

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Frequently Asked Questions About High Paying Jobs in Dallas With No Experience

What jobs pay the most without experience?

Construction Worker.
Garbage Collector.
Police Officer.
Customer Service Representative.
Gardener/Lawn Care Specialist.
Delivery/Commercial Driver.
Meal Delivery Driver.
Web Developer

How can I make quick money in Dallas?

Flip items online.
Brand ambassador.
On-Demand staffing.
User testing.
Make money with your vehicle.

What is a high salary in Dallas?

Jobs are listed by average yearly wage, with data current as of May 2021. The yearly mean wage in Dallas is $58,020, or 0.4 percent less than the national mean of $58,260, with the highest-paying employment earning $362,730.

What is the easiest high-paying job?

Home Sitter: If you’re searching for a simple, high-paying job, don’t overlook house sitting.

Final Thought About High Paying Jobs in Dallas, Texas with No Experience

Any of the high-paying jobs above might be a suitable fit for you if you’re seeking one that pays well.

Consider your interests and how long you plan to stay in school as a starting point as well. You may find the job that pays the most money for you on this list.


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