How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

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How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durables? This might surprise you, but the labor market for employees in the consumer non-durables sector is evolving as a result of the increase in online shopping and changing consumer preferences.

However, the good news is that the majority of consumer non-durables are necessary items that preserve our life and health. That indicates that the majority of jobs in this sector have a rather optimistic employment outlook.

Some of the major brands in the consumer non-durables industry are Cardinal Health Inc., Heineken, Performance Food Group Company, Walgreens Boots Alliance, C&S Wholesale Grocers, and others.

Additionally, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%, the non-durable goods wholesalers market is projected to increase from $17889.31 billion in 2020 to $18757.92 billion in 2021.

In this article, we will be giving you an overview of the consumer non-durable industry and all you need to know. So Keep reading to find out more about jobs available in the consumer non-durable industry and how to join the consumer non-durable industry.

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Overview of the Consumer Non-Durables Industry

The consumer non-durable industry is predicted to employ more than 5.9 million workers as of September 2022. The majority of occupations in the consumer non-durable sector have competitive pay and benefits.

The COVID-19 impact, which had previously resulted in tight confinement measures, including social isolation, remote work, and the termination of commercial activities that resulted in operational issues, really affected the consumer non-durable market.

However, most of the companies are reorganizing and expanding largely.  At a CAGR of 7%, the market is anticipated to reach $24220.51 billion in 2025.

However, the recession has also made customers more cost-conscious and more demanding of higher-quality goods.

In the years to come, the industry is probably going to be impacted by all of these variables. The consumer non-durables sector, however, is still anticipated to expand.

What is the Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

Consumer non-durables are basically a certain category of products that are manufactured and distributed and that are used briefly before being discarded.

For instance,  food, clothing, cosmetics, and other domestic items may fall under this category. In other words, Consumer non-durables are a class of consumer items that aren’t very durable or long-lasting. Therefore needing frequent replacement.

This industry is one of the most crucial to the economy since it contributes significantly to overall expenditure and employs a sizable workforce.

Nevertheless, it has encountered difficulties recently as a result of evolving customer tastes and increased competition from producers abroad. This covers things like food, beverages, tobacco, and cleaning materials. 

Consumer non-durables examples

There are several consumer non-durable products in circulation around the globe. Here are a few examples of the common/popular consumer non-durables

Example of top 10 consumer non-durables

  • Beverages like Pepsi, coke, and Fanta.
  • clothing
  • shoes
  • food
  • gasoline
  • Tobacco
  • Cleaning materials

How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

1. Manufacturers

However, there has been a movement recently toward manufacturers having a bigger impact on this business.

This is because producers can provide a larger selection of goods, cheaper deals, and choices for customization.

Additionally, manufacturers are able to offer quicker delivery dates and improved customer care. As a result, consumers are turning to manufacturers more frequently for their non-durable products.

2. Software Developers

Software developers are in great demand in the consumer non-durable market. This is a result of an increase in industry-wide digitization.

They collaborate with businesses to design and develop websites that will draw people and aid in the sales of their goods.

Web developers need to be well-versed in both design and coding, as well as in search engine optimization. They could also be in charge of upgrading and maintaining current websites.

3. Human Resources Managers

In the consumer non-durable sector, a human resources manager is responsible for supervising the employment of new employees and conducting interviews.

They also collaborate with present workers to make sure they adhere to corporate standards and receive the necessary training.

A human resources manager in this area may also be in charge of creating and managing employee benefit plans.

4. Product Managers

Product managers of industrial products typically work in the consumer non-durable sector. Businesses that manufacture items like paper towels, diapers, and shampoo, also design and manage products.

They want to satisfy customer wants while producing items that are lucrative. Industrial production managers must be skilled in marketing and management and often hold a bachelor’s degree in business or engineering.

They frequently put in long hours, and their work may be demanding. The process of producing a successful product may, however, be quite satisfying.

5. Information Security Analyst

An organization’s computer networks and systems must be protected, thus the need for an information security analyst who is in charge of creating and executing the necessary policies and procedures.

Information security analysts are employed by a number of sectors, including the consumer durable sector. They could be in charge of safeguarding the computer systems that handle credit card data or store consumer information in this sector.

They could also be in charge of guarding the organization’s website against cyberattacks.

Some Other Jobs Available in the Consumer Non-durables

Job TitleJob opening2020-2030 job growth rate
Restaurant general manager385,000+6%
Grocery associate126,000+1%
Food technologist95,000+7%
Jobs available in the consumer non-durable industry

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?

There are several career opportunities in consumer nondurables. A consumer non-durable industry employee’s wage is based on their position, experience level, and place of employment, among other things.

For instance, an entry-level grocery associate earns less than $30,000 per year whereas a food engineer working for a prestigious consumer non-durable company can earn up to an average of $101,000 yearly.

However, according to Zippie, the average annual pay in the consumer nondurable industry is about $41,500.

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What are The Best paying jobs in Consumer Non-Durables?

There are several good-paying positions in the consumer non-durable industry, ranging from grocery associate to beauty assistant. However, we will be listing out the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables with their respective average annual salaries.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

#1. Food Manufacturing

This is one of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durable. Food is of a non-durable quality that we all know we can’t live without, which explains the endless interest.

As a result, it is accurate to assume that there will always be a demand for food. Hence the demand for people to work in various sectors of the food manufacturing industrial divisions.

There are various employable occupations in this sector that pay well.

However, just like in other fields, having a certain level of education and a degree can catapult you to the top of the career ladder and increase your chances of getting a high-paying job.

The majority of consumer nondurable companies constantly have openings in the marketing and sales departments with competitive pay and compensation.

  • Position: butcher, food technician, packer, machine administrator, group producer, and lots more.
  • Salary: $23.50 per hour

#2. Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetics sector, sometimes known as the beauty sector, is vast. The consumer non-durable sector is one of the most diversified industries.

Because there is always a need for beauty products, the cosmetics sector constantly moves both with and ahead of the trend to give its clients the best.

The cosmetics business offers a variety of incentives and advantages to its workforce. Unilever, L’oreal, Zara, and other well-known cosmetics brands are a few examples.

  • Position: Production, sales, application,
  • Salary: $69,251 annually

#3. Shoes and wears

This is also one of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durable. The United States ($86.1 Mil) generates the most income from the worldwide footwear market, followed by China ($66.1 Mil), Brazil ($49.6 Mil), Japan ($27.9 Mil), and Russia ($15.8 Mil).

Over the past few years, the industry has seen revenue growth of between 8% and 25%, which has allowed many businesses to hire more people.

You may travel internationally and pursue a career abroad by working for consumer non-durable firms.

That’s obviously in addition to the sizable salary and other compensation the corporation provides at the end of the year.

  • Position: Designer, communication officer, merchandiser, sales associate e.t.c
  • Salary: $52 per hour

#4. Paper Production

Despite the fact that paper is not durable, it must nonetheless be kept in circulation.

Paper-related end goods, including paper towels, tissues, napkins, bathroom tissue, printer paper, journal paper, writing books, textbooks, newspapers, and other paper products, are in high demand, ensuring that the business is able to expand and hire more people.

These things must be replaced frequently since they diminish quickly.

  • Salary: $56,535 annually
  • position: Manufacturing, research, and engineering, sales manager e.t.c

#5. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Medication is undeniably necessary for a man’s healthy and respectable living. Animals and humans alike require it, whether they are ill, healthy, or Hale.

At this point, one will realize that the manufacturing of drugs is a very important business that man will undoubtedly support occasionally.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical sector employs people in a wide range of professions.

This makes the pharmaceutical manufacturing company one of the best-paying jobs in the consumer non-durable industry.

  • Positions: Researchers, analysts, lab technicians, and production workers.
  • Salary: $25 per hour.

Is Consumer Non-Durables a Good Career Path?

yes, consumer non-durables is a good career path. It has an annual job growth projection of about $4.9. The non-durable goods wholesaler market is projected to increase from $17889.31 billion in 2020 to $18757.92 billion in 2021.

Furthermore, according to the report, a career in the non-durable industry can be both financially satisfying and enjoyable. Consumer non-durables have a competitive salary structure and excellent benefits.

Also, The consumer non-durables sector has a lot of room for technical innovation because of the growing demand for environmentally friendly products and the quickening speed of technological development.

Additionally, there is a diverse selection of global firms within this field, such as Estee Lauder and Nestle AG, which may provide you with the option to work in a foreign location.

In fact, obtaining experience in this area will not only help you utilize your current talents more effectively, but it will also better prepare you for the future.

Furthermore, because the market for non-durables is less reliant on economic ups and downs, it provides dependable employment that is perfect for those who aren’t scared of taking chances.

How Can You Join the Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

Starting a new career can be exhilarating and terrifying all at once. It’s rational and natural to have these thoughts and feel overwhelmed by the situation.

However, before you take that great leap of faith, there are several factors you should consider carefully.

Although, Joining a consumer non-durable industry may be an excellent way to break into the commercial world.

Products that individuals use every day are the main focus of these sectors. This category includes a wide variety of businesses, so it’s crucial to conduct your research to pick the best one for you. Here are some considerations to think about:

  • Ensure you are familiar with the goods and services the business provides.
  • Make sure you have a good sales strategy in place to distinguish your company from the competition by conducting market research.
  • These industries can be quite competitive, so be ready for a lot of work and long hours.

What Training and Education are Needed for the Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

Consumer non-durable industry employees require a certain level of training and education.

Although many employees begin their careers with a high school education or its equivalent, some position requires a certain level of specialized training and certification.

For instance, a machine operator would require more training than a salesman or beauty assistant.

However, many businesses provide on-the-job training in addition to formal schooling, which can aid employees in acquiring new skills and information.

Consumer non-durable industry employees are in charge of creating and delivering a broad variety of goods to customers.

What Companies are in the Consumer Non-Durables Field?

Among the many companies that operate in the Consumer Non-Durables sector, Procter & Gamble, Netflix, and Unilever are among the most well-known.

However, these three are not the only ones. Along with laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies.

These companies provide a wide variety of consumer goods that are essential for leading a typical life, including chocolates, toothpaste, and shampoo.

Despite the fact that some of the products these businesses provide are somewhat comparable to one another, each has its own unique offers that draw in a certain clientele.

  • Christian Dior
  • Nike
  • Netflix, inc
  • Procter & Gamble Company
  • L’Oreal
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Philip Morris International
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Danone
  • Nestle AG
  • PepsiCo
  • Unilever
  • Kellogg Co.
  • Mars, Inc
  • Estee Lauder

Procter & Gamble has 101,000 workers and $76.12 billion in sales. One of the most well-known FMCG corporations is Procter & Gamble.

FMCG companies, such as Gillette, Bounty, Crest, Olay, and Pantene, are experts in a wide variety of hygiene and personal care goods.

Additionally, Nestle AG, the biggest non-alcoholic and food corporation in the world, has 276,000 employees and brought in $92.57 billion in revenue in 2021.

Nestle is present in 191 countries and offers more than 2000 different brands. Coca-Cola is a US-based producer of non-alcoholic beverages with an estimated 80,300 employees and $38.65 billion in revenue in 2021. Data collected from

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The Outlook for Consumer Non-Durable Industry in the U.S.

The consumer non-durables sector has seen a lot of change recently, and this trend is anticipated to continue.

New goods and increased manufacturing efficiency have been made possible by technological advancements, while globalization has given businesses access to new markets.

Additionally, a rising amount of disposable cash among customers.

Also, convenience item consumption has been on the rise, which has boosted revenue for businesses in this industry.

Positive prospects exist for the consumer non-durables sector, with further growth anticipated.

FAQs on How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durables

What Should I Know Before Choosing Consumer Non-Durable Industry as a Career?

Here is a list of what to consider before taking that career step in consumer non-durables.

  1. The market for sustainable goods is expanding.
  2. As a result of new technological advancements, the sector is flourishing.
  3. Consumer non-durables provide a range of inventive and creative options.
  4. Employees must come up with original and inventive ideas.
  5. Sales and job possibilities in the sector are increasing.
  6. As a result of this product’s rising demand, employee pay is comparatively high.

what is the difference between consumer durable goods and consumer non-durables?

Simply put, consumer durable goods are products with a longer life span of about 3 years or more. for instance bicycles and refrigerators.

Consumer non-durables are products with shorter life spans of less than 3 years for example drinks, beverages, laundry detergent e.t.c.

How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables 2022?

There are several high-paying positions in this industry. It presumably employed about 5.9M in September 2022. Consumer non-durables is an ever-growing industry that will recruit numerous more in the future.


There are so many jobs available in the consumer non-durable industry. The best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables have been properly outlined in this article.

So if you are considering a career in consumer non-durable, it can be assumed that you are now well informed to make the best decision for your career.


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