How You’ve Been Selling Yourself Short Without Knowing


Did you recently hear the quote ” Don’t sell yourself short” in an entirely different context? Now you are wondering what exactly this means, how it should be used, when it should be said, and why.

Sweat it no more! Read on to find out what “don’t sell yourself short” means and all the possible contexts for using it.

Let’s get started.

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“Don’t Sell Yourself Short ” What Does It Mean?

Robert Fulghum has always been a man that believes. He once said that he had already learned all that he needed to learn in kindergarten.

This is the complete quote:

“Don’t sell yourself short. You may never have proof of your importance, but you are more important than you think.”

Selling yourself short means undermining your abilities or belittling yourself by judgment. Don’t do that; you have so much to offer, so don’t underestimate yourself.

According to the free dictionary by Farlex, it means ” To undervalue someone, something, or oneself; to underestimate or underappreciate the good qualities of someone, something, or oneself.”

This is often cultivated by a mental state known as “low self-esteem,” which is a condition when someone thinks so little of themselves – the feeling of low self-worth.

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Ways to Sell Yourself Short

There are several ways to underestimate oneself without even realizing it. When you avoid taking on extra responsibilities because you believe you can’t do it, when you believe you’re not good enough to have your dream life, or when you settle in an abusive relationship.

After all, if you believe no one wants you or that you deserve all the bad treatment, you’re selling yourself short.

Here are some possible areas you are selling yourself short

  1. Life
  2. Dream
  3. Job
  4. School
  5. Career
  6. Relationship

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How Have You Been Selling Yourself Short Without Knowing?

Trust me; if you settle for mediocrity, you can only get misery.


It is so easy to settle for the sheep life, bound to a life created by someone else, that many people sell themselves short on what they can do. Most people do not even strive that hard, but they believe that where they are is all they can do and be.

So many individuals accept a low-quality existence and struggle to survive because they have not educated themselves on living a higher quality of life.

If you desire better, you must learn. Learn about success so that you can achieve success.


Would you be pleased if you were still in the exact location a year from now? Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years.

Take a moment to ponder and evaluate where your life is heading. Is this truly what you want? You must learn to go after what you want.

Strive! You can do and be anything you want; the choice is yours, and you can mold your life in whichever manner you like, we all have the freedom to construct our world, but most people appear to be oblivious to this reality and settle for the conformist’s existence.

It is simple to blend in with the crowd; nevertheless, it takes guts to stand out and be who you want to be.

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If you work to earn money and pay bills, you have become a slave to the system.
If your life does not make you proud, have the bravery to start over. 

Have the guts to go on a new, courageous journey to pursue your ambitions. The current system has a way of hypnotizing individuals into believing that it is OK to go to work to pay their bills and repeat the cycle. Please do not fall for it, do what you enjoy and be proud of it.


Most of the time, we settle for partners who do not treat us as we deserve. You deserve more, to be loved the way you want; you deserve to be given the time, money, and attention. Do not undervalue yourself.

Don’t feel you deserve to be abused physically and mentally; instead, give yourself a chance to start again, learn to love yourself unconditionally, and you will meet someone who will love you exactly the way you deserve.

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Don’t Sell Yourself Short Meme

  • Be-who-you-ought-to-be
  • Let-it hit differently
  • You-are-one-of-a-kind
  • Choose-your-worth
  • Don't let others value you
  • How You've Been Selling Yourself Short Without Knowing

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Free Don’t Sell Yourself Short Quotes

  • Selling-yourself-short
  • Selling-yourself-short
  • Don't-sell-yourself-short
  • Don't-sell-yourself-short
  • Don't-sell-yourself-short

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Other Quotes by Robert Fulghum

Peace is not something you wish for; it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away!

Robert Fulghum

We can do no great things; only small things with great love.

Robert Fulghum

Out of the mouths of babes may come gems of wisdom, but also garbage.

Robert Fulghum

Life is nothing but moments of crossing over.

Robert Fulghum


Life should be lived in such a manner that our abilities and talents influence millions of others; everyone has the power to make the world a better place; should we not take it upon ourselves to help others if we are capable of doing so?

How You’ve Been Selling Yourself Short Without Knowing – (FAQs)

Q1. What is the Origin of “Don’t Sell Yourself Short”?

The quote is from Robert Fulghum, and the complete quote is, “Don’t sell yourself short. You may never have proof of your importance, but you are more important than you think.”


What is the Origin of "Don't Sell Yourself Short"?

The quote is from Robert Fulghum, and the complete quote is, “Don’t sell yourself short. You may never have proof of your importance, but you are more important than you think.”



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