15 Best Web Apps For Online Consulting

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For online consulting to thrive, it requires web apps. This is no exaggeration. Considering the fact that these service providers practically carry out their operations with clients online, they sure need tools to facilitate their daily routine.

The introduction and use of these web apps or tools aid in the growth of the business in the long run.

You might be wondering about the type of apps to settle for in your consulting business but not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

This article will expose you to the 15 best web apps for online consulting; as well as the benefits of using them. Dive in!

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What is Online Consulting?

Online consulting is a platform that provides an avenue for consultants and customers to connect. In simpler terms, online consulting brings customers and consultants into the same space.

In this line of operation, consultants offer professional advice to clients in certain areas.

Online consultants are service providers. Hence, they provide these services to clients by delivering value from their wealth of experience online.

Note that online consulting is broad and as such, houses several fields or jobs. What matters is finding a professional in a particular area to provide these services to your business.

What Communication Methods Does an online Consultant Utilize?

These experts are known to employ certain methods in delivering their services. In other to understand how they operate, let’s look at the communication process they use.

The following are the communication methods online consultants use in their service delivery:

Video calls

This is the most common and effective way through which they communicate with customers.

Face timing helps both parties communicate better since it enables face-to-face conversations.

Live chat plugin

A live chat plugin is another excellent choice for exchanging messages between the consultant and the customer.


With this method, the consultant can share the computer screen during sessions. This strategy is usually great for webinars.

Group calls

Consultants will be able to communicate effectively with numerous clients at the same time.

File transfer

Since both parties are far apart, they can transfer and receive vital information.

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Types of Web Apps for Online Consulting

There are several types of web apps online consultants can utilize. These apps are designed to ease the workflow of consultants online.

In other words, the features of one differ from the next, based on the solutions they are meant to proffer.

The following are the types of web apps for online consulting:

  • Time Tracking Apps: Apps in this category make it simple to track project time and handle hourly client billing.
  • CRM Apps: This is a dependable CRM system for managing all of your leads in one location It is also a tool that will support and aid you in your daily tasks without disturbing you
  • Email Marketing: These applications assist you in reminding your consumers of your existence.
  • Project Management Apps: Apps in this category are in charge of managing and arranging your projects.
  • Brand monitoring: These are apps that assist businesses in monitoring their brand’s online reputation.

How to Choose the Right Web Apps for Online Consulting

Running a consulting firm implies that you need as many tools as you can find in order to attain your objectives and make the most use of your resources.

To this end, there are tons of web apps tailored to meet the operational need of your firm, from time tracking to marketing, and so on.

All you have to do is settle for those in the different categories that would help you achieve your goals.

What are the Benefits of Web Apps for Online Consulting

It is no secret that these apps cover a lot of key areas in the day-to-day operations o a business. Therefore, it is important to identify these benefits.

The following are the benefits of engaging web apps for online consulting:

  • Handling Sales Tax
  • Time management
  • Marketing and branding
  • Team collaboration
  • Legal implications
  • Tools for Project Management

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Best Web Apps For Online Consulting

Below are some of the best web apps for online consulting:

1. 3Veta

3Veta is one of the best web apps for online consultants. This web app enables these service providers to set up appointments, secure bookings, videoconferences with customers, and even accept payments.

Additionally, 3veta allows you to include your own name and logo in the conference rooms to make the experience even more personal and professional.

For organizations wishing to share their calendars internally and be booked by outside parties, 3veta is the ideal platform.

Aside from that, all of the video, scheduling and payments take place on the site; no other location is necessary.

Furthermore, you don’t have to install the app since you and your client can carry out your operations on the web.

On the other hand, you can also download the android or iOS apps if you prefer handling your operations with your mobile phone.

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an excellent accounting software for small home companies. Using this accounting software, you can easily generate and send sales receipts, estimates, and invoices.

In addition, it can manage your income and expenditure, interface with your bank, keep everything up to date, and track VAT.

Furthermore, you work with multiple currencies, maintain inventories, and manage budgets.

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3. Awork

Awork is a SaaS software package that offers consulting through written materials, webinars, and live sessions online or face-to-face encounters.

You may use this app to organize tasks, arrange availability, and coordinate your team. Also, you can you may create to-do lists by topic or period using the app.

Additionally, it simplifies the process by allowing you to know precisely what the next step for each project is since you can include extensive descriptions, sub-tasks, and files.

The features of this app also include a timer function for creating flexible reports or sending monitored times to your billing tool.

4. Teamgate

This is another effective CRM app that aids in connecting, organizing, researching, and evaluating leads.

Lead generating, using other site widgets, and adding lead capture forms to websites are the key features of this software.

Furthermore, this app assists consultants in tracking corporate performance or individual employee sales; as well as identifying causes for missed sales or who their top clients are.

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5. Forecast

Forecast allows you to manage your projects, resources, and money all in one elegant, user-friendly interface.

Additionally, the app allows you to get started on your projects straight away without losing any valuable time by automating the majority of tedious administrative tasks.

Since the program can teach you how to evenly distribute the workload among your complete resource pool and when to add extra staff, you can also learn how to manage your resources more effectively.

6. Monday

Monday allows you to build distinct boards for each client, allowing you to delve into detail regarding their unique development.

Additionally, you may design a project’s structure, chat with your team members in real-time, and export all of your data to Excel in case you need to share it with clients.

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7. GetResponse

GetResponse makes online consulting easier. It’s a great marketing tool for planning email marketing campaigns and boosting engagement.

You can build landing pages using the app and connect them to the campaigns of your choice.

Additionally, if you want to interact with your audience, you may design webinars.

8. Proposify

Proposify is one of the greatest platforms for creating business proposals. The features include a range of professional and aesthetically pleasing templates that you may use right away to avoid becoming bored with the same old document types.

You may also use its online signature tool, which makes signing contracts simple.

9. Brand24

This app provides you with all of the information you need to know about when and what people are talking about your organization on the internet.

With this app, you can get access to a variety of analytics, including brand mentions, conversation volume charts, and mention and sentiment analyses.

In addition, you can get to check the influence rates of individuals and interact with them.

Furthermore, you will be able to see flaws more readily and deal with problems before they become major problems.

On a whole, this online consulting app will significantly assist your branding and marketing approach.

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10. Hubstaff

This app makes it easy for users to effortlessly fill the timesheets for each month and effectively track the activities of the team.

The software also has many connectors and works seamlessly with other platforms to achieve peak performance.

The software has a variety of links and simply connects to other platforms, assuring top performance.

Furthermore, using its GPS location, you can track how much time you spend traveling from one place to another, or you can use the automated payroll function based on time tracking.

11. Accelo

Accelo is a fantastic consulting tool that assists organizations to save time and be more productive.

This app also helps users or businesses track their time better; as well as integrate with other platforms you may already be using and track your activities throughout the week.

Businesses will also find it useful as it automates billing and may be used to send invoices for tasks that are being monitored within the app.

In addition, it enables users to interact with customers on projects by providing them with access to shared documents.

12. Focus Booster

Focus booster assists users in developing better working habits, freeing up time; as well as being more concentrated.

It can also be used in place of a timer or smartwatch. However, ensure you switch off the app timer once your session begins.

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Mavenlink, as project management software, ensures that your projects progress. It also creates a detailed calendar and action plan depending on your labor and financial resources.

Furthermore, it readily interacts with your CRM and allows you to conveniently track all of your outcomes on the same dashboard.

14. Evernote

Evernote is a consulting app that makes taking notes much easier and more entertaining.

The software also keeps documents and project information to help you stay organized and in one location.

15. Drip

Drip allows people or businesses to manage their email marketing within minutes. You can also get your email campaigns and newsletters to match your consulting business.

You may also divide your subscribers into categories and have the email database automatically updated. Furthermore, it indicates who reads your emails, allowing you to see who could be interested in the services you offer.


What are consulting methodologies?

Consulting techniques are a professionally created framework for information and analysis.

Also, the analysis you offer should be based on a tried-and-true set of techniques and exercises for addressing your client’s issues productively

Is being a consultant hard?

Consulting is quite hard, especially since a lot of hardworking people are competing for the same jobs.

Can you be a consultant with no experience?

Yes. In fact, starting up a consultancy firm with no experience is quite easy.

 Simply put, with a computer, a phone, and a workspace, you have everything you need to start a consulting firm.

Do consultants use Excel?

Absolutely. In fact, excel is one of the primary analytical tools consultants use.

Do you need a degree to be a consultant?

Yes, you need a degree to become a consultant. As a matter of fact, most employers prefer to hire candidates with a master’s degree.


Learning about the benefits and features of web apps for online consulting reveals that every consulting business needs it to stay at the top of its game.

For higher productivity, time management, and efficiency, web apps for online consulting are the real deal.

We hope you found this article useful. For feedback, reach us through the comment section.



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