25 High Paying Jobs in Fort Worth | 2022

high paying jobs in fort Worth
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They are many very high paying jobs in Fort Worth, Texas. However, just because you didn’t earn your bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean you can’t earn big.

We have listed jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree also, $20 an hour jobs in Fort Worth for 2022.

Many high-paying jobs do not require a college degree; instead, skills, experience, and previous knowledge are valued.

Our list of the Highest-Paying Jobs includes the top jobs that also don’t require a degree and have the highest earning potential. wExamine this list to know which high-paying jobs and jobs without a degree could be a good fit for you.

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Do Jobs in Fort Worth Pay Well?

Of course, jobs in Fort Worth actually pay well. According to Zippia, Psychiatrists are the are the highest paid people in Fort Worth. On our list we classified them as Surgeons/Doctors, with an average salary ranging from 150,000 USD  466,000 USD per year.

You can also get some high paying jobs in Fort Worth, Texas that pay up to $30 an hour without a college degree. Also, jobs that $25 an hour.

Working and Living in Texas

Texas has both urban and rural options for living and working. Texas has a cost of living index of 93.9, which is lower than the national score of 100.

As of 2019, the average household income in Texas was around $62,000, although several of the positions mentioned below qualify employees for “high-income family” status, which requires yearly earnings of at least $200,000.

In comparison to national figures, the cost of housing in Texas is cheap for employees. Texans, on the other hand, can save more than $50,000 by purchasing a property in Texas rather than another state with a higher cost of living.

As a result, plots of land are cheap and available in rural Texas, making them perfect for employees in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

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25 High Paying Jobs in Fort Worth

This list contains the 25 high-paying jobs you can get in Fort Worth, TX. We have classified these high-paying jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree and $20 an hour jobs in Fort Worth.

High Paying Jobs: Very Paying Jobs in Fort Worth

1. Lawyers

Salary Range: 102,000 USD – 317,000 USD

Lawyers earn a lot of money because their clients regard them highly. A successful lawyer may save/earn you a lot of money or perhaps save your life. These high-paying jobs are very high paying in Fort Worth.

2. Surgeons/Doctors

Salary Range: 150,000 USD  466,000 USD

Due to the general important nature of their work, surgeons are among the highest-paid professionals.

Furthermore, a surgeon’s work is high-risk and requires deep understanding and a long learning experience; all of which are needed for a very high-paying career. This is another very high-paying job in Fort Worth, Texas.

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3. Judges

Salary Range: 126,000 USD  391,000 USD

Due to the general great duties that come with the job, judges are paid well.

However, deciding people’s fate is a difficult assignment, and the high pay is well deserved. These are high paying jobs in Fort Worth, Texas.

4. Bank Managers

Salary Range: 96,200 USD  298,000 USD

Getting in control of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and investments, with all of the attendant dangers, makes managing a bank an extremely important position deserving of a high salary.

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5. Chief Executive Officers

  • Texas Average Annual Salary (as of May 2020): $239,060
  • U.S. Job Growth Projection (2020-2030): -6%

CEOs are largely responsible for the overall success or failure of enterprises. Their high pay is owing to the vast scope of their influence as well as the risks involved.

6. Chief Financial Officers

Salary Range: 84,200 USD  261,000 USD

Any profession that involves handling cash quickly qualifies for high pay.

CFOs, on the other hand, oversee budgets, spending, expenses, and income, which have a direct influence on the organization’s operations.

7. Orthodontists

Salary Range: 81,200 USD  252,000 USD

Orthodontists work in a sector where patients are prepared to pay a higher price for a service, making them one of the highest-paying occupations.

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8. College Professors

Salary Range:72,200 USD  224,000 USD

College professors have some of the very high-paying and most respected jobs. So, being a professor is not simple and needs effort, which is why they are paid so much.

9. Pilots Jobs in Forth Worth

Salary Range: 60,100 USD  186,000 USD

Pilots go through training and experience and are responsible for the safety of thousands of people on a daily basis, making them the most interesting job on the list.

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10. Marketing Directors

Salary Range: 54,100 USD  168,000 USD

Marketing directors are in charge of growing their businesses income. They are also directly responsible for creating business, for which they are highly paid. This is among the very high-paying jobs in Fort Worth.
$20 an hour
 jobs fort worth

Jobs That Pay $30 an Hour Without a Degree in Fort Worth

11. Technical Writers

There are countless freelancing websites where you may locate various business writing projects. Companies, on the other hand, recruit writers based on their abilities.

So, if you want to be a successful freelance writer, you need to have excellent writing and communication skills. Also, know how to operate computers and laptops. These are jobs that pay $30 an hour without a college degree in Fort Worth.

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12. Hairstylist

This is a creative job option that relies on your skill to recreate or design a haircut in a unique way.

This normally needs the possession of a license, which is earned following completion of training.

The possibility of boosting your service price as your job profile grows is what makes this career attractive.

13. Commercial Pilot

Many people have wanted to be pilots. You might be surprised to learn that you don’t even need a college degree to pursue your goal. To gain FAA licensure, however, and strict training is required.

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14. Speech-Language Pathologists

They help people who have difficulty communicating due to hearing loss, physical disabilities, or language problems.

15. Mid-Wives Jobs in Fort Worth

These are the people in charge of care for pregnant women at the hospital. Since this is a delicate task, it is vital to complete training before practicing.

So it involves advising and caring for pregnant ladies throughout their pregnancy.

16. Makeup Artist

The need for makeup artists is increasing across all entertainment areas, not just fashion. Some training is required to become a professional makeup artist. A license is also required to practice.

17. Construction Managers

Overlooks the structure of building projects, from planning through budgeting. This needs some sort of certification./

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18. Medical and Health Services Managers

They may set up a special building, a unique clinical area or unit, or a medical process for a group of doctors.

19. Gaming Manager Jobs in Fort Worth

A gaming manager is in charge of overseeing casino staff and processes, hiring casino employees, greeting customers, and handling consumer comments and complaints. A high school diploma or equivalent

20. Freelance Photographer

This involves creativity as well as certain skills. Degrees, on the other hand, are absolutely pointless. A high school diploma or equivalent.

$20 an Hour Jobs Fort Worth, Texas

The listed number of jobs that pay $20 an hour are basically online related. These jobs include:

21. Website Tester

A website tester tests and assesses the site’s performance on the internet. Website testers have one of the $20 per hour work from home careers.

A website tester’s hourly wage is $26 on average. You do not need to have any formal education. You will, however, need to be familiar with content inventory, testing, and java.

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22. Fitness Instructor

If you like working out and are a strong motivator, a job as a fitness teacher might be ideal for you. One of the work-from-home occupations that pays $20 per hour is fitness training. 

In the United States of America. A Personal Trainer’s hourly wage is $23.49 per hour on average.

A degree or certification is not needed for freelance fitness instructors. However, you might improve your odds by first working at a facility such as a gym. These are $20 an hour jobs in Fort Worth.

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23. Real Estate Agent

Another career in Fort Worth that pays $20 per hour is real estate agent.

As an online real estate agent, your job is to walk each consumer through the property selling process.

The average yearly salary for an online real estate agent position in the United States is $37 per hour. On Upwork, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed, you may enjoy a range of online jobs paying $20 per hour.

24. Blog Writer Jobs in Fort Worth

Another career paying $20 an hour in Fort Worth, Texas is blog writing. You may create your own blog or a blog for your company. You may earn money by providing companies with updated material.

25. Graphic Designing

Another great job in Fort Worth that pays $20 an hour and requires no qualifications is graphic design. That appears to be a lie, doesn’t it? Even if you have no experience, you can use services like Canva. 

It however is simple to use. You may create a large number of Pinterest pins too. These are $20 an hour jobs in Fort Worth, TX.

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What Jobs are in High Demand in Fort Worth, Texas?

Top executives and healthcare practitioners are among the most common careers with greater pay in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Surgeons, family practitioners, psychiatrists, and dentists, for example, might make yearly incomes of $200,000 or Surgeons, family practitioners, psychiatrists, and dentists, for example, might make yearly incomes of $200,000 or more. 

In these fields, middle job growth is expected during the next decade.

Lawyers, pilots, and vice presidents specialized in marketing or engineering are also in great demand and high paying jobs in Fort Worth, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions About High Paying Jobs in Fort Worth

What job gives you the most money in Texas?

Chief executive officer. Average salary: $239,060 per year.
Surgeon. Average salary: $234,860 per year.
Family and general practitioners.
Obstetrics and gynecology physician.

What job pays the most without a degree?

Patrol Officer.
Executive Assistant.
Sales Representative.
Flight Attendant.
Wind Turbine Technician

What is the highest-paying hour job?

Senior creative director.
Simultaneous interpreter.
Product reviewer

What is a good paying salary in Texas?

Though the definition of a “good” wage is subjective, a good salary in Texas may be rated above $64,030, the median family income in Texas in 2019.


It’s great that you’re getting employment that pay far more than the government minimum wage. It will increase your income and advance your career.

While there are remote jobs that satisfy these criteria, they should only be used as a starting point for your career.



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